Reincarnated into Warframe Universe: Tyranny of the Tenno Chapter 31: Psych


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Triumvirate's insights were really useful, yesterday, in making this breakthrough. Master says that these will be a very important part of our future battle plans. I place the finishing touches on the Sentient Core and gently place it back into its proper place.

Once it's connected with the rest of the systems, the thing comes to life and stands ready. I give it a simple set of instructions and it follows them flawlessly and immediately. Satisfied, with my progress, I operate the Nidus frame given to me by my Master. I walk to the control deck, place my hand on the primary interface, and report my success to the Master.

----------POV Change----------

Having acquired all but one of the available frames after Helminth went and made short work of the Jordas Golem, I had the General give our rosters a makeover to make sure we still have the most efficient and reliable squad tactics and compositions. Only one more to go until I've gotten every frame currently in this Universe. That damned Red Veil had better not wait until I'm in the middle of war or something to contact me. If they wait much longer, I'm going to have to find a way to move on my own.

I, of course, haven't slacked off on my training, despite reaching full maturity. I'm afraid that if I stop training I'll discover some sort of flaw, in using the Subsidizer, where I end up shrinking and losing muscle mass as fast as I gained it. It seems unlikely but I don't see any reason to test it. I've kept up my training for the past three months, since my acquisition of Revenant and Octavia.

The Lotus' ship should be finished any day now, so hopefully we can lure out Ballas by taking the Lotus out of the Void for extended periods and at regular intervals.

Right now I'm inside the Hunting Grounds doing some training with Birdy and Bot.

"Operator, I've detected a large contingent of Corpus ships making their way towards Earth. I've also received word from Chairman Bek that these ships are renegades and are acting in direct opposition to the Board's decision to remain neutral."

"I see, so they couldn't resist after all, huh? Ordis, alert the General and have her rally all of our troops. Tell each planet to send at least one ship and twenty Tenno to Earth. Tell Nyx to make certain that anything that stands against us is exterminated. I want the Traveler, The Tau-er, The Flesh Tau-er, and The Federal Tau-er all with WormHoles prepped and on standby. Ordis you and the other Cephalons will be joining the fray this time. No matter what kind of forces they send our way, we will fall on them with our full might and send their scattered remains floating away on the next space breeze."


"Yes, Ordis, I know that there's no such thing as a space breeze."

"Of course, Operator. I'll send your space orders right away."

'Haha, that damned, Ordis. It would seem that he's developed a sense of humor. Not a very good one but at least he's got a sense.'

Now to march to war. I've had a special little toy, that I haven't even been able to test drive yet, made for just such an occasion. I walk to The Tau-er's hangar and approach a ship that's similar in size to my Liset. It has a shape that's more in line with an Arch-Frame, however. It's wings are folded in such a way that they are acting as props to support the main weight of the ship. It's angled slightly upwards, about fifteen degrees, and its hatch door is lying open on the ground. I proceed inside the ship and close the hatch. I enter the Somatic Link Pod/Void Reactor and start up the ship's engines. The wings slowly unfold as it rises off of the Hangar floor and I orient it towards the opening hangar door.

Now that my all new Landing Frame is free for the first time, I need to let loose a little bit, before I head out. I immediately take off and accelerate to full speed noticing that not only is it faster than your standard Landing Craft but, because it's controlled directly by the Somatic Link Pod, I'm able to handle it much more easily. I fire off a massive Larva and then a Virulence, which no longer has upward reaching offshoots but instead simply follows its straight forward trajectory. Parasitic Link, I know from Ordis' explanation, takes time to become effective. Once it's attached onto a ship's exterior it begins transforming it into the Mutalist Strain. Then any damage taken can be transferred to the converted areas.

Ravenous, like the first two, even though Ordis has told me how it works I just have to see it. I sacrifice a bit of my Landing Frame's Bioenergy to activate Ravenous and my Landing Frame goes off like a bomb. Thousands upon thousands of bowling ball sized maggots are violently expelled from every inch of the Landing Frame. It initially seems like a solid wall and then rapidly disperses as it travels outwards. 'What's that? Does my Landing Frame build stacks just like a regular Nidus? Why yes, yes it does! Hahahahahahahaha!' I send out another Larva to snatch up the maggots and then I blast them with Virulence, which sends my stack count through the roof.

The core of my Landing Frame is a large body sized Amp connected to the Somatic Link Pod and the Void Beam Cannons. This giant Amp allows me to use any of my Void abilities on my Landing Frame without entering Operator Mode. With my Nidus Landing Frame's already formidable abilities added on top of the core of the Landing Frame, I'm going to absolutely wreck shit when I enter the battlespace.

After a couple of minutes testing out my Landing Frame, I pass through a waiting WormHole directly into Earth's orbit but at a safe distance from my gathered forces. I sit and wait, watching as Nyx skillfully conducts our army into the ideal formation. There are several places around the Earth, where our troops are stationed, but the majority are here where the Corpus ships should arrive, assuming they aren't able to pull off some unforeseeable shenanigans.

Once the General has all of our troops in their appropriate positions, it takes nearly fifty more minutes for the Corpus to arrive. '*whistles* Man that is not a small number of ships. They must have really pulled out all the stops for this little bitch fit. Between fighters, carriers, warships and the like there must be at least a thousand. Oh well, it's not like it really matters. If anything, that's just more fun for me.'

Upon seeing their arrival, Nyx sounds the horns of war. All of our Specter Forces, in their Arch-Frames, swarm them at once. Our actual Tenno, also in their Arch-Frames, give the Specters time to catch the enemies attention, before joining the fight. Specialized squads make a b-line to the larger ships and begin assaulting them with their Arch-Weapons, mostly Opticors and Scionic weapons.

The space in front of me is filled with flying Tenno and Corpus spaceships. The battle has begun in earnest, or so the Corpus might think. I finally give the signal to initiate Protocol Well and Truly Fucked.

Not too far behind where the Corpus first arrived, four massive WormHoles appear one much more massive than the others. 'I don't need to order anything else. These are my boys. They know what to do.'

While the Tau-ers are taking care of the larger ships, I blast off towards the ongoing battle. Arriving above the ensuing battle, I pick a good spot, advance, and throw out a Larva in the middle of a group of ships. Space is pretty big and even though they look like they're close they weren't that close. I only manage to get two of the six but I control the Larva's tendrils and send them chasing after the other four, who are still trying to figure out what the shit just happened. After snatching up the other four, I begin sending out Virulence into the Larva, while they desperately attempt to escape. Those attempts, though, only lead to them crashing into each other thus hastening their demise. 

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     After my first successful stack attack, I spot an exceptionally coordinated group of eight fighter ships that are giving my troops a hard time. I take a second to get a grasp on how closely knit they fly together and then throw out a Larva while controlling its tendrils and…'Damn! I still only managed to get four! These guys are good.' I take out the Larva bound four with Virulence and Void Beams then fly past the other four taking their attention away from my Tenno.

At this point, I feel like it's time for some James Bond moves. I continue attempting to evade their fire, while allowing them to slowly catch up to me. I then drop another Larva right in their faces and do a complete one eighty, while targeting them with my Virulence and Void Beams. 'Ha! Eat that suckers!'

I notice I'm not currently in any immediate danger and survey the battlefield. The Tenno forces at the enemy's head are advancing rapidly leaving no room for retreat, surrender, or salvation. The Tau-ers have all but cleaned up the larger ships and are now targeting the smaller ones. The Traveler, however, just straight up doesn't give a fuck. It's just flying through the battlespace bulldozing enemy ships with all of its guns firing in every direction, while firing off the Eye of Death at regular intervals.

'Dammit, Sentry! If you keep that up, there won't be any more for me. You fucking greedy bitch!' I locate the areas of the battlespace with the highest enemy numbers. I plot a course through the battlespace and begin unleashing my Ravenous, at strategic locations using Void Mode to pop in and out of the battlespace. At the end of my course, I turn around and head back throwing out Larvas, Virulence, and Void Beams. I manage to clean up nearly a hundred, before it becomes obvious that there are no longer enough enemies for this powerful force.

Realizing that my work is done here, I make my way off the battlespace, the Tau-ers and the Traveler return, and the General starts bringing many of the Tenno back... Or at least that's the way I imagined it would have happened, if those gullible fucking schmucks hadn't completely fallen for my trap.


As soon as the Corpus ships arrived, Nef Anyo began projecting a message to everyone there.

"Today, Tenno, you will all pay for your endless meddling. If you think that this fleet is frightful? Just wait, Tenno. This is but the tip of the iceberg. We've spent the last six months building an uncountable army that even your might will be crushed under. Behold your doom, Tenno!" As soon as the transmission ended, countless thousands of spacefaring warriors begin pouring out of all the Corpus ships. These warriors look to be robotic in places but also seem to be Sentient in places.

I'm wearing my absolute biggest smile ever, since recovering my body. 'Did these idiots actually fall into my trap? Hahahahahahahaha! This is too perfect!'

----------POV Change----------

"Master, the Amalgam research is complete not only are they fully functional and battle ready they are also completely obedient. We can begin production at anytime."

"Haha, excellent news, Helminth! Although, we will not be producing them. I want you to transfer the knowledge of how to make these Amalgams to Alad V. Send him back to one of his abandoned laboratories and have him work on the Amalgams, while attempting to regain favour with his Director friends.

"I don't know how the Corpus will respond to our sudden and aggressive power plays but rationally speaking they should know better. That being said, Alad V is a prime example of how being driven by profits above all else doesn't exactly engender consistent rational thinking.

"If the Corpus seek to take action against us, then it's most likely that they will seek out our known enemies, especially ones who offer powerful weapons to help them combat a powerful foe. We may not need him but, if things play out that way, then we can have the Corpus build us an army of Amalgams, while also immediately crippling their offensive when they realize that their weapons are actually our weapons.

"To that end, once Alad V has been planted, give him all the information he needs to operate alone and do not contact him under any circumstances to ensure that our deception is not found out."

"Understood, Master"

----------POV Change----------

'Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! There's so many of them. I should give them all a bonus. These guys really are stupid. Or who knows? Maybe Ordis was right all along and I just happened to be some kind of space genius or something.' I think to myself, before contacting Helminth.

"Helminth, you know what to do."

"Of course, Master."

I watch the wall of Amalgams that are now completely blocking the view of the Corpus ships slowly turn around and identify their targets. The Amalgams set upon their would be masters, like ravenous dogs. Within a matter of minutes, the once daunting Corpus fleet is nothing more than a spaceborne scrap pile.

'Well, that was too easy. Yet, still immensely satisfying. Perhaps I'll have another chance to pull off something like that? Although, probably not.'

"Ordis, summon the Pillories and a five hundred Specters. Process that scrap pile into resources and then return to the Void."

"Right away, Operator."

I head back to my Orbiter to wrap up the day with a bit more training. I finish my training, take a nice long shower, and then hit the sack. 'I don't know how tomorrow will turn out but, given the Chairman's message and the resistance's complete and utter destruction, I'm hoping that we'll have a short yet profitable negotiation with the Directors.'

"Good space, Ordis."

"Good space, Operator."

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