Reflection of My Dream Chapter 4: President Want to Meet You


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Adeline understand that he must have experienced Director Kang rage right after he came into the room. That woman looks terrifying after all.
She stood up from her seat and walked towards him. "How was it?"

Loki raised his head and still with his dispirited face he said, "She wanted to talk with you in her office."
Adeline raised her eyebrows, she wanted to talk with her? Does she wanted to settle thing with her too? She just sighed quitely and nodded her head, then entered Director Kang office.

The moment she entered, she can feels the tense atmosphere, she ignored it and sat right in front of Director Kang desk.
After that, no one talked in the room, it was quiet for 10 minutes and Adeline has no intention in disturbing or asking her.

None of them were talking and there's only typing sound in the room. Adeline was absolutely bored, and that clearly shows on her face. After that, she heard the person in front of her talking.

"Don't come and disturb Loki anymore, you must know your limit." , she said while typing.

Adeline almost fall asleep after all the silent and after she heard such statement, she almost choked off. 'Why am i the one at fault here? I'm not even doing anything.'

"You're wrong, i never disturb anyone." , right after she said that, Director Kang slammed the desk and stood up.

"You will never admit your wrong huh?! I know that Team Leader Loki isn't easy to fall for some random ordinary girl, yet suddenly there's you appeared beside him, what else can it be?!" , she said while pointing at her.

Adeline covered her ear, 'Why is she yelling at her!' , she then stood up and opened her mouth. "Director Kang, you sounds very sure with your statement don't you?"
Adeline doesn't wait for her answer and immedietaly continue with her talk, "Before you continue with your nonsense, you better hear my explanation."
"First of all, i'm not his girlfriend." , who want to be his girlfriend? She can find any man who's better than him.
"Secondly, i'm here not to disturb anyone. Loki called me earlier and told me to come to his office."
"And the last one, stop spouting nonsense or else i will not be polite with you."

Hearing that, Director Kang coughed awkwardly and sat down. She then instructed her to sit down, she immedietaly sat down.
Seeing that she has seated, Director Kang awkwardly say "Seems like you aren't joking about that, then why Loki called you here?"

Adeline ignored her awkward tone and say "I'm not sure what's his intention, but he said that some higherups noticed my story and planning to talk with me about it."
As for who is that, she was sure that person was the president that they were talking about.

Director Kang was antonished for a second and hurriedly apologized "I'm sorry, i was too clumsy earlier, please forgive my rudeness."
Adeline also antonished, suddenly seeing Director Kang change in attitude, it was way too fast and too much!

Director Kang thought that she still angry, "I'm a bit strict for stuff like that, and i ended up forgotting about my own manner."

Adeline was way too focused in her own world, she still pondering why Director Kang changed so much after hearing her explanation.
"Um.. Miss Adeline?" , she awkwardly called her.

Adeline immedietaly awake and said, "That's okay, i'm sorry to ask this but why do you know my name?" , she never said her name throughout the conversation but she knew her name already?

Director Kang scratched her head, "This.."
She start to became suspicious, did they dug some information from that person?

"Loki told me about it.." . Adeline frowned, sure enough. It was him! She always told him to keep her information a secret, he always did a good job, why did he spill it now?
Director Kang was panicked, if she ended up offending the girl in front of her, her day won't be easy anymore.

"Don't tell anybody else about my name."

"I will not, don't worry." , she hurriedly said. She also added, "Miss Adeline, our president said that he would like to have a chat with you tomorrow. Regarding your story, i hope you can accept this invitation."

She was pretty shocked, again. The president personally wanted to talk with her about some random story that came out from her mind? This is way too unbelieveable right?
"Director Kang, i would appreciate if the president really wanted to meet me." , she said while smiled.

"No no no, i wouldn't dare to deceive you, our president also gave this card. He told me to gave it to you." , she handed out a black card to her.
On the card, there's her name and below it written 'President's Office'

"With that card, you can freely go out and in the president's office. I hope you can keep it safely." , she was envious, even her senior couldn't have that card.
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