Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 2: Yui and Yuri


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Kazu, wore a simple black shirt and jeans as he walked with his buddy Andrei towards the exit of their university, being buddies since high school, the two became closer being on the same course.

"Andrei, you really need to stop sleeping in class, I'm not gonna wake you up anymore you know," Kazu was taller than Andrei, that they looked like brothers having the same hair and eye color.

"Shut it, unlike rich freaks like you, I have been disowned already so I have to work part-time as a developer, if you don't wake me up, seriously I'm not gonna let you copy my assignment." He told him as he put his hands on the back of his head as they walked outside of their university where lots of restaurants lined up to serve students from the university.

"Andrei, we are at McDonalds now, go back to your owner shoo shoo," Kazu shooed him away, Andrei was going to have lunch with his girlfriend Ann, who was in the same course with his ex-girlfriend Yuri.

"Andrei, can you ask Ann about how Yuri is doing these days? I heard some bad news about their company," he asked his buddy.

"Okay, but yeah Kazu, you have a girlfriend now, if she asks me about you ordering me to sniff around your ex, I'm gonna tell her okay?" Andrei's tone was a bit playful but a bit serious, as much as he wanted to help Kazu, he also doesn't want him to get stuck in the past. It was Andrei who drove Kazu back to his condominium when he and Yuri broke up. His wish was for Kazu to forget about Yuri and become truly happy with his new girlfriend.

"It's fine, it's for business reasons anyway, let's meet here again at 1:30 PM and let's go back together for the next class"

"What's 1:30?"

"You military brained idiot, it's 13:30 dumbass," Kazu replied bluntly, as he walked away and went towards the convenience store where his girlfriend was working.

Seeing him go inside, as the convenience store automatic windows open, the cashier girl's face brightened, she whispered to her manager and went inside the staff room.

A few minutes after she went out she was dressed fashionably in her school uniform, she wore a red collar shirt with long sleeves, buttons running down the front, and pink wrist cuffs. It also has a decorative plaid ribbon resting above her chest. Her skirt is the same color as her collar, and wore black knee-high socks and brown shoes.

She appeared to be a cute and petite teenager at the age of 18, she has big amber eyes and light auburn hair that reaches down to her shoulders. She brought a brown leather shoulder handbag.

"Yui, did you have lunch yet?" Kazu's face showed concern to the highschool part-timer, Yui was Kazu's girlfriend and they have been dating for at least a year now. She doesn't know Kazu's real status as a son of a tycoon, but still, she loves him so much anyway as she sees him as a man, she blooms up so much when she sees him.

They became friends after Kazu cried hysterically at the convenience store she works part-time for, and after a few encounters, Kazu fell head over heels for her kindness, strong will, friendly, pleasant and all-around personality.

"I haven't yet, so let's go!" She excitedly said, as she put up her hands in the air.


They ate lunch together KFC, because Yui liked their chicken and gravy more than Kazu's favorite McDonalds.

"Yui, how's high school? Are you graduating this year?" He asked as he wiped her face with a tissue.

"Yup, unlike you in your high school my grades are quite high you know?" She replied as she took another bite of the fried chicken.

Kazu flicked her forehead, "what a cheeky little brat, you'll know when you get to college, how fearsome it truly is"

Yui just happily smiled even after the forehead flick.

"Ehehehe? I asked the professors about your grades you know? They say your grades were average and that you almost weren't able to graduate!" What she replied to him was more painful than a forehead flick, Kazu choked on the cola he was drinking that came with his meal.

"Cough Cough, those teachers, maybe I should tell father to stop donating to that public high school?" He evilly thought, as Yui concernedly using her handkerchief to wipe the cola that got thrown to Kazu's shirt.

The people who looked at them found them to be a relaxing scene, especially because Yui was a very cute girl in a school uniform, meanwhile, Kazu was a plain-looking guy, but has an aura of a rich guy oozing from him, his complexion, outfit, the way he talks, drinks and eat.

"You're already a college student so stop spilling your drink all over," Yui sat back on her seat and continued eating happily. Kazu happily viewed the scene of his girl eating the meal happily, he rested his elbow at the table and leaned his face of his palm, while his eyes fixed on her and with a soft-voice, he told her.

"I love you,"

Hearing this, Yui cutely paused eating and blushed red, as if smoke would come out of her ears.

"Kazu... I already told you not to say something like that it in public," she replied while playing with her hands under the table.


"B-B-B-Because... wait, are you teasing me?"

"I love you... you won't give me an answer?"

"S-S-Stop it"

"I won't stop until you give me an answer," he smiled as he teased his cute girlfriend who was about to explode in embarrassment.

"I l-l-love you t-t-too," she gave him her answer as she tried to look back at him, only to see him in his slightly devilish grin, her heart pumped more than normal.

"He's acting haughty, and just a year ago he was crying and clinging to me like a baby," she thought to herself as she pouted to him which only made her cuter.

But their romantic exchange was suddenly disrupted when behind Kazu a woman who had chestnut-colored braided hair stood up and slammed her table with her bag. The whole KFC became silent as they looked at her, agitated about something.


Her voice echoed in the restaurant as she turned around to the couple behind her, and surprisingly saw her ex Kazu who was also in agape as he saw her as he looked above him. As she saw him, she got more furious and put her hands on her hips.

"Ahhhh, such a cute, girl dating with that parasite over there!" She pointed her hand with all her will towards Kazu, everyone who saw this was astounded.

"Parasite? I can't just let that pass," Kazu wiped his mouth with a tissue as he stood up and turned around to face her, "woman, you dare to call me a parasite? Then, at least I'm not something like a gorilla who takes her anger at someone for no reason" he crossed his arms and tilted his head upward to show his superiority.

The woman did the same as she blew her bangs upwards, ready to take him on a physical fight.

"Hey Kazu, stop that, do you even know her?" Yui pleaded, not remembering that the girl in front of his boyfriend was the girl that left him crying in the convenience store.

"No, I don't know her," Kazu replied bluntly, to her pleading girlfriend as he stared daggers at his ex in front of him.

"Likewise," Yuri replied, in the same manner, eyeing him with all her anger.

"Ehhh, but you both are looking at each other as if you are looking at your archenemy, stop it, you are both scary, and the people around us are looking at you," Yui was starting to panic as she bowed at the people around them to apologize.

"Girl, you are just going to have misfortune in your life if you keep dating this parasite," Yuri told Yui while keeping violent eye contact with Kazu.

"Yui, don't believe that nonsense the gorilla is spouting, I'm sure she's just in a bad mood because she can't get himself a decent, committed and loyal man or something," Kazu interrupted, he spoke, not underestimating the enemy in front of him, he knew how much she was capable of crushing a man's pride with her words.

"Yui? Really? How cheap are you? We are almost of the same name..." Yuri muttered upon hearing Kazu's girlfriend's name, she got angrier, tears started to appear in her eyes, but Kazu didn't notice this.

"The same name? Are you imagining things? Yuri and Yui are clearly different, don't just assume things, woman. Cheap? You're the one who's cheap for having a new boyfriend just days after you broke up with me.

How many of your boyfriends have you broken up already? You are someone who gets tired of someone quickly right? 'Spark' was it? Probably you've been passed on from man to man already, what are you? A universal padlock? Hah! How many keys have been it already? It's only normal for you right? Maybe you're even looking for one-night stands? That's only what cheap girls like you are good for right?!" He told her mercilessly with an evil grin, murdering her with words venting out his frustration.

Everyone who heard this including Yui was dumbfounded as if time had stopped in KFC, the tellers have also stopped serving, even though the numbers were being called at the monitor. Shortly two college students came inside to stop the quarrel, just in time when Yuri was about to slam her bag to Kazu's face.

"You damn asshole!!!! Ann unhand me! I'm gonna smash the face of the asshole right there," Ann, who was Yuri's best friend held her arms with her two flimsy arms.

"Andrei, stop that gorilla woman right there, she's gonna break your girlfriends' arm," Kazu told Andrei beside him who was uncertain about what to do.

"Kazu, you really need to stop that mouth of yours sometimes," Andrei replied and went to help Ann with the raging Yuri, but when Andrei went near, Yuri already lost all her strength, sat on the floor and cried covering her face with her hands.

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