Record of Transmigrated Cannon Fodder : The Cursed Daughter of Linhua Chapter 31: The Story Of A Poor Little Green Frog


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Green Frog spent her time waiting while grumbling. Occasionally checking the scanning progress.


Just 2% more but it felt like years. In addition to her hungry stomach, she was sore all over her body because of excessive 'training' of rolling around on the hard ground.

In the end, she didn't have any more energy venting. Thus, she lied down on her back, starring at the stars above. Couldn't help but thinking about the past...

She had lived a boring and mediocre life. Doing whatever boring and mediocre jobs, without passion. Having whatever boring and mediocre relationships, without the determination to step into married life.

She herself didn't know what exactly her purpose in this life. In short, she was a dull woman who doesn't have any ambitions or anything else. She did have a temper, but it was small. The worse, she had totally given up on loving someone.

Her routine consisted only of eating, working, and sleeping. Maybe once a month she would spend her day off with shopping, but she couldn't feel any joy. Only to spend her money. Making expenditure without exact purpose.

Living like that for only-god-knows-how-long, she didn't know when she started to drink. Drinking here meant drinking alcohol. And when she finally realized it, it was too late. She had been fallen so deep to the point of severe addiction.

She lost her job. And after that, another disaster followed.

Her parents were very disappointed. At the beginning, they tried to 'repair' her but to no avail. After fighting in the never-ending and impossible to win battle, they finally gave up.

They sent her to a facility far away from the capitol.

Didn't know from whom her parents get the information about this place, but in short, it could be described as hell.

She got worse. There was the first time she got involved in a same-sex relationship which ended up in tragedy.

Could be imagined how devastated it was when her parents heard about the news. She got beaten so hard by her father and then literally kicked out from the family. No longer recognized as a daughter.

Thank god, at least her elder cousin brother still showed her a bit of pity. He gave her money to rent a room to live in. She also got a job in a small shop. Of course the salary was low. Barely for monthly rent and daily necessities.

With her low salary, she couldn't afford to buy alcohol. And also because of the psychological impact from her last affair, she didn't bother to find another 'companion'. But it didn't mean that she had recovered from her addiction. Instead, it switched into another form. Online game addiction.

She played almost 24 hours a day. Forgot to sleep, even skipped eating. Slacking while working. And many more. In short, she didn't want to do anything except for playing.

What a lifestyle.

It lasted for two years, until she finally got bored. Didn't know the reason why the gods above had given her enlightenment, all of a sudden she decided to change!

She began to do her job properly. Even got a praise from her boss. Started to build healthy relationships with the people around her. Also have a positive hobby for normal healthy people. Reading.

Green Frog always loves science. Despite her mediocre appearance, actually, she was an intellectual persona. She also had interest in politic and business.

As people said, the wheel of destiny is always spinning. Nothing is impossible in this world for hard-working and strong-willed individuals. Therefore, from the bottom of hell she climbed up to find another opportunity.

She started to save money. Bit by bit. She wanted to start her own business.

With the help from her elder cousin brother and her old friends from her old working places, and also a little bit of luck, her business grew fast to the point of difficult to cover all the workloads.

She decided to recruit more workers and fortunately, all were experienced employees. Although their monthly wages were quite high, it was in line with their qualities.

Green Frog was content with her new life. As money didn't stop flowing in, she got more leisure time to read at home. Her reading materials expanded too and she started to read novels.

Yes. Novels.

In fact, she never likes fiction. Especially romance fiction.



Maybe the word 'like' wasn't right. It should be 'scared'.

She scared reading romance fiction. Simply because reading one would scrape the wound in her heart open and it would bleed again.

More or less, what she lacked of, she could understand. Thus, although she hated it, she didn't stop reading those novels. As if trying to search for something important.

…as if her life depended on it.

At that time, she was introduced to an online reading site. Most of the works were original stories that never officially published before. It could be said as a new experience for her. And surprisingly, she liked it.

She never knew that since that time onward, her life started to change...

Her fated encounter with her master finally happened not long after. Not only he had helped her to 'recover', he also taught her to write.

At the beginning, what she wrote all were scientific articles. Mostly about business matters. She found that her new hobby was fun. Although the money she got from writing wasn't much, she really got hooked with it.

The master was also quite playful. Or could be said like to joke and make troubles for others. When he saw that this new disciple of his got too much leisure and happy time, he decided to stir her up a bit.

He created a writing system.

Too bad, it wasn't for writing scientific articles. It was for writing romance!

…her biggest nemesis!

The poor little frog couldn't say 'NO' to her master. Therefore she could only comply when she was assigned to a task.

Writing romance novels. Yes. More than one. All according to her master's order.

Obviously, she felt resentful. She was forced to write something she hates and avoids for so long. Thus, could be imagined how bad the result was.

The old master didn't angry the slightest bit but found it quite amusing. He said to her that she lacked of motivation and decided to make a writing competition. The reward was very 'generous'.

20% of his company's shares!

It was meant a lot...

Just 20% but whoever gained it, could be a milliarder in just one night!

All his disciples must participate. And since the competition had been started, it proved to be very harsh.

…the little frog couldn't help but stuck in the middle of the 'fierce and inhumane battle'.

Green frog whose still reminiscing sighed deeply. She didn't want it, but she forced to do it. Remembering his master's expecting and exciting gaze, she could only swallow her protest.

In the end here she was. Bound to this author system version 3.0 named Zhizhi, trying to create an acceptable romance story.

Developing plot bit by bit according to the outline…

But now she found out that everything was in a mess. How hateful. She was afraid that she could have stroke in a very young age TT_TT

Green Frog slanted yet another fretful gaze toward the number inside the spinning icon.


The veins on her forehead popped out. She bellowed mournfully to the sky , "When the fuck will you finish this damn scanning! Baka-zhizhi!!!"
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