Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 38: Chapter 38. Escape


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Milan noticed the bewildered expression on the guard's face "What's wrong?" The ambassador asks, his eyebrows came together into a frown. The guard looked up and bowed his head "Nothing, my lord. I was.... a little startled. Thats it." he spoke out in a small voice, his head still bowed down in respect. Milan nodded his head, hesitantly. He decided to let it go. "It must really be nothing. He is a guard after all, why should I be bothered with him?" he thought and began walking, the guard closely walking behind him.

Felix cursed out that ambassador to the ends of the earth. He was sorting his papers in an order to show to the Emperor. Well, Alexander would certainly not understand anything that was written because, honestly, it was just a bunch scribbles. But, Felix had to keep it so, tat he doesn't forget anything and explains it in an order, without confusing himself and his uncle.

He was still speed walking in the hallways. Blame the distance between his house and Emperor's chambers. Finally, he got an idea how to tell everything, when he saw the prince entering the palace gates on his horse, in full speed. When Evan reached the grand staircase, he unmounted his horse and patted its neck and run up the stairs. Now, that he was coming closer to the doors, Felix could see his expression. His aura clearly was showing he was angry. Maybe even livid. The hard stomping of his legs, harsh breaths from his nose and eyes and his unstable and lightly red eyes, prove that he was angry.

Felix was not sure, if he ever saw Evan this angry. Well, he was not sure, he ever saw Evan angry. He knew not to interrupt him in this state. His aura was literally screaming danger and he is not a fool to approach in such state. Evan doesn't notice his presence and storms off in the direction Felix came from. Felix just stares at the back of Evan and wonders what has him all worked up. "He was going for the interrogation? Did something happen there?" his thoughts were interuppted by the sound of a horse neighing.

Felix faced the staircase again, to find Peter also unmounting his own horse. The young man looked concerned and agitated. Peter also ran up the stairs, eyes searching, seemingly for Evan. Peter was about to race in the same direction of the angered prince, when he noticed the presence of Felix. They respectfully bowed to each other and Peter manages a weak smile towards Felix. "Is something wrong?" Felix asks out, concerned.

Peter's expression turns to that of surprise to hesitation and then, a smile appears on his face. Felix tilted his head, more confusion etching in his mind. "The interrogation...." after a few moments of hesitation, Peter sighed silently "We may have found a potential suspect and Evan.... the prince is agitated that we weren't able to get it early." he told to the concerned elder in front of him.

Felix's eyes widened. "They found a potential suspect? Thats a news" he thought in his head. "Did you arrest them?" he inquired. "The guards went for her" Peter uttered. He was also going to tell something else, when a guard came racing up the staircase in their direction. The guard came up and bowed down to Felix first and then turned to Peter, repeating his action. He whispered something that Felix couldn't quite catch. He could read his lips but, the guard was back facing him. But, he caught onto Peter's expression. His eyes widened and immediately turned to a frown. After some thought, he nodded towards the guard and looked up in his direction. "Master Rutz, I'm called in for duty. See you around." Peter spoke out while bowing. Felix also returned the gesture and saw as the two men raced out to the entrance of the palace.

"Must be about the murderer" Felix thought about it. But, he still didnt understand the expression on Peter's face. He knew, that guy was chasing after his friend and concerned about him. If its about the suspect, what was there to get this agitated. He didnt understand the reason. But, then again, he didnt knew about the whole situation that happened. Somehow, Felix was concerned and worried for Evan. He sighed out and looked down in his hands. He gasped when he saw the papers in his hands. He totally forgot about the mission he was going for. He decided to ask Peter about the situation later or else, he can probably hear when they have meeting.

He dismissed all other thoughts and decided to focus on the matter before me. The most important key to this case. The code in the letter.


Outside the Palace:

"What do you mean you can't find her?" Peter found himself yelling at the guard, who accompanied him. "The guards went to get her but, there was no trace of her." the guard panted out and this had Peter scoffing and growling.

The guards dispatched to the maid's house to find her neighbor, reported that the house was gone without a trace. The house was taken down. No life was seen. Peter knew he was done for. When Evan finds about this, he will go paranoid. This situation is slowly getting out of hand now. He needs to think fast and catch the culprit.

He speeds his horse to the west side of the palace, where the most of maids lived. "Get her face and alert everyone in the empire. Find her at any cost." he barked out at the guard, who is his most trusted one at the Palace.


At the Emperor's chambers:

"Your highness, Mr. Felix Rutz, wishes to meet you." One guard entered the Emperors chambers to announce the arrival of Felix. Felix stood outside, impatiently tapping his foot on the ground and thinking what's taking the guard to just ask for the permission. He was sure, his uncle would always allow his and sister's entrance at any point of time. Thats how much Alexander loves his nephew and niece.

Just then, he saw a guard casually coming out from the door. He bowed "The Emperor allows." Felix scoffs at his carelessness and practically runs in. Honestly, no one seem to take about the seriousness of the situation.

As soon as he entered, he saw his uncle at the window, staring out into the blue sky. He stopped there to observe what Alexander was up to. "What's the matter?" Alexander inquired as he turned towards his only nephew. He raised an eyebrow at his disheveled appearance and the papers in his hand. Alexander locks his hands behind his back and stares at the bundle of the papers.

When he looks up to Felix's face, the younger had a grin on his face. "Is it about the code?" he asks suggestively. Felix immediately showed his bright smile. Alexander always adored the curiosity of Felix. It reminded Alexander of himself and he wanted to help the younger in all ways. As a child, Felix used to solve many many puzzles and codes given by his uncle. Alexander always seemed to something for his little nephew to accelerate his intelligence and curiosity.

To say, he was expecting Felix to come to his chambers anytime. He himself was trying to find something about it and knew Felix was going to be obsessed with it. And he was sure, he wouldn't be able to figure out and come for help. Well, here he was now.

"I have something to tell you." Felix raised the papers and showed him. It was Alexander's turn to grin now. "What are you waiting for?" Alexander asked with raised eyebrows and motioned towards his work desk. Felix put down all his papers and stared at his uncle and spoke out, determined,

"Let's get it."

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