Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 37: Chapter 37. Self reflection


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The living room of the Marques house was filled with people. As soon as, Evan along with Peter on his side entered the room all the people bowed to them. The duo repeated the gesture towards them. Evan closely observed all their facial expressions. He was sure, he will definitely find something today.

They decided to split the interrogation. Evan and Peter would be questioning the maids while the guard will be interrogating the relatives about their missing family. There were about four maids, who make all their meals along with taking care of the house.

Evan stood in front the maids with a neutral expression, practically boring into their souls. The maids were all frozen up in their places by Evan's intimidating look. They didnt know why the prince of Seazle himself was going to interrogate them. They were just simply silently praying for their life and their families.

Peter was beside Evan, also observing the maids. Evan always kept Peter beside him because, he was great reading the atmosphere. He can easily catch the expressions and body language of the people. Evan slightest changes in their body don't go unnoticed by Peter. His sight was fast and sharp. This helped him a whole lot with catching the criminals or analyzing their characters.

"Who cooked the meals on that day for Mr. Cullen" Evan spoke out in deep voice, which shook the terrified maids before him even more. For a while, they didnt speak anything and this was slowly annoying Evan. He maybe patient whenever needed but, he was seriously impatient. Peter sensed his friend's discomfort and decided to step in. "Nothing to be afraid of, please speak." He explained, which seem to be a bit comforting. A maid looked up "W-we all cook the me-meals together." she stuttered out with great effort.

"Who served it?" Evan let out, a bit annoyed by the delay in answers. It was calm again but, this time the maids were all looking at each other. Evan raised an eyebrow and looked towards Peter, who also glanced to him. "S-s-she isn't here." another maid, who was the shortest of all of them, managed out. Both men scrunched up their eyebrows. Evan then turned to Peter and voiced out "Didnt they get all the maids?" Annoyance was more clearly evident in his voice now. "These are all who work here. No other." Peter replied, his eyebrows coming together even more at the realization and confusion.

Before Peter went to ask the guard who fetched all these, one of the maids spoke out "That day, I was out of work and one of my friends replaced me." Both the men had wide eyes at this and Evan almost immediately barked out "Who is she?" The maid jumped back at such a harsh tone and looked horrified. Evan got more agitated when he didnt get any answer. Peter butted in and tried to calm his friend down. "You better start speaking." Peter looked at the maid and let out the words which were as cold as ice.

The maid whimpered and tried her best to speak properly. "I was s-s-sick that dday. S-so, I asked her to f-fill in for me." She was shaking badly by the two angered males in front of her. All the maids before them, were huddled together as if they were going to be pounced upon. "Who is she" Peter let out calmly. "She is my neighbor" the maid cried out, now full on wailing, worried for her life and family.

"Guards!" Evan shouted startling everyone in the room. Soon, the guards came tumbling down from the door and bowed in front of rhe prince. "Find her neighbor. I want her as soon as possible!" He ordered out and the guards scrambled towards the maid, who was wailing. Evan walked out of the house onto the backyard, followed by Peter, who gave the guards some orders.

"You think its her?" Evan spoke out after some moments of silence. He needed a breather. He didnt know but, the information got him worked up. Its been a while, since, the incident and of she is the one, she might have been escaped. This means their incompetence towards the case. He suddenly started regretting going with Aeinshia. Instead of investivating, he was spending time his alone time and maybe the possible murderer escaped in meantime.

Now, don't get him wrong. He certainly enjoyed his time with Aeinshia. Its just that, he could have done that the next day or after some days but, he went on the flow and emotions and acted out of way. He could have gone after the investigation or completion of the case. Sure, he loved Aeinshia but, that was not the excuse for him to ignore his work. He is the prince and with that title, his first responsibility is his kingdom and safety of his people, rather than his own feelings and emotions.

He blamed himself for all this. He was never like this. Even though, he had a love interest, he never ignored his work, then why did he do it now? He had the updates on the case but, he still had a lot to do and he ignored them. This was pissing him off to no extent. It was like a stab to his heart. To his pride.

Peter saw how Evan was shaking with anger. He clearly knew what was going in his mind. He knew this would happen, thats why he went in between their sweet moment. He wanted his friend to have alone time with his love but, if situation like this arises, Evan won't be able to handle himself, he knew it. That was the reason, he went in between them, to remind him about it. And now, that the situation he most happened, he was afraid what his friend was going to do. The consequences won't be pretty now.

Peter tried talking to him once more but, Evan stormed out in the house. Not having any option, Peter followed him outside and saw he already untied Stella. Without waiting for Peter, Evan mounted and left towards the Palace. Peter quickly scrambles onto his own horse and chased after his upset friend.

He just hoped, his friend doesn't do what he was thinking. He just hoped, he won't make any mistake, that would only hurt him gravely in the future.


At the palace:

Felix was speed walking in the hallway. With a huge bunch of papers in his hands, eyebrows scrunched up, eyes focusing on the papers and hands sorting them out. His assumption seemed to be write but, he didnt know how it all worked. It was very jumbled up. He made sure, he made a mental note that he would applaud the creator of this. Damn, the person was very talented with the letters and numbers.

The only one who could currently help him was his uncle. So, he was racing towards the Emperor's chambers to talk to him about this. He was sure, with the help of his uncle he could do this.

He was busy analyzing and finding a way to explain all of this to Alexander when he fell by hitting something strong. Resulting in flying of all his papers. He quickly looked up to the person, very much annoyed by this.

The person who hit was the ambassador, Milan Cyrus, who grunted from the fall. Felix was now pissed, when he saw all his research scattered on the ground. He quickly stood up, apologizing "I'm sorry Mr.Cyrus." he bowed and started picking up his papers.

Milan's eyes widened and he also stood up and apologized. "Help him" he orders his guard, who started to help Felix pick the papers up. Felix quickly collected, bowed to the man and left for the Emperor's chambers.

Milan looked at the running boy and turned towards his guard, who had wide eyes and was a little pale in face.

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