Reincarnated To Another World with My Ex Chapter 1: Kazutrash and Yurigorilla


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Kazu and Yuri were childhood friends and at the same time, the sweetest couple in their high school, everyone looked at them with envy, wishing to have a relationship like theirs.

Kazu is the only son of a business tycoon, who owns an aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company.

Yuri is the only daughter of the president of a conglomerate, a corporation made up of a number of different and various businesses.

Both of their families knew each other and would have business deals regularly, it was their son and the daughter's friendship that became a bridge to the intense families, that was now both benefiting from each other's partnership.

But even how rich their families were, they didn't allow them to inherit anything without proving anything as individuals, as such they sent their kids to public schools without carrying their family names.

Since elementary, they were housed in condominiums in the same building and was given an allowance fit for their age, they relied on each other for necessities and for their own studies. After years of being together, they realized their love and attachment to each other and became a couple.

More years passed and they were now at their senior-high-school graduation, they wore uniforms and was holding their diploma, they took a picture of each other and together, smiling happily.

Kazu had black hair that was in an undercut, had a black-colored iris, he looked plain yet clean and fit, he was popular with girls, and have been confessed to many times, even though already having a girlfriend. He was a mild playboy, yet he still avoided stepping over their feelings, rejecting them respectfully as he can, but after that he would continue his usual routine of flirting with other girls in low-key and within limits.

As such his girlfriend Yuri spread the nickname she made for him all over the campus: KazuTrash

Yuri had chestnut-colored braided hair that reached up to her waist, she inherited the deep-blue irises from her mom and her snow-complexion from her father. Yuri was quite the tomboy and liked boyish things and activities, she often beat her male classmates in sports trampling over their pride.

As such these boys in their defeat would often call her: YuriGorilla

There was a vast difference between them, as Yuri was outgoing and Kazu was an introvert.

Kazu was popular amongst girls and Yuri was avoided due to her nature to make fun of boys challenging them, defeating them, and trampling over their pride.

Kazu was blunt and straightforward, Yuri doesn't like showing her feelings aside to Kazu.

But, even with their differences they still fell in love deeply with each other.

After taking a picture they strolled towards a convenience store with diplomas on their hands, as the setting sun painted the sky with hues of orange. They bought drinks and sat on the convenience store seat facing a transparent window. Where they could see their classmates passing by.

Some girls waved towards Kazu, but when Yuri flashed them a smile, they didn't dare to enter the store anymore.

"Yuri, you're going to make this convenience store go bankrupt," Kazu told her as he sipped on his favorite strawberry juice pack.

"Who cares, those girls are waving to you, I have the right to shoo them away," Yuri opened a can of cola and drank it.

"This convenience store is a sub-company of your corporation right? Yurigorilla," he bluntly told her as he waved at the girl on the cashier, showing his side that his girlfriend despises, even though she was already used to it. The cashier girl blushed and waved back shyly.

"Kazutrash!" Yuri pinched him at his weak point which was on his sides.

"Yurigorilla stop it! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!" Kazu could only scream in pain as she rotated her hand to intensify the pain.

Even how sweet they were at school on the public, when they are alone they usually are fighting like cats and dogs, to the students looking at the,m they looked like having a sweet conversation, but in reality, they were smiling as they are dissing and pissing off each other.

"So, we are going to the same college right?" Kazu asked her as he patted his sides that were red from her pinching, "ahhh this is gonna blacken later," he thought as he placed his newly bought cold water to the bruised side.

"Yeah, Economics, and you?" She took the cold drink from his hand and used her hand instead to cool down the bruise.

"Computer Science, you should consider changing majors though, according to data the trend is changing, ahh thanks" he thanked her for applying the makeshift cold compress herself.

"It's fine, I plan to start a company anyway and register it under the conglomerate, you won't know those stuff on tech courses, right? and you're welcome baby," she kissed him on the cheeks as an apology.

"Any of your friends taking the same course that you can ask help from just in case?" Kazu was a bit worried about her, as she didn't have many friends other than the small circle of friends he has.

"Ahh, I have Ann, others in my circle are going to different universities, you?"

"Ahh, the top student, that's great, for me, I have my buddy, Andrei"

"I see, that's great then, we both have classmates from our high school friends"

"Indeed, then, as promised, let's break up today?" Kazu was the first one to bring up the promise, they had years after they first started going out, knowing each other for years already since they were children, Yuri brought up being tired of the relationship, even how sweet they appeared to be, the spark that Yuri was searching for didn't appear anymore, she was the type to find a spark in a relationship.

At first, Kazu was on denial, he stressed out that being truly in love was about commitment and loyalty, and the spark she was looking for would eventually be gone after years of relationship. But Yuri believed on the opposite, she believed that it was the spark that will keep the relationship alive, and losing that spark meant that, the relationship would be bound to become toxic until marriage.

He didn't want to truly lose her, he was satisfied with their status quo, but at the same time he doesn't want to keep her if she wants to be free. Yuri was a free-spirited girl, being free was her happiness and it was the only way she could smile despite having the pressure of being the only daughter of the conglomerate.

To him, her smile was the best thing in the world, and he would do anything to keep her happy all the time.

"Yes, just as discussed, take care of yourself okay?" Yuri violently took off the silver promise ring that Kazu gave her on their first anniversary, threw it to his face without showing her emotions, and left the convenience store running, without saying anything.

Kazu just looked at her in the distance as she gradually disappeared from his view, as the orange skies darkened and the sun was replaced by the moon and stars, tears started to fall down to his cheeks unchecked. His face had the same plain expression, yet his eyes were crying, as he held tightly the promise ring that she returned.

It was the first time he truly was able to cry, now that he finally lost her he felt his chest tightening and couldn't contain the pain anymore and started to cry.

"Sir, are you okay?" The cashier girl went towards him concerned.

Kazu without anyone beside him but the cashier girl of his age clutched into her clothes, as his tears dampened her uniform.

"Shhh... everything's gonna be okay, got it?" The cashier girl patted his back while he was hysterically crying, due to the pain of the breakup, crying crumbling his diploma the same way as he felt due to the pain.

This was the day they broke up, and went their separate ways. But little did they know, that fate had something more in store for both of them.

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