Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 34: Chapter 34. The throne room.


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Evan was lazily strolling the palace halls. His head was a mess. He didnt understand this case. It was so simple case on the outside but, its not as simple as it look. And then, there was this mysterious note. It was a whole headache on itself. Moreover, there was this nagging feeling in his heart. It was like a constant pulling, whenever he was thinking about the leads.

He was walking aimlessly and saw someone approach him, through his peripheral vision. His senses alert and he turns his head to face the person. Evan immediately relaxed, he saw it was a guard. But, immediately frowned when he saw it was one of his father's guards. He realized the Emperor might be calling for him.

"Prince Evan, his highness, the Emperor, is summoning for your presence in the throne room." The guard bowed down in respect. He stood up and, his head and eyes still lowered. Evan nodded his head and turned around. The guard again bowed down, even though, the prince could not see. The guard scurried off. Evan trailed his eyes on the now, bright sky.

His eyes lit up, when an I mag of Aeinshia popped up in his head. But, immediately pouted a bit when he suddenly wanted to see her. "Evan, man, come on. What's wring with you?" He pulled himself together and decided work would be only thing that would keep Aeinshia out of his head.

He stepped in to the grand throne room of the Palace. It was grand and held all the grandeur of the Seazles from the beginning of the construction of it. Many Seazles Emperors, seated here with their subjects to make what their empire is now. It was big, red in color, showing their passion and will to do anything for their empire. The big throne, on which the Emperor seated, is directly across the doors of it. The throne was big, literally made of gold and red precious stones, only found in Seazle empire's oceans. The court officials and the guests' seats were placed on either sides the throne in a line.

Beside the throne, there were two lions. One was seated, which was a little near to the right of the throne, so that, the Emperor can put a hand on its head. It showed the submission of the people and the officials towards the Emperor of the empire. Other lion on the left of the throne showed a roaring face. It was as the symbol for the anger and passion of the people, who protect their empire contain. It showed what the Seazle empire was capable of.

The hard walls, which were painted red with the pillars being a dark brown, possessed all the achievements and the memories of past Emperors. If one needs to know about the Seazles, they should step into the throne room. Most people's knees become the moment the into the room. It held such power, grandeur and intimidation.

The Empress' seat was a bit below the main throne of Emperor, but, still high above the officials. It was placed towards the left of the main throne. Empress' throne was Al's made out of gold, with the same red stones with white stones as well. The pretty little white stones, which are almost invisible, shine brightly when the sunlight enters from the large window in the ceiling. The Empress is considered the shine of the Empire. She represents the people along with the Emperor. Not only being the strength to the Emperor but, also to tbe people of the empire. The shining throne symbolizes her shining heart, which was ready to do anything for the empire. The force red stones indicated the Empress' fierceness when, the situation comes to defending herself and her people.

To the right of the throne, the heir, future Emperor of the Seazle empire seat was placed. It was a little bit lower than the Empress' seat. It was also decorated with red stones. Mimicking the main throne. It was mimicking because, it is expected for the future heir to follow their preccesor and emit the same granduer and determination.

As soon as, Evan entered he saw his father, seated on the main throne. He had his expression set on neutral. The Emperor never showed his true emotions for the sake of justice. Evan's eyes immediately went to the Empress' seat. Which was empty currently and would not be filled till his father was seated on the throne. His heart writhed a little. Whenever, he saw the seat, he would remember his mother. She looked so beautiful seated there. He clearly remembered her smiling face, when she sat in that seat, which shined even more, because of her sweet and selfless smile. Probably, that was the reason, his father gave that seat to any of his other queens. Nobody could replace that place beside his father.

When, Evan would become the Emperor and get married, then only the Empress' seat would be filled. Immediately, an image of Aeinshia seated in that seat with all her glory and shine and smiling at him, made his lips twitch in happiness. He was already betrothed to Aeinshia, thanks to his father. And it was no doubt, she would become the Empress. She will become from being his princess to his Empress. His one and only Empress.

His lips tried to curl up into a smile but, he had to maintain his posture as the prince. He was announced as the future Emperor so, he had an image and reputation to maintain. What would people think, when he walked into the throne with a grin, resembling a fool. "I'm a fool for Aeinshia though. Ugh.... Stop this Evan! You cant be thinking this right now. Focus!" He maintained his expression, which is his infamous, expressionless face.

As he walked to his seat, which is heir throne, the court official bowed down to him. He stood in front of the Emperor and bowed low. Alexander nodded in acknowledgment and kept a straight face. As soon as, Evan reached his seat, he turned around and bowed his head. Showing respect, to all the elders present below him.

Everyone settled down. Evan's scanned throughout the room and he saw Peter with a troubled expression. He knew what was he thinking. They were like platonic soulmates and their mindsets literally matched. So, automatic ally, whatever is bothering him would be bothering him. Peter lofted his head and they both made eye contact. Peter nodded towards him, signalling the task given to him by Evan was completed. They just silently hoped, what they hopefully be true. They were yet, to investigate the people at the official's house.

The Emperor cleared his throat, demanding their attention and everyone were now fully alerted. "What's the progress of the case?" He inquired while eyeing Peter. He immediately stood up and bowed his head. "Your highness, it is a murder. The royal physician confirmed about the supposed location of the doubted herbs. The confirmation will be soon given. We have dispatched some guards and alerted our informers for the suspicious activities in the suspected parts. Also the borders and the insides of the empire are being on high alert, if the murderer is still in the empire." Peter reported every detail and took a deep breath at the end.

Alexander pondered on it and decided, without solid evidence or confirmation they couldn't do anything. He just nodded and again turned towards everyone. "Any words on the trading?"

The ambassador of the empire was jolted back into the reality. He scrambled onto his feet and quickly bowed down to the Emperor. Everyone stayed quiet while the Emperor raised an eyebrow while pursing his lips into hard line. The ambassador gulped thickly and bowed his head.

While his head still bowed, he sent a side glance towards his guard, who was standing exactly behind him. He looked up and started his talk to the court. Completely unaware of the little smirk on the guard's face.

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