Reincarnated as Broly Dropped Chapter 39: Never Stop Getting Stronger


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The two men's faces were charred black. The dads were horrified, but they did not dare to make a move because they know that they'll get f*cked as well. The boy before them was the one that slew Fridga!

Brandon released the two. He looked at them. He saw that he accidentally burnt off their front teeth, it turned into ash which quickly mixed with their saliva before sliding down their throat.

Brandon turned around, ignoring the people that he has just ruined. He kind of felt bad. They could've used their face to pick up other girls but he accidentally ruined their chances with others. Well, Brandon didn't pay them any attention any longer and faced Aisha.

Brandon wasn't stunned by her appearance but he was still admiring her beauty. Those warm brown with that confident posture. The way she flicks her hair is strikingly beautiful. Grandfather saw this and coughed twice before saying, "So, you want to get married to my daughter yes?"

"Uhh, I guess you could say that?" Replied Brandon.

"Well, I have no objections, her parents also have no objections because they passed away and they left the judgement of their daughter's marriage in my hands, so I can decide on their behalf. The marriage ceremony will be held 2 days from now, better treat my granddaughter nicely otherwise I'll- I'll- I'll- I'll smack your arse." Threatened the old man. Aisha was blushing, the confident posture she had was instantly replaced by her cuteness.

"I'll treat her well!" Brandon promised.

"Well you better, otherwise you'll Run Like Hell into the Cabin in the Woods and will be Dead by Dawn. And I'll Spit on Your Grave." Said the old man.

Brandon nodded. "Old man, Fridga said something about mines and stuff, what are those about?"

"Well, you see my boy, we have been a type 2.3 civilization according to the Shevdakar scale for 10,000 years. Recently, our star has been running out of fuel, so to avoid the destruction of our planet, we stopped siphoning energy from our star. We recently found mines appearing and could do the job in place of the stars but Fridga caught wind about it. There is possibly a traitor amongst us."

"Okay old man, not to be offensive here, but how the bloomin' hell did you manage to suck out the essence out of your bloody star, haha get it? Because it's red. Anyways, how much energy do you people need?!" Exclaimed Brandon. Nearly using up your sun's energy in just such 10,000 years was just like comparing to someone sucking out the semen from a dude dry!

"Apparently a lot okay!" Said the geezer annoyingly.

"Well, you prepare our marriage and I'll do some things to relieve boredom." Said Brandon. Brandon disappeared. "They probably spent their energy on making aphrodisiacs." Thought Brandon.

"Host, there is a way to relieve boredom, be a god." Said Hanna suddenly.

"What the f*ck? That's no fun at all if I'm like f*cking Mark(Satan) all day, then I'll rather kill myself!" yelled back Brandon. He saw that everyone was looking at him, he might've thought out loud. If he had to pretend to be like Satan who apparently is the strongest human alive(bullshit), then he would rather suck the horse's d*ck.

"What I meant is that make these people worship you like a god. A god can receive energy from its faithful followers and get stronger. Just like in the Percy Jackson series where the gods of Olympus get their powers from their followers, that's why they keep on having s*x with mortals to give birth to demigods which in turn will worship them like a sex slave and make the gods stronger." Said Hanna plainly.

"Wow! So worshipping is actually a thing! But how am I going to pull it off?" Thought Brandon. He thought really hard and finally came up with a plan.

An hour later...
"People of the Pulchram Race! From this day forth, I will be the guardian Super Saiyan of this planet, A GOD!" Shouted Brandon. He successfully brainwashed these people. These people have been through the trauma of Fridga, and Brandon saved them from their impending doom so as long as you manipulate everything successfully, then your plan will succeed in the end, just like how Brandon became the Manipulating God back in his past life.

"WE WILL DO YOUR BIDDINGS!" yelled the crowd.

Brandon stood on top of his statue, which stood at a staggering 100 metres in height.

"I'm going to start training you guys, you guys are far too weak! EVEN F*CKING FRIDGA'S ARMY COULD DESTROY LITERALLY MORE THAN HALF OF YOU WEAKLINGS!" yelled Brandon in a booming voice.

"Then how are we going to get stronger?" Asked one of the people in the crowd.

"Well-, DON'T QUESTION GOD, I GOT IT ALL PREPARED!" Yelled Brandon. "Hanna, materialize me one of those gravity controllers which can allow access to 10,000x gravity."

"Deducting points, materializing, materialization complete." Said Hanna.

A black remote fell on to Brandon's palm. All the Pulchram race in the village were amazed by the materialization ability.

"LISTEN UP MAGGOTS, THIS IS SOMETHING THAT WILL HELP YOU TRAIN YOUR BODY, AS, FOR TECHNIQUE, GO EXPLORE THAT AREA YOURSELF, PREPARE YOURSELF, INCOMING TRAINING IN 3, 2, 1. 'BEEP." This planet is 100x Earth's gravity, so he's going to go times 10 for now. He was working under 1000x gravity conditions, and he could last for quite a long time before exhaustion.

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