Reflection of My Dream Chapter 3: Director Kang


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Loki body freezed, his voice stammered. "I was excited for you..." , He avoided eye contact with her after he said that.

His action arouse her suspicion, "You were never excited for me before." , she shot a glare at Loki and said "Tell me, what is it?"

Loki sighed, he knew that he can't hide it forever and decided to spit it out. "That... can you let me come along?"

"Why should i let you come along?" , she raised her eyebrow. Allow him to accompany her? Bad choice!

Loki just bit his lip and say nothing, seemingly noticed something, Adeline smiled. "Your boss gonna be there too?"
She immediately hit the right spot, Loki face became red for a second before dissapeared again as if nothing happen.

"That's not important! I'm just afraid that you might ruin your future, it will be better if there's a pro beside you!" , he said confidently.

"A pro? You?" , she chuckled. He's just way too confident, she can handle a simple matter like this, it's just discussing something with a higher-ups, not really a big deal for her.

She wanted to tease him again but a knock sounded from the door, following that the door opened and a woman appeared on her sight.

The woman seems shocked for a second before bowing. "Team Leader Loki, Director Kang is calling for your presence." , after she said that, she immedieately left.
Adeline is quiet shocked with the sight of the woman bowing to them, as far as she can remember, Loki wasn't a team leader yet, how come he already promoted that fast?

Turned her head to the side, she said "You're quiet awesome, it's just 3 months and you were able to be promoted that fast?"

Loki mood was bad when Adeline rejected him, but hearing her impressed tone, he raised his chin. "Now you believe that i'm a pro?"
Adeline just shaked her head, and laughed a bit "Beware, you might get fired soon, considering your arrogant character."

Loki mood became worse again, he pointed his finger at Adeline "You-! Just see, i will become a great person and prove it to you!" , he angrily walked outside and forgot about her.

Adeline just sighed helplessly, 'He's way too easy to tease'. She followed him to the director office. After arriving in front of the door, Loki seemingly realized something and turned his head, there's a shocked expression on his face. Seeing her face, he patted his chest and sighed quitely.

"Sorry, i was too angry and forgot." , he said embarrassedly. She just smiled, before she could say anything, the door behind him opened and the one that opened it was a woman. That woman wear a serious expression on her face, "Team Leader Loki, are you planning to make me wait forever? Even if the president that personally choose the book, you can't disrespect me!"

Loki was shocked and immedietaly bowed his body, "I'm sorry Director Kang, i was talking to my friend earlier, i won't repeat it anymore."
Hearing that, Director Kang glanced at her and sneered "Friend? You mean girlfriend? Loki, remember that you're currently in workplace, you need to restrain yourself!"

Director Kang shot a sharp glare to her once again, then she turned to enter her room. Adeline frowned, that Director Kang was way too absurd, from where does she looks like Loki girlfriend?
Massaging her temple, she saw Loki hurriedly entering the room and closed the door.

She took a seat outside the room and waited for him. While waiting, she can feels that a lot of people keep staring at her. She ignored that and play with her phone.
For almost 1 hour of waiting, the room door finally opened, from inside the room, Loki walked outside with a dispirited face.
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