Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 20: Protect What’s Ours


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The man immediately ran towards the town and met with his friends, and went into separate directions.

Based on Walter's pace they should arrive there by the afternoon. I still have an hour to gather them.

After that it's all or nothing no matter what happens I have to keep that Kazutrash alive.

After an hour, no one showed up.

O god…

I steeled myself, as I pursed my lip.

It's no use huh? I thought that words alone could move people but I guess its different per cicumstances.

At least he has me. If we die, we die together and perhaps, I still have so much things to do with him.

At the moment of danger where out lives were at stake I realized how much I really loved him, and how much trouble I caused for him in the past life.

If it wasn't for me he would be alive with Yui, and they would eventually get married and have kids.

Because of my selfishness, we are now both stucked in this world.

But he told me he loves me.

At least, as a woman, I have to give my answer. I don't know if its real love or was just love brought by his loneliness from being reincarnated.

God… atleast give me the chance to make it up for him, I should be the one to die not him, he doesn't deserve to die this early.

Next time, if I get reincarnated again, please take away these bitter feelings I keep in my heart.

And don't let us meet again like this. So that Kazu, and Walter, could live their lives fully without my meddling.

I covered my face as tears was starting to flow, and knowing that there's no one there to aid me.

I decide to move forward.

I held the reins and turned to the shortcut to the woods, where I would lay the ambush, if I could just rescue Walter that would be enough.

He is also an person of the other world like me, I'm sure he would retreat, and that would be my chance.

As I was about to hit Nessia, I heard footsteps behind me, and a man running towards me exhausted breathing heavily.

"Sorry madamme it took a while…. hah… hah… hah… these are the people who want to accompany you"

He pointed his hand to the once empty road that led to the gate, and there they slowly appeared and the sound of the footsteps grew louder and louder.

Women and men appeared, some of them still wore their work clothes, the meat butchers, the town bakers, the housewives, the carpenters, the former rats, the blacksmiths the one who gathered was everyone who contibuted to the town.

There were also some nobles and merchants.

The one who sold me the bow was also there distributing arms to everyone with his staff.

The blacksmiths and weapon merchants distributed weapons.

The merchants who had guards readied them.

There were also nobles who had their retainers with them in arms.

"Everyone… "

I couldn't believe it, a miracle at the last minute.

They stared at me courageously, ready to fight for what they care about.

"Everyone…. "

I felt my cheek warming was tears fell down my face.

"Th-Th-Thank you for help us"

I instinctively bowed to them, grateful to them as Yuri and not Tiffania.

"It's fine young mistress, we believe you just like how you chased Zack's men out of this city. To be honest I also don't like war so the town and cities of this territory lets me live in peace, I won't let those goblins trample on this city! So I am lending all of them weapons… you guys better return it after ehy?"

The one whop spoke was the weapon shop owner.

"And the cause of those goblins coming here is that war right? It isn't the prince's fault, he did his best in making this a nice and warm country for us. Of course its natural for us to defend it with him!"

The next one who spoke was one of the housewives.

Everyone then gave their thoughts.

"Boss, is our hero after all! We are now able to eat three times a day and we are able to find work easily and wear these clean clothes!"

"We trust the Boss' wife yey!"

"Prince Walter enabled us to settle here, and have citizenship, as a travelling merchant it is profitable to help preserve the peace of this country"

"The prince is of the neutral faction, ofcourse I would accompany him in battle, even if its just me and my retainers"

And the final one to appear was someone familiar. A man on his 40's who has a strange long mustache, and has the same black hair as me, wearing a full plate armor.

"D-D-Dad?! Why are you also here?!"

"Of course I would come to aide my beautiful daughter"

Doting as usual, the guards of the duke's state was already with Walter, he has helped enough. But to think he would personally join the battle, I'm so moved by his appearance… but suddenly I remembered my demon mom's image.

I guess us Father and Daughter will be scolded together.

"Now what? My daughter? Aren't you going to set off in battle?"

Then he placed his hand on his side as if presenting something.

And there appeared Walter's pretty maids, and Lizzy having bows with them.

Lizzy smiled and waved at me.

This girl really…

"Everyone! Let's protect what's ours! Charge!"I shouted and one thousand citizens of Stizriven moved forward towards protecting our country.

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