Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 14: Fall For Me


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On that night and on the following days, I and Tiffania drafted ideas on the board, first was our intentions, since both of us, just had new lives, we are in the same page, we didn't want to die an early death again, but going with the situation it's pretty hard, as I also told her how Walter was poisoned, and she arrived at the same conclusion that Tiffania also died for some reason that she didn't know.

"So we occupied the body of those two huh… then we better use these lives properly"

"I agree, sorry for not telling you earlier"

"No, it's okay, I arrived at the same theory, it's not that surprising, but in my memories, I can't find the part where Tiffania was poisoned though and is there even a reason why they want the old Tiffania to die?"

"That is, I'm uncertain, a theory that I have is that when the poison didn't work on me the maid that escaped reported it to Zack which made him kill you..."

"Then why did the letter arrive late? Why would he threaten to kill your loved ones, as if they haven't done it yet?"

"You may have a point, did the duke have any power struggles with the other dukes?"

"I think not, actually they are very close with each other, they are having tea breaks at the mansion every weekend"

"Really? Ahemmm... anyway it's no use talking about it at the moment, but did you really get all of Tiffania's memories?"

"I'm certain"

"Well… anyway let's talk about the civil war, for Zack to be successful of his coup d'etat, he should have supporters already, probably around the same rank of your father, now what to do now… shall I establish this domain as an independent region?"

"Are you serious? If he was really the man you have described, then he wouldn't allow such a thing, in that ideal"

"Okay scratch that out"

Using the chalk, I crossed one of the ideas that I wrote. Every day I and Tiffania would go into her room to talk like this, the maids and Gavin are talking behind our backs, but I've got an idea about what they are thinking, a man and a woman in the same room, locked from outsiders.

"Stop wasting CHALK! Do you know how expensive that is in our era!?"

"Okay okay sorry… chill dude"

"Remember! I am just a daughter of the duke! I'm not like you who uses taxpayer money for your necessities!"

"Really? Technically though, your allowance comes from your father right? And where does your father's money come from?"

"... the taxes… sorry"

Oh, she's calmed down, since coming in this world. As she wore her usual red dress I noticed her hair was braided the same way she did it in the old world, the waterfall braids.

How do women even make those overly complicated hairstyles? No wonder they take too much time to just dress or do their hair that its too annoying, in our Yuri and Kazu days, we would often fight because it takes too long to get ready when we are already late.

But yeah, this is nostalgic, if her hair was chestnut-colored right now, and her eyes were blue, then she would really look like Yuri of the old world.

"But that hair color and eye color really suits you still"

I let out what's on my mind, strange, its the first time, could it be that the old Walter's habit has rubbed into me? It's scary! What if I became wimpy in the future? It's scary... it's scary to be an incompetent and lazy fool, well in the past world I would laze around - bu that's just on my free days! Usually, I would do something productive, like to help dad in the lab, and ... help dad in the lab... and, wait... was I following my dad's footsteps blindingly! What a blunder!

My bubble immediately popped as she flicked my forehead.

"What did you say?"

And fortunately, she wasn't listening, she was just writing something on the board.

"Nothing, just self-talk"

"Pft... HAHAHAHA, Hey, don't you start acting crazy like that, I doubt they have psychologist here in this world,"

"Shut it"

I looked at what she wrote and she drew three circles and written our names with it. Walter, Zack, and Heinrich. She also tried to draw our portraits, but what the hell are those creatures that she drew? Are those even humans! I can't believe that sucking at drawing can be transmitted even at reincarnation! How terrifying!

Besides the board is the map of Stizriven. It was a rather simple map, but I doubt it would be so accurate since this world hasn't yet got the ability of flight.

"So… according to my memories, Zack's domains and sphere of influence should be here… here… and here… "

She shades horizontally Zack's territory which was on the lower part of the island nation. Zack's domain is the main producers of agriculture products, it has a wide land and most of the population are the middle class and the lower class, it has a large population and it is fairly satisfied with his rule.

"And Heinrich's should be at the top… ah, I can't reach it… why is this body so short"

In the old world, Yuri and I would have been at the same height but now it's different I am much taller than her. I snickered as I saw her, struggling and tip-toeing in order to reach the upper part of the map.


"Walter, seriously... what did you say?"

"Nah, just thinking our height differences in this world, HAHA!"

"For someone who rarely laughs... it's really annoying... STOP IT! Just wait okay?! And I'm gonna put some laxatives in your drinks later be careful what you drink, even your pretty maids won't save you!"

She's cute when she's annoyed, either way, I know when to fool around and when not to, thinking of the time and place, so let's leave it at that.

I took a wooden stool from another room and gave it to her. The maids were surprised to see me carrying the dusty wooden chair and offered to help, but I declined. Of course, I wouldn't damage my beautiful maid's fingers that could be used for a good massage after… just kidding.

"How did you even put it up there if you couldn't reach it?"

"I had Martha, your head maid put it up here, to think that she would put it at such a high place"

"High? I think it's not that high though… "

I tapped the top of the map easily and winked at her.

"I'll be sure to kill you later, anyway, let's continue"

I think I heard some of her nerves popping, I didn't know Tiffania was this easy to tease... before she would be the one who makes fun of me always.

She stepped on the stool and tucked her toes in order to not fall. Ohh I think I just arrived with a good pickup line. I'll tell her when we're done.

"So Heinrichs territory and influence area are just on top of Zack's, here... Here and here…"

This time she shaded them vertically.

"Heinrich's territory and influence are at the King's city Hartstein and the domains around it, while Zack's territory is more on the production domains, with the biggest city, Reichart, while you are on the hicks on the far right side of the map, with not much production, a slow lifestyle, with an aging population, your domains are like… how do I say this… somewhere old people would want to settle? Isn't this checkmate already Walter? Just give up"

"Hey… don't just jinx it like that... Anyway if we add your father's domain to my sphere of influence, we have a territory that produces livestock and your father's domain population is also pretty good"

"Well… that would make sense, but what if my father doesn't decide to ally with you? Have you considered that possibility?"

"Can you help me… Lord Tiffania"

I clasped my hand and tried to pray so that the papa's-girl Tiffania would give me her support.

"Even if you try to beg me like that, your face doesn't look like it"

Ooops, I think my threatening eyes doesn't change even when I tried to plea.

"The only option in this case Walter is to ally with one, you can't be the king of the hicks you know? Where will you even recruit soldiers? Your territory is even relying on imports from other domains. At least an alliance with one of them could let us avoid that predicament, so your subjects don't die of starvation"

"I've already thought of that, that's why, I'm thinking of allying with Heinrich and put him on the throne, so we could get married and have a peaceful life together"

"Ignoring the last part, is it really wise? How far do you know Heinrich?"

"Well… he's dumb"

"Yeah he's dumb, he's a total musclehead who only knows to settle things with force"

"But in the meeting, he didn't use force right?"

"That's because Zack was there, you are the only idiot who didn't bring any guards with you"

"I see…so tell, me what do you really want for this kingdom? What do you want to happen?"

"I'm really not sure Tiffania, to be honest, I think I lack the heart to decide over something like this, all I could think of the pros and cons"

Unlike Tiffania who has the heart of the people, even though I was against Zack because of his ideals, which might cause lots of bloodsheds, that's because I'm against it because of my personal agenda and my own ideals as well, a selfish person like me, who only cares about the pros and cons that will affect my life, isn't suited to make a decision or a direction which will change other peoples life drastically.

"Then for a start until you can find your direction how about staying neutral?"

"Is that even possible? Wouldn't they take away my domains?"

"The hicks? Who would? Maybe they would when they want to retire?"

"Is this place really that bad?"

"Yeah… so back to the topic, while you are neutral we would find ways to increase the quality of living of the people here, if war really does happen, we will serve as a place where we people might move to right? There's no place that has peace than here, so to do that, we need to improve the economy of your territory and have it become self-sufficient, and after that you slowly build your army for self-defense, and when you find your interests you can just then go to war or whatever you want to do"

"You really make it sound so easy Tiffania, just like building a house... just so you know, I'm not a scientist you know? Do you think I'm one of those characters in the novels who build inventions in middle age setting? But yeah... let's do that!"

"For the economy leave it to me, I'll leave you with the administrative and politics-related tasks, to be honest, I hate formalities and whatsoever, and don't leave me with grunt work, this world doesn't have computers"

"Well, I'll try to help you with whatever we can partner!"


"Well, we broke up already right? Since we are in this world together, and you still won't become my girlfriend, let's start again as best friends"

"W-W-W-WHY are you bringing up that stuff right now?!"

Oho? She's blushing! She's blushing! Could it be that she really wants to be with me but just playing hard to get. I looked at her who was still standing on top of the chair with a mocking smile.

"WALTER!!! Just wait you- AHHHHH!!!!"

As she tried to grab me by the collar I avoided it, and with her losing balance, I caught her with my two arms, this time I will be telling her that pick up line I thought of telling her - did you just fall for me? - or so.

This is the right timing... or so I thought.

"Ahgg…. heavy, what the hell are have you been eating Tiffania! I'm pretty sure we are eating the same things in this mansion... ahgggg"

But, my plan was gone to nothing as I never expected that this thin and frail-looking lady would be so heavy.

And as I called her heavy, I received a crispy slap at the cheek.

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