Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 21: Tiffania's Plan, Walter's Tactics


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Everyone is quiet as we hid at the trees at the woods beside the path, and Walter and his party haven't passed through yet, as we didn't encounter them.

Right now I'm counting on Walter to take this path when he retreats, I hope he isn't so dim to take on that enormous force himself.

Everyone was on the edge as we waited. Some fiddled with their weapons making sure it's in top condition, some did their own rituals, like the religious that prayed for a successful mission as they sat behind the tree and closed their eyes.

Thankfully dad is here to make them at ease, having the duke accompany us raised the volunteers morale because of his position and his reputation, I'm grateful that my dad in this world didn't turn to be an asshole like most nobles in the country.

While I was thinking hard as I observed the volunteers, the maids offered cookies and refreshments to everyone, to regain our energy from that tiring run in that steep shortcut that I only know.

How did they even bring those with them? Didn't they have those dangerous-looking weapons?

Just as we finished resting, we heard horses running towards our direction.

Hearing this is the moment of truth.

I breathed in relief that Walter acted as I expected him to, and now my plan has been just set in place and can be executed in the right timing.

I looked around and saw everyone's nervous faces and shouted my first order, as loud as I can, enough to reach through the entire woods.

"Everyone! They're here! Ready your bows!"

I commanded and hearing this, everyone who had bows with them nocked an arrow surprisingly most of them are female.

"Warriors! draw your weapons!"

My duke dad commanded, and those who had melee weapons who guards the archers unsheathed their swords and redied their weapons.

As not everyone is experienced in fighting, what mattered was our numbers and the power of making them uncertain how many enemies really exists.

If goblins according to the rumors have some sort of intelligence, then they must have the characteristics to fear something that they couldn't understand.

And we would take advantage of that chance when they reach the path by the forest as we give them the illusion that we are numerous than them. But if they choose to fight they will be surely divided with the surrounding trees, and that will be another opportunity for us to strike them down, as the goblins advantage is on their numbers and not their individual strength.

And there, I saw Walter's face among the cavalry that is retreating hastily, that look on his face… it looks normal but for some reason I could perceive that he is annoyed and frustrated, it's the face he makes when something he planned didn't go well.

"Walter… you are too calculative for your own good, didn't you learn that real-life situations change frequently?

You may have relied on eyewitnesses info, but that isn't enough to determine the real numbers. Maybe you also tried doing formations you knew in our old world by remembering history, but seeing this retreat it must have failed incredibly.

Haven't you realize that this world has a different history than us? That also applies to the tactics you just tried to use, it wouldn't be effective if you use it without proper information on your enemy.

I'm not blaming you but… you should have talked with me first before leaving, we could have planned it out properly

But what's done is done, and its amazing how you made the right call in the middle of that chaos, this way we can handle all those forces if this works out properly"

I muttered to myself as I stared at Walter, his whole unit and the goblins that chased them.

"Lady Tiffania, did you say something?"

Lizzy asked me in concern.

"No, just talking to myself to make myself feel less nervous"

Oh no, my thoughts are leaking through my mouth.

As I looked at Walter I became so nervous as if my body is telling me to go to him immediately, but I knew that I should execute the plan as it is, or many people would suffer if I made a mistake. Realizing this I exhaled a lengthy sigh of relief, at least Walter is safe for now, until I saw goblin riding wolves, pass through the calvary under the horses. It was so quick and fast; it didn't get hit on the horses' hooves.

"No! It couldn't be! The way they are heading… that is!"

This is bad, those goblins are heading for Walter and Missa. To think that they know who the commander is. I'm sure Walter didn't also take this into account. The knowledge we have on fiction in games and movies in the other world was too different.

These goblins are not only intelligent, but they have also built their system of command!

This is the biggest carelessness ever, no matter how Walter and I planned the outcome would be the same!

As I also haven't thought of that possibility!

Discarding my original position, I lowered my bow and searched for the nearest spot to Walter.

"Lady Tiffania?"

"Lizzy, im going ahead, tell father to order everyone to shoot once the cavalry have passed, I'll meet up with Walter!"

I slide down and ran towards one tree at the entrance of the forest, the nearest point where I could take down those goblins that is currently running past the cavalry undetected running towards Walter.

The knights and the warriors were all busy dealing with the goblins that attacked them from sides. No one noticed the danger approaching their master.

I nocked the arrow and pulled the strings as I waited for the right moment. Martha also followed me and nodded. The cool beauty looks magnificent as he held the bow and arrow.

As if she also knew my plan.

With two goblins heading for Walter, I gave Martha the sign that I would take down the one riding the wolf, and Martha would take down the one riding a boar.

I took my bow and nocked an arrow and focused intensely, if this shot doesn't go well, Walter would die for sure.

And just on the right timing, as if time have stopped the goblins were ready to take down Walter and Missa, and now they're within our shooting range, and then timing it earlier, Martha and I released the string and the arrows flew straight.

The arrow Missa shot pierced the head of the ugly-looking goblin while my arrow hit my targets shoulder blade. They then fell from the wolf and board they rode.

Walter, Missa and some knights finally passed through the entrance of the forest road.

At this moment I saw Walter glance at me.

To continue with the plan, I shouted at him.

"That's what you get for triggering a death flag before you set off!

Continue that course!"

I nocked another arrow and it flew towards the horde of goblins. Their numbers are unconfirmed but there was certainly lots of them and now they still followed Walter and his men straight into the woods.

"Everyone! Aim at the goblins! Shoot those arrows! Shoot all you want they are packed it's easy to hit one! "

The first one we concentrated our fire on was those that were closer to the cavalry cutting off the chase.

"Keep it going!"

It surprised the goblins, but they still kept coming.

Time to change strategies, I head to Walter who unsaddled beyond the forest road.

I ran with all my might, as I don't want any of these volunteers life to perish.


I called out to him waving, everyone also unmounted from their horse and took up their arms, all of them seem to be exhausted, the chase must have been long that they all looked tired and weary. Missa also unmounted and readied her sword to defend Walter.

Some of them also shook in fear, judging from their eyes they must have lost someone they know during that retreat.

"Walter I know you guys are tired, but can I have you mount your horses again? If this continues, they would overflow towards the towns, and next it will be the city, there wouldn't be anywhere for us to hide if we don't kill them here.

Sorry for bringing this up on you suddenly"

"It's okay, its thanks to you we are still alive. Tiffania, these monsters have their own system of command and with that large force if they get into our territory, I can't imagine taking them down there where their size will give them the advantage in an urban war, that's why I agree."

"I have the same opinion, then can you listen to my plans?"

He nodded.

"Anything from you"


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