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A wide smile crept from her cheek to cheek. "You know.... Your son's emerald green eyes were so cute. I liked them alot".She smirked.

Samuel's face petrified listening it. Does she mean she gouged out his eyes for real?. A tear slipped down his face at the thought of them torturing his son by removing his eyes.

She wiped his single tear for him. Snickering,"So I gouged his eyes for myself".

Her hands travelling along his hands, "And his tender meat was throwed to our dogs. They liked it so much. As a result they didn't leave a single meat of him".

'How come they are this cruel to the point of throwing a three a old kid to wild dogs?'.Samuel know these people torture others to death. But never did he imagined his family will face such death in their hands. He want to kill her but, he don't even find the energy to get up from his chair.

As he tried to get up forcing his body blood began to flow more profusely.

She pressed him down to his seat wrapping her arms around his neck.Bringing her face near his, "Your months full pregnant wife sure has amazing voice. I couldn't believe she lasted for three whole days and nights".

She saw him shaking with anger. If not for his powerless situation she would have already been a dead meat in his hands.

" Oh god!!! Please.... I am terrified to death by that stare of yours. NO hard feelings. I didn't dared to touch your wife. She was handled to our black paw group soldiers".

Black paw group. This is the special troop which contains men who are famously known as beasts and ruthless in nature. They are well known for their different ways to torture.

It would have been best for his wife to die in this maids hand than to be died in those men's hands.

She took a small pin from her pocket and pierced in his neck. "Hah... ", his one hand immediately went to hold his neck.

" Yeah... That's how much pain she might have got from each stabbing of this pins in her body.... Haha. That was fun to watch", she then took that pin out of his skin for him. He again gasped out.

"Pins were pierced through her skin day and night. In her hands, back, shoulder, breasts , thighs in many other parts and got removed them only to pierce again. Then her sweet c**t got assaulted day and night by my men.You know how much she screamed while filthy hands touching her all over. She even made an attempt to suicide. Since she disobeyed us we had no option but to gag her. Without giving a wink of sleep she got tortured. Of course my men had a great time dealing with her. If she behaved she might have stayed long as a plaything to entertain them. Men over men took over her and she could only accept it. She was used as a toy for their release. She got bitten and bruises were formed all over her body. Could you even know how my men rummaged through her body. She felt vulnerable in front of them. Tied to chains ,straddled her legs , welcoming men after men to spill their seeds in her cave. Could you even imagine how much my men liked to see her expression. Could you imagine how much she begged to not tear her in and out. Could you imagine how humiliating she felt stripping and standing under hundreds of mens gaze. She begged to save her child not understanding in what situation she was. At last she died of heavy blood loss because of vag**al bleeding along with her son. Oh!!the baby was still inside right? So I really don't know whether it was a girl or a boy but it doesn't matter anymore right? .I hope she won't marry such a greedy man in her next life and have an easy death unlike this time".

She wantedly told him all these to agitate him. As she thought her questions hit his heart . It was his fault to join hands with them. If he didn't do that mistake then this wouldn't have happened. Everything was his fault.

She was happy to see his change of expressions. It was as she expected. Now her work will complete in no time. After killing him there will be no more evidences of their deeds and they could escape without any worry.

"So coming back to your daughter. I remember she will reach 10 years right next month", her eyebrows raised in a question in a manner.

He didn't respond to her.

" Whatever... I heard she was very precious to you. She was such a cute doll. As I heard her smile was so sweet and eye please ".

As soon as she finished she saw him tk weep in agony regarding his daughter. He understood, the dream that came last night was a sign telling him he lost his little princess.

''So she really is precious to you", it amused her to see this reaction of his.

"She was played like a ball in my mens hands. Every morning for their morning exercise they used her as a ball. That game was very interesting. The group will be divided into two teams and the team member who throws your daughter into the opposite teams ring is the winner. They actually played on horses this time. At first they throwed her in air and played that way for sometime. Later someone kicked her with leg. They felt it was amazing this way and all started to kick her with legs. After the exercise they will take her to the dungeon to burn her skin . Her shrilling cries echoed all over the quarters. And next day they might have kicked her hard while beating her. We found her dead by the..... ".

" Ah.... ".After listening what happened to his family he got up from his chair and grabbed her neck tightly. His eyes turned red and blood was coming more and more profusely.

Yet he didn't leave her. He was determined to kill her. It was his last change to avenge for his family and be don't want to leave it.

She struggled under his grip but failed. He quietly held for 2 minutes. She was about to lose her breath but unfortunately his hand loosened and...

"Thud.... ", he fell on the ground.

" Ughh!!! Duhh!! Duh", coughing she caressed her neck.

Guards alerted and they were running in the direction of dinning Hall. She heard their steps and eas ready to make a run.

The fork with which she stabbed him earlier has pierced through her leg. Her one leg in pain and while the other leg was grabbed by his tight hold.

She could hear the steps of guards approaching her. They might be here in any second and she might get caught. Sweat dripped from her forehead.


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