Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 2: chapter- 2. A Chance to reborn 1


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Two days prior the execution of princess Aeinshia....

"No. Absolutely not. My princess Aeinshia would never do that." the young Prince of the Seazle empire, Evan Seazle,growled towards his most dedicated guard and friend.

"Your highness, the evidences are all clear and the princess didnt give out her words", the guard replied. Even he believed princess Aeinshia would never commit such grave a mistake but, all the evidences are pointed at her. There's no way she could escape the trap she fell in.

Evan started to behave like a crazy dog throwing everything which came handy while yelling at others after listening his guards words. At this moment he wants to flip the whole world upside down.

'There is no way Aeinshia would have done that. She loved The Late Emperor, my father more than anyone as he loved her. She was never like this. All she knew was to love everyone around her and be loved.She was the most innocent person of all I know,her heart was the purest.In this capricious palace who doesn't know when one can get killed if they were off guard, she was like a cool gentle breeze that brushed me. Her warm heart to love the one's around her made me feel I can, atleast for once live peacefully keeping her along my side.... ', he kept on telling everyone about her personality and his feelings for her for the first time in his life.

Prince Evan was famous for being indifferent. He never showed his true feelings about anyone and now, at this moment, he is opening his heart to them. It left the other two to leave their mouth in gasp. They know Prince Evan liked her, but never did they have guessed that the his love for her was to the point that her death could make him this miserable.

Soon his temper became stable and a smile crept on his face. But that smile didn't last long thinking about the dead end in front of him. Till today, there was no progress in his investigation.

He wants to protect her but, he can't. His heart is screaming at him that , 'she didn't kill his father', yet he is there. Standing still only to watch how his love is going to die.

Till today he never got a wink of sleep and searched for all the evidences to find the real culprit. But all his works resulted in vain. Everything that can be considered as an evidence was pointing only at one person, 'Princess Aeinshia'.

He don't want to believe anything, nor the evidences or other peoples words. He only wants to believe her, trust her just like how he did these past twenty years.

He regretted for not being in the castle when his uncle and brother-in-law were executed.Everything happened in the blink of an eye as though all was well planned before.

He left the palace on the search of evidences while his uncle was caught red-handedly.Someone sent him a letter wanting to meet him. The letter told that the unknown person was afraid of getting caught so asked the prince to come city vyle. But that anonymous person never turned up . Still not losing hope prince Evan stayed in city vyle wishing that anonymous person might contact again. So he continued to stay for one more day.

Next day he got a word about his uncle and rushed back to capital to save his family. But that was another futile attempt of the prince. When he reached back , the capital was almost secluded. Not a single person can be found on the lanes.

He immediately went to the execution grounds only to see the heart broken Aeinshia. She was crying her heart out. He wanted to tell her he was there, beside her and will be with her forever. But somehow he couldn't bring these words out.

'After-all, After all these years she is in love with someone else. So for her my love doesn't make any change',he thought and silently listened her ear piercing cries.

'"Only if they were still alive, then my Aeinshia wouldn't have chosen to give up on her life. She would have requested a trail", he sighed knowing that would not make any changes except that she could live few more days on the name of trail.

How he hoped to break into the jail and free her. He want to escape this world with her. He thought he could leave this emperor position, Seazle kingdom, the people behind and live with her. But reality hits too hard. After all these years, he can't abandon the kingdom, he can't betray his father by not keeping his promise.

He walked towards the window of his room trying to think of a way to save his love. The cool breeze of the early morning blew threw his locks and robes. The wind had a fresh scent to it indicating the spring.Yes, the spring was about to come but there will be no more spring in his life anymore. He smiled at a memory when he thought about spring.


On a very similar spring morning, the person he came to love more than anyone, Princess Aeinshia was born. He remembered the first time he saw her. Big almond shaped honey eyes, rosy chubby cheeks and small pink lips. My father, The Emperor, gave her the name Aeinshia as per the wish of her late mother.

Then on, she was like a breath for my father, a reason to smile and laugh. My mother, The Empress, never differentiated her. We both were raised by my mother with equal motherly affection. I remember the time when my princess cried her heart out for taking away another mother away from her, when my mother went to afterlife. Everyone blamed her for cause of deaths and I was there to protect my princess.

As the years passed, youth blossomed and I was sent away from the royal palace to be trained as next Emperor of Seazle kingdom. When I went out, I realized that I loved Aeinshia and no other can become my Empress for my kingdom . I thought she is the only person who has the right to marry me.

I began writing letters for her but never sent them to her wishing to show her how much I missed her when she is not by my side after we got married.

While my adolescence brought conformation of my feelings , her youth brought confusion making me worried whether she reciprocates my love or not.But I was wrong, I was over the whole universe when she agreed to our marriage. She was going to be my Empress, and my father passed the decree which she accepted. I would do anything for her if that happiness would stay in her eyes and face. I would change any words for her.

But my words were all empty. Fate proved again it can change anything and everything.

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