Reincarnated into Warframe Universe: Tyranny of the Tenno Chapter 33: Conclusion?


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'I wonder whether he can pull it off? Well, if he doesn't, I guess we'll just have to go to Plan-B.' I make my way towards Earth's open ocean for some deep sea fishing. 

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     Five weeks later on one of the Lotus' out-of-the-void excursions, Ballas finally shows his face and we snatch him up the same way we did the Lotus. With a full blooded Orokin at my disposal, I'm sure my understanding of Oro will soon skyrocket. 'I'm fairly certain that Warframe's lore stated that only someone with an Oro could truly kill another who possesses an Oro. If that's the case, it could be because the victims Oro is somehow merged with the attackers Oro. If this is the case, it may be possible to strengthen my own Oro by killing Ballas. Of course, if such a thing were to occur, it would be only after numerous experiments.'

For whatever reason, Ordis never received any form of communication from the Red Veil, concerning Rell. So once we had Ballas in our care I immediately set out to search for any abandoned Steel Meridian ships around Earth's orbit. We only found one but nothing suspicious was there.

It was then that I decided to see if I could locate the Donda relic. So, I went to Hydra, Pluto to check for any Corpus Ships. Once again, no luck. There were a couple of Corpus ships but none of them had so much as a trace of a relic. At this point, I was a bit confused. I wondered what could have happened to have caused such a deviation?

It didn't take long, however, for me to realize that I had spent most of the time I had been in this new world slaughtering mountains of Grineer and Corpus. Any one of the people that have died by mine or my subordinates hands could've been responsible for the events that led to the relic being stolen. Presumably, the relic being stolen was the reason for Rell's disappearance. I also realized that if this was the case I could probably just go straight to the Orokin Derelict at Tiwaz inside the Void and save myself a whole lot of trouble.

I ordered Ordis to take us back to the Void and locate that Orokin Derelict. It took quite a while and I decided to see if sleeping would make the search any easier. And sure enough, as soon as I got up, Ordis delivered the good news.

So here I am on the Orokin Derelict heading towards Rell's prison/temple. I run into a few of Rell's manifestations but, having come prepared with Void Siphon Traps, I make short work of them and eventually come to one of the many trees, with blue phosphorescent growths, that grow on these Derelicts only this one is black and red and has flames coming off of it. At the base of this tree is a hole in the floor clearly created by the trees roots. I walk through this root covered tunnel, until I reach a grey marble looking path leading to a circular platform. On the circular platform, is a massive bronze colored capping that, instead of forming an enclosure around it, is made of various curved pillars, with spherical ends that rest on the edge of the platform, and a center that is formed by all the pillars curving upwards to connect above the center of the platform. The platform has a ring around the outside, with the curved pillars on its outside and straight pillars on its inside edge. The middle of the platform hosts another red burning tree but this one has the Harrow Warframe chained to it.

I don't know if I'll need them but I take out my Specter Force and enter onto the platform. My Specter Force and I walk around looking for any potential enemies or traps. After finding nothing, I approach the chained Warframe, enter Operator Mode, and blast the bindings with my Void Beam. The chains quickly fall away one by one.

Once all the chains are gone, I quickly attach a Parasitic Link to the frame, as it falls to the ground, and the modified links around his neck, arms, and legs. Me, my Specter Force, Birdy, and Bot all standing around the kneeling frame fix our weapons on him and unload. I had considered trying to maybe keep him alive, to question him or find out more about this 'Man in the Wall' character, but the more I thought about how little I know about this Rell, his frame, and this 'Man in the Wall' I eventually decided he was simply too dangerous. There were simply too many unknowns that could potentially turn out to be disastrous, if not nipped in the bud. I take out my Bone Blade and slice his head off just to make certain no unexpected revivals occur.

At this moment, a familiar sense reawakens that I've only experienced once before. 'This...this is my Oro sense. I can see the dispersed energy leaving his body and...wait is that his Oro?' Within the dispersed energy is a bright white spherical light that seems to be, much like the dispersed energy, moving towards me and slowly losing its shape. I reach out, with my Oro sense, and attempt to control this stray Oro to prevent it from becoming completely rampant. As soon as I touch it, I can see memories and thoughts from its previous owner. I ignore this deluge of information and focus on dominating the Oro. After a brief struggle, I manage to bring it under control as is reaches my body and is absorbed into my own Oro.

With the wild Oro energy now under control and absorbed into my own, I begin sifting through some of the memories of this mysterious character. 'So that's it, huh? The Man in the Wall was really just Rell's madness. Since Rell had transferred his entire consciousness into his frame, whenever he started going mad the Oro of the Warframe, which only developed as a result of prolonged exposure to the Void, began to merge with his own Oro. Because both were still alive when the merger happened this event created a sort of schizophrenic soul that would sometimes manifest as Rell and at other times as The Man in the Wall. Knowing that Rell had the ability to send out projections of himself without any frame around it's not too unreasonable to think he could also create a portal that would've originally taken me to witness Ballas taking away the Lotus. 'Clearly Rell had developed some pretty cool Oro based abilities. I wonder if I can do the same? I have all his memories available to me so I should be able to figure it out eventually.'

After viewing a few more of Rell's memories, I then begin transmating both his body parts to the Orbiter. We make it back to the Orbiter and Ordis has already crafted the Harrow Bio-cartridge and placed it into the Founder. We head off towards the nearest unconquered Orokin Tower to do a bit of leveling.

Once I've leveled Harrow and his weapons, crafted by our very own Weaponsmith Scion, I decide that it's time to call upon Triumvirate once more. I place my palm on the console to summon him. "Cephalons, assemble and assimilate."

I, once again, behold the three faced visage of the most powerful Cephalon. "Triumvirate, I have a task that I need you to work on. I need you to gather and analyze all of the information we've obtained about every Warframe and Warframe derivative. I then want you to focus on those frames with a singular or unique energy. Nova, Volt, Ember, and Revenant are good examples. Formulate a method for restructuring these frames so that, instead of having a solid interior, they will have a modified exterior that surrounds a core of pure energy.

"For example, the antimatter energy that Nova utilizes would simply be a condensed mass that occupies the center of a thin and revealing exterior. Instead of using Exocytes, use only the Neuro and Hemocytes to construct an exterior framework to contain this 'energy body' if you will. Since the biology of Warframe's is based on the original Technocyte, try to implement the Mutalist Strain and any other new Strains in an attempt to simply improve the baseline of a frame's biology. So first of all, do you know if what I'm asking is possible? If so can you make it happen?"

"As for whether it can be done, yes, it can be done. As to accomplishing it, yes, but,  unlike last time, this one will take some time. This is quite the task you've given me, Operator, and I'll need possibly a whole twenty four hours. I've already started my calculations, was there any other information that you wished to provide?"

"Here are some designs for how each frame should look when completed. Use these as a template. Thanks for your hard work, Triumvirate, and I'll see you tomorrow." I then train, shower, and sleep, as usual.

-------Four years later--------

'Well, if we Tenno aren't the most terrifying force in the system I don't know who is?' I lay down on my bed, inside the Traveler, to relax for a bit. It's been relatively peaceful these past few years, as the Corpus have readjusted to their new King. There were a few small revolts at first but, after putting them down, very few had the courage to stand against us. While they all eventually realized that this was a soft coup, there survival instincts won out at the end of the day. Of course, Darvo didn't mind see that this new arrangement effectively makes him a prince.

Operation Drops of Jupiter was completed last year with both Saturn and Jupiter now having Piezoelectric Planetary Cores. Of course, Jupiter was the compensation taken from the Corpus, for their little outburst. Saturn now has dozens of small country sized Antigrav Cities. Jupiter, on the other hand, has only a handful, at the moment.

Many people have been showing up at the Father Organization hoping to offer their children a future as a mighty Tenno. As a result, our numbers have increased dramatically in the past four years. When we first announced our acceptance of others into our fold, there were only around sixty thousand active Tenno and another thirty still in cryo sleep. Now there are nearly a million of us.

When Triumvirate finished his work on the new Energy Core Frames, the results were pretty amazing. The strength of these Core-frames is simply overwhelming. Even a frame with nothing but maxed out strength mods wouldn't hold a candle to these powerhouses. All of their abilities are at least three times more powerful than their counterparts. Also, given that their core's normal biomatter is replaced with energy, they are much lighter and can move with much greater speed and dexterity. The drawbacks to this design are that they can't utilize mods and they have very little in the way of defense. Unlike the other frames that are covered head to toe in Exocytes, Core-frames only have Neuro and Hemocytes covering certain portions of their cores. This makes it a bit more difficult for an enemy to land a hit but also makes that hit pretty deadly if it lands. Core-frames are pretty much the personification of a glass cannon. Another catch with Core-frames, is that they can only be wielded by Tenno who have complete mastery over the Core-frame's counterpart.

I had considered, only briefly, heading to the Tau System to put an end to these dastardly Sentients once and for all. I quickly realized that this wasn't the best course of action. If we are fighting for our own prosperity and own future it's easy to convince people to get on board. Going to an entirely different system to fight an unknown enemy because of a threat that isn't even real to them, however, is simply asking too much. Thus, when considering the added cost of supplying troops in the field with resources from another system and the enemies unknown numbers, it's a bit more complicated than simply showing up in the Tau System and wrecking shit.

So with the Sol System finally conquered and at peace, I think I'm going to take it easy for a while and maybe find myself a sexy little Tenno wench or three to hook up with. I'll spend my time fishing, when I'm not doing research or training. 'Yep, I'm going to slow things down and live the good life for a while. If the Sentients show up, well, I'll deal with them when they get here.'

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