Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 31: Chapter 31.My miss was the pretties


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"Aeinshia Evan", she spoke out the words as she caressed the bench. Reading their names together made her feel blissful.

She thought, as the whole plum garden got renovated, Evan might have got rid of everything and replaced with new items. But she was wrong, he still kept this bench.

She is the one who engraved Evan on the bench, however she didn't know who wrote her name, Aeinshia's name on top of Evan's name.

She forgot he already took his leave. As she turned around to find him realization hit her, she felt a tinge of disappointment, she really wanted to know who wrote her name with his. In heart, she wished it was him who carved it.

Spending time with Evan already raised her spirits high enough. Now after hearing his flirty dialogues and seeing their names inscribed together made her feel happy beyond any boundaries.

She sat there alone, however her heart didn't felt lonely. That's when she understood, 'loneliness is also a bliss sometimes'.

She hung her head on top of the bench, closed her eyes and took a deep breath as though trying to absorb the energy of her surroundings. She liked this new life alot. Eventhing felt blissful and everyone changed.

After what felt like hours, she realized it's time to go home as her stomach started to grumble.


She patted her stomach trying to console it, "I will feed you my little tummy. Let's go back ASAP!! " she got up from her seat and made exit.

Soon she took her carriage back to her house, but didn't forget to grab a fruit from the Royal kitchen on her way.

At Rutz Mansion:

As she entered the main gate, everyone stopped their works as they couldn't stop shifting their eyes on her. Their young mistress looked so beautiful and dazzling. They couldn't help but just look at her.

Under everyone's gaze she entered her room, found Shirley changing her bedsheets.

Shirley turned her head to see who entered the chambers of her princess, "Princess, do you want to take a nap. Just wait for a minute. I will quickly change the sheets", she immediately rushed to complete her errands, thinking Aeinshia might want to take a nap.

Aeinshia went near Shirley and held her hands, " There's no rush Shirley, lets have.... ", her voice stopped as her stomach gave response in her stead.


Following it Aeinshia's face stiffened in embarrassment. It is Shirley, even though she still felt it is quite embarrassing for her stomach to rumble in front of others.

Shirley tried to control her stifle when she saw pale face of Aeinshia.

" I will go and prepare your lunch." She went to the kitchen and ordered the maids to serve lunch.

Instantly the whole dining table was filled with delicious food, Aeinshia's mouth started to water at the sight of her favorite menu. Most of the dishes on the table were her favorite dishes. She couldn't stop but grin in triumph. Shirley immediately added few dishes on her plate, Aeinshia started to pig out her food.

As she took her first bite, she realized Shirley might have not ate yet. From the corner of her eyes, she saw Shirley still adding dishes on her plate.

"It's ok Shirley. Join me and eat. I can serve myself", she said as she chewed her food.

" That can't do princess, how can a servant and master can sit on the same seat", she refused Aeinshia's offer almost right away, but felt happy to see her master to care for her.

"I must have done something good in my past life to be your maid servant in this life time", Shirley muttered in her heart. She really like her master and she felt she was treated like a sister by Aeinshia more than like a servant. Not only her, the whole Rutz family treated her good. Probably, it's because she took nice care of Aeinshia and never left Aeinshia's side anytime for them to treat her with much generosity.

"It's already past noon. Just sit and eat. However, father and brother aren't here," her voice came like an order, following it, " Don't make me repeat thrice, "she glared back at Shirley.

Unable to deny her masters orders, Shirley finally ate together with Aeinshia.

" I thought you will have lunch in the palace, " Shirley spoke. Usually, whenever Aeinshia left to palace she ate at the palace. But this time, she came back home and that too past lunch time.

"It will be too boring to eat all by myself", she curtly replied as her whole concentration was on the food in front of her eyes. She truly felt so hungry. Its like rats are having a running race in her stomach. If she know this happens earlier, she would have came back earlier to eat or atleast would have accompanied her uncle while eating.

But the lunch hour has passed a long ago. If they knew she didn't eat in time they might again start nagging and might reprimand again which might ruin her happy mood. That's the reason why she didn't have her fill in the Royal Palace.

Shirley understood why she came back to the mansion to have lunch, "It's not good for your health miss. You shouldn't be harsh on your tummy and need to eat in time....", Shirley went on and on trying to explain Aeinshia, while Aeinshia simply nodded in response.

" It's feels so good", Aeinshia said after satisfying her tummy to its fullest. She ate more than ever she had not realizing it, as she was in a very happy mood.

She then gladly turned into her room to change into simple robes. She called another maid to assist her to change the dress not wanting to disturb Shirley's meal time.

As she laid down on her bed, she saw Shirley enter her room.

"Miss, where did you get that dress from", the statement came in a questioning manner. Following it, Shirley raised her eye brows suspiciously.

Actually, Shirley wanted to ask this question as she first saw Aeinshia, however it is her duty to first take care of her master. So she first served Aeinshia food and now began to question her.

"When I went to the Marquis mansion... It happened that he bought it as a gift for me and I changed into it as my dress was torn", Aeinshia explained the whole story to Shirley not missing any minute detail to her.

" Ho...the prince gave it. It was so beautiful on you my lady", she exclaimed as she took the dress, which was laid on the table and neatly, safely kept it inside the wardrobe as if it was a precious treasure. Of course it was a treasure as it got embedded with diamonds, stones and pearls.

"What?? Only the dress was pretty? ", Aeinshia spoke showing she was sad for not praising her beauty and instead complimented only the dress.

"Of course my miss was the prettiest among all. Who can even compare to you in beauty my lady. Nothing can be compared", Shirley told in an assertive tone as she confirmed no one can beat Aeinshia in terms of beauty.

Shirley was so happy when she heard the prince gifted it to Aeinshia. A slight blush also crept on her cheeks. The whole thing was obvious, and Aeinshia was aware what was going in Shirley's mind.

Aeinshia hoped on to the ground from the bed, approached Shirley, "what is it that making you so happy Shirley", Aeinshia asked in a playful manner.

Shirley instantly answered," Obviously I was happy for my princess being treated well by her future husband and the second thing is... ", she took a pause before continuing, " Who will get the chance to serve as a main maid servant to the future empress of the Seazle empire", she smiled brightly as she spoke.

Aeinshia too felt happy seeing her happy.


Both Aeinshia's and Shirley's bodies jerked when they heard the loud bang out of nowhere.

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