red soul system Chapter 10: goal


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opening his eyes zero find himself in the large room everything in this room was beautiful bigging with
red curtains that cover all the room and golden stuff that you can find it everywhere in the room

it didn't take more than 1 minute and zero brains will explode because if million of new massige from the system

[ congregation you create 1 normal red soul creature
congregation you create 1 normal red soul creature
congregation you create 1 ...
congregat.... ]

massage after massage zero minds, it was uncountable and didn't stop
"stop, stop it now system, my head can't Hold anymore "
when the small pain become a painful headache zero shouts while butting his hands on his head

[ Congratulatory messages will stop Appears in host head ]

" finally some silence "

" system I know that I lose my mind in the city yesterdayو but I don't you to say or ask anything about it, I only want to forget what happened "
said zero with a calm voice

for 8 years old child seeing his mother and father in this way it will be
hard for them to keep calm and innocent children for zero he lost
his Innocence of children in the city of fallen

[affirmative, host don't need to worry the system the only job is to help host get
The goal of your life ]

" the goal of my life? if you ask me before 1 year I will tell you I want to find my mother and father

and if you ask me yesterday I will tell you I want to take revenge for my mother and father by killing everyone who was responsible for there death but after seeing what they did to my mother and father body
and now you ask me what my goal I will tell you that my goal is everything in this world
i want all the human to die and Replace them the red soul creature and I zero will be king, lord, God
to all red soul creature, I will make my one haven in all of this plant "

zero voice didn't have any killing intent of even the smallest hint of anger but it was full of
Ambition and faith that his dream will become true

[ congregation the host Requirements have been met the system now can upgrade
to level 2 , 200,000 souls will be used to upgrade to level 2
10%,,,,,20%,,,,90%,,, 100%

congregation to me i become level 2 system now, hahhahhaahhaah

using 1,000,000 souls to upgrade to level 3 system



congregation TO MY i become level 3 system. I am the greatest system ever
hhhhhhhhhh, i finally become level 3, I can't stop my self hahahahahaha

using 3,000,000 souls to upgrade to level 4 system ]

" stop don't use any more souls i need them, f##### system, don't waist for my souls

[ upgrade


i can't believe myself less then two days with you zero I upgrade to level 4 system
i love you so much ,hhahahahaha ]

" f#### , give me my soul back, and who need your love i only need my souls "
zero at this moment want to cry ,this system takes and do whatever he wants
to do. l am the host iam the boss here

" i will kill you if you didn't give me my souls back,"

[ host don't worry after I become level 4 your dream will become reality,
and its Guarantee by the system ]
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