Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 22: Chapter 22. Was the official plotting against the empire?


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At the Palace:

Totally eleven people practically rushed into the meeting room for the immediate meeting called by the Emperor. These men included the emperor himself,three generals,three dukes, the ambassador and three marquees along with their direct heirs of the families who came of age,meaning who were ready to take their family duty at any time.

The last members to enter the meeting were the Prince, Princess and prince's aide. Evan briskly walked inside the room and greeted everyone. Aeinshia and Peter followed his suit and finally settled down.

"You people went to the crime scene?", the Emperor questioned with a stern voice with a hint of little surprise in his voice. He certainly didn't expect Aeinshia to come rushing in alongside of his son. She was actively participating in almost every important events taking place in the palace.

And now the Emperor was not sure whether he has to feel happy or sad or get angry over this fact. On one hand, he was happy that she knew what was going on and taking responsibility as her position of a princess and the future empress. While on the other hand, the fact that she knew everything was the real bother. Aeinshia could become an easy target to their enemies which might even cost her life. He was afraid someone might harm her. All in all, Alexander has mixed reactions knowing about Aeinshia going deep into the palace matters.

This point was not only concerning the Emperor himself, but also the other people in the room. Andrew Rutz, he was concerned however, at some point he was proud of his only daughter. She was too much like her mother. She was like a reflection of her mother and he could never oppose any  decision of her and could only fulfill every wish of her. So he vowed to make sure to protect his daughter from any to every possible danger out there. He wanted her to be independent and be brave enough to tackle any situation that comes her way.He wants her to be strong enough to protect herself in dire situations.

Felix, her brother had a same reaction. But, his feelings of slight anger were diverted towards  prince Evan instead of Aeinshia. He practically saw her involving in these matters was a potential danger to her and the only person he could see encouraging this was Prince Evan despite the fact that, Aeinshia, his little sister can be very insistive when she thinks it is a right thing or what she is doing is right.

He concluded Aeinshia as an innocent and the main culprit was prince Evan because, in his eyes, Evan could have stopped her from visiting the crime scene instead of letting her tag along with him.

It's not that Felix doesn't  want to encourage her Or not to let her take responsibilities of her position but, he  wants to keep her safe. He wanted his sister to be in a safe haven.

The officials really didn't know how to react about the fact. But, they certainly didn't mind the princess. She was present to the meetings even when she was a little kid playing on her's uncle lap however, this was a different kind of involvement. Still, they didn't see any possible threat coming from her. But, they were kinda wondering about the attitude of the princess. She was never interested in these type of matters so, why so suddenly? They figured out prince Evan let her into this so, they really cant question it. Thus, they decided to stay silent on this matter.

With individual thoughts going on in each others minds, the meeting room was finally settled down. It was round table having 15 seats. Peter, saw an empty seat beside the third general and immediately slipped into it. While, Evan being the Emperor's son sat beside his own father, the Emperor. Aeinshia didn't know where to sit since the only place left was Samuel Cullen's and anyone didn't took a seat next to the emperor. So she sat in this vacant seat which was next to the emperor, from his left side.

As she sat down, she caught the expression of her father. He looked proud but, a little bit concerned. She smiled seeing that. She didn't expect that kind of reaction coming from her father, honestly she didn't expect any kind of reaction. At last, she figured out her father was really not what he showed so,he changed and getting close to her as he was opening up his feelings for her, she decided to enjoy this new side of him that she successfully unlocked with a hug, on the day she woke up.

"Yes, Your Majesty. We went to the crime scene and got all the possible information and evidences we could." Peter spoke first reporting his duty.

The Emperor nodded and turned towards the young prince. He clearly observed all the three person's troubled expression when they all entered the room. And he knew there was more to the matter. Evan felt his father's piercing gaze on his. He knew the Emperor wanted any explanation along with his thoughts on the findings.

"Its clearly a murder. Someone poisoned Mister Samuel Cullen. Killed one of the guards that came in the way. And escaped." he stoically reported the initial things first. Now everyone were probably drawing their own conclusions on the situation.

Evan waited patiently for all of their attention, which took almost couple of minutes. "We found something." He glanced up to Aeinshia first and then to Peter, making sure that everyone saw his movements. He slowly pulled out the carefully folded piece of paper they found at the official's house. Everyone saw the little crumpled paper.

"What's this?" the Emperor inquired for everyone altogether.

"This is a letter. This was found in the study. In a secret drawer like thing.", replied Evan.

Everyone were practically thinking about the same point so, the Prince took the liberty to voice it out and also clear it. "Its not from the Palace. Though its written as similar to the Palace writers, its not from here." Evan clarified and everyone started thinking other same point again.

But, this time the question was asked by one of the generals, Charles, the third troops general. "Was the official plotting against the Empire?"

"We don't have a clear idea about that though, the crime seemed not to be done by our kingdom people." The prince clarified. And everyone tried to sink this fact in.

"But, what language exactly is this?" One of the main officials, Duke Barack Everett, asked while staring curiously at the letter.

"No leads in that too. It seems like a code language. Carefully encrypted.And we could only find this piece of a paper in the whole mansion of the Marquess Samuel Cullen ",Peter spoke out nonchalantly.

"These must be the orders given and this is the only evidence which probably means it must have hot slipped either of murderer hands or from Marquess Samuel Cullen." The Emperor concluded and everyone nodded as an acknowledgement.

All the while the ambassador didn't let out a word as if he was deeply contemplating on something.

But, the big question in the hand was, what the letter exactly said. This was the biggest key to whatever was going on in their surroundings. Everyone had a bad feeling about it and mentally planning the strategies to protect their empire.

On the other side.....

Somewhere deep in the forest:

"Your highness." A woman bowed down low to her leader.

"Well done." The leader walked up to her and took the bag from her hands and took out the letters.

She thoroughly checked through them, making sure everything was there. Once she was satisfied, she slowly smirked seeing the black wings mark on the top of the letter. Their insignia.

"Let's step up", she announced and went back into the shadows along with the woman.

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