Reborn princess: I will change my ill-fate Chapter 10: The grand announcement - 1


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"Then when will it be the correct time to propose the trading-deal with other countries", the emperor mumbled inward as he was contemplating on how to implement this new plan and about the trade constraints he need to involve.

He murmured to himself but it was easy enough for Aeinshia to leave the state of reverie and decipher what he told.

She stared at his face for a moment as though answers were return on his face. An idea lit inside her brain as if answers can be truly seen on his face.

"Just announce it today. I think this is the right time to Announce".

The emperor raised his eyes which resulted in the formation of a crease between his forehead. After hearing her he understood what she mean to say but, he need to hear it from her to check whether his guess was correct or wrong. "And why? ", he enquired.

" Well... you can see many envoys and other country princes are already here for Prince Evan's celebrations. Since they are already here why to set another time instead use this opportunity to discuss about our trading ways and the benefits of the trading they receive from us", she winked and smiled at him showing how clever and quick-witted she was.

She looked so adorable with the wink that the emperor can't help but pat her head in affection.


The next day morning:


"Are you feeling good?" the voice sweet and calming asked. I slowly got up from the bed and walked forward. I immediately recognized the voice. All though, its just a voice and it doesnt have a body that defines it, it is very calming and relaxes me with its presence. I feel calm but, I can feel my restlessness bubbling its way up in my body.

"Why?" I asked. My voice cracking at the end showing my despair clearly. The voice chuckled. "You chose everything. And you are me now?" it asked a little amusement in its tone. Usually such things irritate me to core and I end saying something very rude. But, even though it was trying to irritate me, I couldnt get irritated. I could be myself, vulnerable self in front it. Their presence had such strong power. I never showed my vulnerable side to anyone. Sure, my brother and uncle saw me crying but, they never actually saw my total weakened and vulnerable state. I didn't want to show any of them. And I won't show anyone in the future.

However, now was different. "Why didn't you say it would be like this?" I asked. There was silence but, the warmth was still there so I know I was still there. "Time is such a thing. Its value is great. The time turned because of your strong will to do it. Everything happens to teach someone or the other a lesson." I stared blankly in front of me. I didnt understand. I mean I understood the words but, I felt there is more meaning to those words. As I was thinking about my situation and my mistakes, I felt the warmth slowly slip out around me. I tried to move in that direction but, my vision was blurred and fell into darkness.

I woke up drenched in sweat and with ragged breathing. "Oh my god, princess!" Shirley exclaimed amd rushed towards me. She came by my side and put a hand over my forehead. She sighed in relief and I just looked at her confused. She observed my look and decided to speak. "Sorry, if I startled you, my princess. But, I thought you caught a fever. . Did you have a nightmare by any chance?" she enquired innocently and I managed to crack a smile. "Not a nightmare. But, I think I'm going to have it in near future." I said while throwing up the covers and getting up. Shirley was looking like a clueless puppy towards me. I laughed out loud.

"Today is the big day for the entire kingdom, princess. The grand announcement is going to happen." she said excitedly, her confusion from my words long forgotten. "So, thats the reason you were worried about my health? " I tried to guess the reason on why she was so worked up as soon as she saw me. "Yes, princess." she said shyly as her cheeks had a dust of pink hue. Probably because of embarrassment.

I sighed and tried to shake off all the thoughts wandering in my head. I completed my morning routine and dressed for the occasion. This was going to be big. I remembered when this happened. I guess it was pretty much going to be the same. I didnt know what to expect anymore but, I was happy. I was happy as everyone in my family were happy and alive and we sticked together.


"Then, what were you doing sitting there! Counting sheep!!" an angry voice bellowed at the person who was wearing a big black robe which covered most of their face. The person lifted up his hood to reveal him as the official, Samuel Cullen, one of the higher and main court man in royal court. He faced the person who was on opposite side, wearing the similar black robe as him and a hood covering the face. The person was standing in the shadows, barely visible.Its not only two pairs of eyes present here, another pair of eyes was witnessing the whole situation above them, who sat relaxdly on the tree.

"I tried my best. But, the princess....She cur my words and spoke something about trading." he hissed in a hushed tone. He was trying to reason with the opposite person. "What does the Emperor say?" Irritation was laced in that person's voice. "Nobody knows. He didnt talk about it. Maybe he will tell after todays announcement." Samuel tried to reason not wanting to anger the person in front him anymore.

"Do anything. But, divert their attention." the person spoke in a demanding and dominating voice. After a small silence "Or you know the consequences" that person showed a little dagger which glistened brightly in the early morning sunlight. Mr. Cullen gulped loudly and nodded his head lightly. He understood the every word that came out of the person's mouth clearly. He bowed and shuffled off quickly from the place. He didnt want to stay in the presence of that person anymore.

The person in the hood smirked slightly looking at the bewildered official, who was running for his pretty low life. The person looked up and sighed. "Soon." They smiled slightly while telling the word delicately and in a hushed tone. The person turned his heel and disappeared in the dark of woods.


The grand announcement was about to be revealed. Most of the people were gathered near the palace only to know what was going to be broadcasted. All palace people including officials,workers,all those who related to palace stayed tight lipped not letting a word out of the palace. This made anticipation rise in many people's heart's.

Not knowing what's going to be announced almost the entire kingdom gathered together. Rumors are there that this is regarding Prince Evan's marriage but those are speculations made by gossipers.

But, rumors travel faster than the speed of light and in a more fabricated manner. Some people believed it is true while some others didn't. Some are here to brag about their assumption is correct while some others are there to check the news. But it is true that everyone are eager to know what was it regarding. Soon people started to converse with each other. Few are talking about what is going to revealed and few others talked about their daily work and the discussion continued.

Shortly, the officials and the Royal Family arrived to the palace grounds. As the king and the young Prince were approaching, people became more anxious. Only important announcements were announced in such way which made many people wonder what was it now. The whole kingdom could be seen empty except in the palace.

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