Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 19: Chapter 19. Did you miss me?


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Young Evan's butt landed on Aeinshia's lap as a result of sudden threshold.

Aeinshia was in utter shock, no words came out of her mouth, she could only wide her eyes in bewilderment as Evan crashed on her lap.

Evan too shocked but, as he thought, he wanted to take this situation into his advantage and sit on her soft and delicate thighs for some more time.

It didn't feel any wrong for him since she will however become his wife. His heart was brimming with happiness.She was literally nothing but bones even though, she was soft like a cushion to sit on, her thighs were so thin.

Noticing it, he muttered in his heart, I should make her gain some fat under this skin of her before marriage, After getting her ready, I can spill my beans and make our babies.

At the thought of having babies with her made him smile deviously.

If he stayed anymore on her she herself might push him away, thinking that possibility he immediately scrambled to his feet and sat beside her. He even decided to reward the driver for his good deed.

Clearing his throat, "Are you alright? ", he asked out of concern as it might have been hard on her to feel his whole weight at once.

" I... I'm fine", she stuttered still feeling awkward to speak with him after what happened.

She might not know the changes her body was undergoing, but Evan didn't miss to notice them.

Her snow White skin turned red as if blood was coming out while her heart was thumping at an alarm speed and ger ears turned red.

Looking at her reaction for him, Evan felt satisfied. It is a sign that he took this relationship a little forward and she was also yielding in this ship. His mood got even more better seeing her reaction.

While one was happy thinking about future the other party was self complaining.

'Ah... Aeinshia. what have you done? why can't you speak normally in front him. Now see, it became even more awkward. What will he be thinking about you? '.

Trying to end the eerily silence that consumed the carriage she thought what she should speak to him. Hearing the chatter of Peter with the coachman, "Evan, why didn't Peter join us? ", she asked innocently with her soothing voice. It felt so sweet.It made him want to hear that voice of her even more.

Prince Evan smiled when he heard her speak informally with him while his brain racked for answers to the question which immediately followed out of her mouth.

Still smiling he lied between his teeth, " He wanted to enjoy the nature. Don't you think the weather was nice today".

'brat, I am three years older than you mentally. Do you think I will buy your story. If he really want to enjoy why was he being a nonstop chatter box. Probably the younger Aeinshia would have believed it? ', the older Aeinshia in her body didn't bought his white lie.

But wanting to give him some face, she opened the window, a gush of wind flowed in, making her hair flutter as she gazed at the sky. Indeed the nature was good, filled with lots of clouds. It might rain anytime soon as the black clouds covered the entire sky.

In response to the prince she simply nodded looking at him pretending, she believed him.

He moved towards her trying to close the distance between them. Aware that prince Evan moved near her she immediately dragged herself to the opposite side creating some more distance than before.

Evan chuckled observing Aeinshia run off like a little white rabbit from the big bad wolf.

Not giving her anytime to react, he closed off the distance between them and held her small and soft hand tightly in his hand.

Aeinshia was taken aback by his sudden move but didn't oppose him. She didn't know whether it was because of their closeness nor because she wanted to feel this touch of his more than anything in her previous life. Not wanting to know the reason she just hoped to. enjoy this tiny moment with him.

It was so good to feel her hand in his big hands just like lovers who walked hand in hand. In past she used to get envious looking at other couple and their intimacy. But now even though she didn't ask for it, he himself took initiative to be intimate with her. She liked this change in his behavior. It's like he was becoming more passive than before.

Holding her hand, "How have you been these past 6 years? ", he asked. Initially, he wanted to ask Whether she missed him or not. But he collected his thoughts to take it slow by slow with words.

Feeling his warmth which sent electrifying jolts within her, " Fine", she replied happy to see he cared for her.

Leaning leisurely against his seat, "I miss our old days, we used to play together, sneaked out together from the palace and caught by uncle red handedly.... ", he went on and on about their past.

Aeinshia felt amused looking at Evan, who remembered everything that happened back then. " I miss those days too", she blurted out without realising her self.

Noticing it was the right time he straight away asked, "Then, did you miss me? ".He sounded cool and almost expressionless , but his heart was about to jump out of his chest even before he could hear her response.

She looked into his eyes as though she was contemplating on something.

She didn't give any response as if she she was still thinking how to answer to his question.

Evan got perplexed seeing her, it's not like I asked you to take any exam , come on, tell me fast, he muttered in his heart.


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