Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 8: He is the next Emperor- 2


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Eva's legs hit a buffet table. Aeinshia grinned. As she got closer Eva leaned against table. Aeinshia extended her hand. Eva's eyes were wide opened while her mouth gasped.

Getting closer to Eva's ears, "Are you testing my patience, hmm? ", she whispered raising her brows. Saying that she her extended hands grabbed a small cupcake which were on a big tray right behind Eva. But, miss Eva was in for a surprise.

Saying that she poured a wine glass on Eva's dress. " Oh my! Look at my clumsy self. It slipped my hand. I really didn't see you". Aeinshia exclaimed with fake concern and guilt evident clearly as daylight. The glint of amusement never leaving her eyes. "Well, how would someone see your shallow self." she stated curtly which was audible only to Eva and her friend Sarah.

Seeing her dress drenched in alcohol and getting humiliated in front of everyone Eva was already seething with rage. But, hearing those words her rage sky rocketed to another world. Her body began to tremble in anger. "How dare-----" she was cut off by deep husky voice of the prince.

"what's happening here", Prince Evan came seeing the commotion.

" Evan, My hand slipped and got alcohol on Miss Eva's dress", she said showing she was close to prince. He was not stupid. He can clearly see what was happening. He understood they would have fought if he didn't intervene. He eyed the young miss whose dress was forming the stain from 'accidentally' spilled alcohol. He saw up to Eva's face who had tears welling up and was on the verge of breaking down. He sighed. Seriously, these women. How can they do all these things. If they ruled the kingdoms, they sure would be unbeatable with these talent of theirs. Maybe thats why, they don't rule, seeing the competition would be high.

"Peter, show Miss Eva dressing room", he instructed Peter, His attendent and his best friend. The face made by young miss Eva was worth to see. Everyone saw as she left the hall along with peter. The prince turned around to see Aeinshia desperately trying to hold back her laughter. "Let's go", was all he said before he dragged her from the hall.

He quickly took hold of her hand and went hurriedly towards the meeting room which were on the left side of the palace hall. Somewhere in the middle of the journey, aeinshia burst out laughing unable to hold back. The prince turned and saw the laughing princess. He smiled at the sight and was about to speak but, "What are you doing here?" Felix spoke out of nowhere and came from behind the prince. He was facing his sister who still couldn't stop her laughing fit. Felix gave a judge mental look towards her and turned towards the prince "Prince Evan, you are needed in the meeting." The prince curtly nodded. Hearing this princess Aeinshia was alert and frowned from the information she heard. There was no meeting she remembered happened that night of the party. Both men turned towards the frowning princess. "Aeinshia, you should now leave for your chambers." Felix said while turning her around but, stopped when she spoke. "I'll go to the meeting". Felix was bit taken back from her words because she was never interested in meetings. She said they were boring and she would not waste her time doing uninteresting things. He looked over to the prince who just kept a straight face and turned around to walk towards the meeting room.

The trio entered the meeting with the prince in lead, Felix beside him but a step behind. Aeinshia was behind the prince and beside her brother. The atmosphere was so serious and intimidating. The Emperor sat on a throne like seat at the bead of the room. Officials and others were seated a step below the Emperor, on an ellipse looking table. As son as the prince came everyone stood up and the prince beckoned them with a polite greeting before taking a seat beside his father. The emperor smiled when he saw his son coming in but, frowned lightly when he saw Aeinshia coming behind him. He knew the young princess found these meetings boring, though, she liked them when she was little. Alexander quickly changed his expression and composed himself. After all, there was no harm in letting her in, he thought. Aeinshia took a seat beside her brother and they were at a good distance from the throne seat, giving them a full view of the officials on the table. Their father was seated with the main officials of royal court seeing he was one of the most trusted advisor of the Emperor.

When Emperor Alexander scanned the room for every important that should be present, he cleared his throat to grab attention of all the members present in the meeting room. Everyone focused on the Emperor. He smiled softly and turned his head towards his eldest son and future Emperor of their empire. He turned towards the people with the smile never leaving his lips, he spoke "Everyone, my son, Prince Evan has completed his learning. He is more than capable to handle this kingdom and bring it the new heights. Tomorrow, Prince Evan will be proudly announced as the heir of Seazle empire in front of the entire kingdom. So, meet your future Emperor, Evan Seazle." Alexander completed with a hand placed softly on the shoulder blade of the prince and satisfaction and pride filling his eyes. Everyone stood up and applauded for the prince. But, one person was beyond happy. Aeinshia's smile could be seen from outer space. She was so happy. Now, she understood the reason for this meeting. It was announcement of the next Emperor among the councils. She sighed in relief and happiness.

The applause subsided and the talk began with the introductions of the main guests who came from other kingdoms for the prince. The introductions went on and on, and then changed to their ties they had with surrounding kingdoms. The officials stated the present situation and talked about how can the empire further strengthen the relations for everyone's benefit. Everyone in the room listened intently on every piece of information and stated their opinions whenever needed. The Emperor and the prince quietly listened while considering all the odds of the situations given.

As the meeting proceeded, Aeinshia was caught off guard with the suggestion presented by one the officials. "Our dear Emperor, the relations with all of our surroundings kingdoms is going well. But, we never know how the situation will change. It is rumoured that the continent are to be conquered in the future. We need to strength our man power and make sure that the other ally kingdoms don't back down due the threats. Now that, our prince is going to take over and is currently learning from our great Emperor about directing our kingdom, we can easily make sure of it. Personal relationships are more stronger than anything in this world and no one would deny that. So, I suggest the princess of Carmondy empire, the largest after the great Seazle empire and one with strongest man and army power after us, as the future Empress of the kingdom. She is one intelligent and beautiful woman, and is eligible to be the future Empress of such great empire. I always will good and peace for our empire. I hope The Great Emperor, considers my suggestion." the official showed respect towards the Emperor and sat down after stating what is thought would be right. Everyone were surprised with the unexpected suggestion. They expected this to be proposed but, not this early and especially not in front of the prince himself. The prince pursed his lips into a thin line while, the Emperor didnt react to any of the things. The room went eerily silent and the official who proposed started to feel a little nervous. Everyone were processing different scenarios on how the two royals would react but, when the reaction came nobody expected that because it was not from the royals.

"Only fools will marry in the name of alliance" the harshness of the words were covered by the sweet and silky tone of Princess Aeinshia. Everyone were little surprised as this was coming from her. The Emperor raised an eyebrow questioningly while the prince was a bit surprised. Andrew Rutz was staring at her in disbelief and Felix had a similar expression. After all, no one spoke in the meetings without Emperor's permission.

"Then, would present any suggestions, young princess Aeinshia Rutz?" he emphasized her surname trying to show she is not a royal, who can speak in between the important meeting in that way. But, who would tell him that the two royal men treated her like royalty.

" I do.... un--- Emperor, can I?" Aeinshia was now facing the Emperor with pleading and glistening eyes, asking permission.

The Emperor nodded his head curtly but, inside curiosity was bubbling up onto what suggestion would be given by his beloved niece. Aeinshia took a deep breath before starting.

"I suggest trading is the best option. We find out what is the prior need in the kingdom and we provide them with that. In turn, we have a deal with with a time limit. Sure, personal relations are stronger but, need will make a person do anything."

She finished her talk and closed her eyes for a moment to regain her confidence. A small sound from outside the palace could be heard in that room.

This time the silence was cut by the Emperor.


(To be continued)

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