Reincarnate as Ultron in a Cultivation World Chapter 9: Capture as Raw Material?Fuck this sht I’m out!(3)


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Somewhere on the mountain in a certain area have the smell of blood combined with killing intents. Two beings, one mechanical puppet Aka Ultron and one middle-aged man with a scar on the left side of his face Aka Lou peng. Both filled with murderous and killing AuraWith both pupils red like (Well lol Ultron eyes already red so redder glow?)filled with murderous cold glow.

As time goes by (Maybe minutes?)Ultron drawn his left arm to his face and pretended to be looking at a watch. Ultron put his arm back down and asked, "So...are we like going to start fighting now?"

Lou peng look at Ultron with his murderous gaze and didn't say anything. But then as 3 seconds, he speeds forward Ultron with a dagger in his right hand and then he slashed forward and then he slashes uppercut. Ultron dodges the first attack as he jumps back but didn't dodge the second one as he was in midair. Ultron went crashing down into the ground.

Ultron then stands up and look at his chest injury only to see some metal off and he looks at Lou peng in disappointment and says "Is that all you have? where is your rage of strength?" and then Ultron dashed forward Lou peng with a speed that is faster than Lou peng.

Lou peng look at Ultron with his cold gaze and then he dropped his dagger and pull out his right arm and began to channel Qi into his fist creating tiny wind currents around it. When Ultron 3 feet away Ultron slash his dagger into the area where Lou peng heart was at but just at it about to hit Lou peng at the last second squat down dodging Ultron attack and then he drew out his fist straight into Ultron chest making Ultron flying back and crashing down.

Intron stand up and look at his chest and saw a fist size hope in the middle of his chest and there you can see the inner mechanical parts and then he look back at Lou peng and said "What dafaq was that!?"

But Lou peng didn't say anything as usual and then he dashes forward Ultron and began to channel Qi into his fist again and Ultron seeing this he ran away.

"System do you have any solution or anything for me that can help me get out of this hell of a mess?"

"Host but you can't buy anything in the shop if you are in a boss fight and in order to do so you need to upgrade the system into omega supreme super system for 5 million points." rely back the system

"What dafaq!?I mean literally, that is bullsht and what the benefits of having it anyway?"

"The benefits is, of course, buying things out of the system during any boss fights shouldn't you already know that already? and also 1% off."

Ultron "..."'

System ":3"'

But just as Ultron was about to say anything Lou peng catches up on him and he punches his fist into Ultron left arm breaking it apart and then Lou peng punch again into Ultron stomach making Ultron flying back and crashing into a large tree.

Lou peng look at Ultron and then he spoke for the first time forever (lol...)during the battle in a cold voice "I know you are a puppet and In order for a Puppet master to control you all the way to his battle must be near for you are still moving and for so, thing for certain I know you puppet master will experience backlash in your soul if I break apart this puppet and the backlash is extremely painful as if a thousandth knives pierce through both your soul and body and I think you will cried the scream of pain and agony so I giving you two choices come out on your own and I will kill you instantly or I destroy this puppet and experience the backlash and I will personally torture you slowly to death so will you do the hard way or the easy way?"'

Ultron look at Lou peng and said "Lean closer and put your ear near my mouth to hear."

Lou peng look at Ultron with doubts and suspicions.

"What?scared? I mean I'm in a terrible state right now not to mention I can't use Qi and I lost my left arm," said Ultron as he grin.

Still with doubt and suspicion but still did it and when he leaned over and put his right ear into Ultron mouth.

Ultron whisper "Surprise mother ducker!" and his mouth began to gather the energy of the mysterious red void energy and "pewwww" spewing out an energy beam of red and purple into Lou peng head exploding and roasting it. The headless body dropped back crashing into the earth with it lifeless body.
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