Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 27: Chapter 27. Garden of hardwork


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Aeinshia saw an array of trees with flowers bloomed. Colors seemed to be painted by an artistic expert in the beautiful garden. As they walked further, the servants number started to decrease and at one point except them, no other person can be seen near the vicinity.

As she walked further more, there came a white rose and white jasmine arbor.

A sweet, rich flowery fragrance of jasmines wafted in the air giving the impression that it was a garden of relaxation. And the color added the sense of calmness and elegancy to the place. It was seeming surreal, beautiful, angelic. In short, it was a small white heaven.

Next to the arbor stood a wooden plank, showing a direction which was pointed inside the arbor.

That's when Aeinshia understood there was more to this garden. Her expectations hyped wondering at the thought of what was there inside. The entrance itself was so grand and she couldn't contain her anxiousness.

'NAHIA GARDENS', was the name written on the plank with bold letters.

She didn't understand what 'Nahia' meant. There must be a reason for him to name the garden as Nahia right? Her curiosity needs to be calmed so, she decided to satisfy it.

She turned to face him, ''Evan, what does Nahia mean? ", she asked him, clearly showing her interest to know what is the meaning of it.

Evan got excited and was ready to explain how he got the name.

" It's very simple. Nahia means.... ", his voice trailed off as he felt Aeinshia's curious stare on him.

'This is not the right time yet, take it slow Evan', he spoke mentally in his brain and composed himself.

Clearing his voice, before speaking, " Nahia means wish". 'A wish that we would be together. Forever as each other's.' He completed his spoken sentence, mentally.

The truth untold was, NA was taken from EVAN and HIA was taken from AEINSHIA. He had racked his brain to decide in a name which has a good meaning and at the same time mixed their names. Not to be suspicious, he flipped the last letters of the name. Of course, no one in this world, nor outside the world, would ever come up with such name. But, still, he didnt wanted anyone to guess the name. He praised himself for coming up stih the idea for, almost, a week.

Evan nudged her, indicating her to move forward who opened her mouth seeing the huge entrance. He chuckled lightly seeing her look of 'aww'.

The path was a wide lane which had a rectangular division of wide range of trees on either sides of the lane.

The left side was totally filled with arrays of cherry trees while the right side was got filled with plum trees.

The plums and cherries were in full blossom indicating the arrival of spring. While the plum blossoms gave a "delightful" strong flowery fragrance on contrary the cherry blossoms gave a more subdued aroma. They were contradicting but, blending awesomely well with each other. Just like the people walking among the trees.

The air carried these delicate petals and landed them on the ground when a gust of wind flowed. The whole way was decorated with petals of cherries and plums which was a splendid view one could ever see. The whole scene seemed surreal.

The plums blossoms were all in deep pink, the cherry blossoms were in light pink and her beautiful shimmering ocean blue dress, all came like a whole set of a fairy land. It seemed the flowers were welcoming Aeinshia , who was walking in her full glory.

Aeinshia closed her eyes to enjoy the light fragrance emitted from cherry blossoms. Cherry blossoms were her favorite. And plums were her favorite to eat.

Evan knew about it, so he planned to prepare a garden combining both cherry and plum trees together for her.

He can't bring her out so often, so he decided to bring what she wants to her feet. That's when he came up with an idea to renovate the empress garden. He had planned it for two whole years and worked on it. The results of the hardwork ars truly sweet.

Evan would often imagine, how would it be seeing Aeinshia walk through the garden, he made. He surely didnt expect the final result. She was happy. Smiling, a genuine one at that, from ear to ear. Her blue oceanic eyes, shining and trying to bask in all the beauty and calmness of the garden into them.

"Did you like it?".He knows the answer very well to that question. But he wants to hear the answer from her mouth.

"I heard the first prince of Seazle empire was so clever. Wouldn't he understand if I like it or not just by looking at my face?". Here she goes, not answering him directly. She sure likes to tease him a lot.

However, Evan doesn't want to hear her off the hook, " Of course I understand my princess, but don't you think, it would be way better if you say it directly. You need to appreciate my hard work", he looked at her with puppy eyes, like a pet waiting for its master to appreciate it.

He looked so adorable wanting her to tease him more. "It's not like you were the one who planted them, watered them, invested your time on them right? ", she told coolly.

He was taken aback when he heard her, but he won't go back without taking his gift.

"That's not fair. I invested my brain to come and think of it. Do you know how hard it was to think about all these?"

He got a point there..... She never saw such a beautiful garden of plums and cherries together. Aeinshia didn't find any words to rebuke further and finally wanted to give in. At the final moment, before she could say anything, "of course, there's still more I have to show you, so... ", he gave a pause before continuing, " Shall we move?''.

He took her further and soon came an artifical garden lake.

The water garden was filled with distinct water flowers and with colorful fishes like koi fish, sunfish and many other small fishes which decorated the pond in a wonderful way. The small fishes were colorful and moving skillfully under their natural habitat.

There was a semi circular bridge to pass the lake. He took her to the bridge and halted at centre of the bridge giving her a whole view of the garden.

Words cant describe the scene Aeinshia was seeing.

The whole garden was divided into three parts. The first part, filled with ornamented trees of cherry and plum blossoms. The second part, a water garden and the latter was the flower garden with wonderful variety range of different coloured flowers. The whole place gave a blissful feel of romanticism, proving the idiom love is in the air.

All in all this was a place which any couple could imagine to be and want to stay. "This is fantastic", she finally uttered, her voice a mixture of awe ad admiration, as her eyes roamed all around the garden.

It was as if they totally teleported to another world from the Seazle empire.

''This is my birthday gift for you", he exclaimed unknowingly seeing her happy. Truly, the fruits of hardwork are the sweetest. All the hardwork, he has undergone to make this garden was taken away, now, as he saw her in all smiles.

A crease formed between Aeinshia's brows. There's still a month more for her to celebrate her birthday.

"But isn't it next month", she told as a plain sentence, but that was a question he has to answer.

" Yes", he curtly replied and then continued, "But the cherry blossoms won't last till that day, so I gave you an early present", he spoke calmly while grinning cheerfully.

That was true. The cherry blossoms last only for three to four weeks and by the time when he gifts her, most of the branches would have no flowers left, which means she couldn't get to see this wonderful scene which she witnessed today.

'Looks like this brat really planned it well and long before. He does have a heart and brain.', the older Aeinshia muttered, but she felt very happy for him to put efforts for making a birthday gift for her.

Evan knows what's going on her brain which was clearly written on her face,"So, shouldn't you give me a return gift for my efforts..", he grinned cheekily as he came to the point. Aeinshia turned towards him and raised an eyebrow. Of course, he is a prince, he was not going to let go with a potential benefit for him. Her happiness was greatest return gift for him but, the heart wants what it wants.

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