Reborn in the shinobi world, but what era is this !? Chapter 21: Battle


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He kept looking at his son then turned to me and said "I will think about it! so tell me, what's your third request?"
"My request is to have a battle with you, not a life and death one but like training. Strong opponents are targeting my village and I want to know my limits" He responded with an "Oh!" then laughed "I didn't think you would seek a battle at all, you surprised me here! Alright, if you can beet Seraf hier then I will battle with you " I looked at the shinobi who came with me from the entrance, and he to looked at me then I said "Ok" We stood up and walked out. They took me to the training ground, few children were training there and stopped when they saw the clan head's arrival, the children walked out but kept their eyes on us with curiosity. We stood there facing each other for some time then the clan head said "Begin!" Seraf jumped high in the sky and took a scroll from his back and with a hand sign "Poof!" hundreds of kunaï and shurikens came showering me from the sky, with two daggers in my hand and chakra sens in play, I deflected every kunaï and shuriken targeting me, but before the attack finished a giant shuriken appeared in my chakra sens, no two shurikens, one in the light and the other in the shadows, but befor they attained me, Seraf who was in mid air regained his footing, a blade appeared in his hand and accelerated to ambush me, when the two shurikens arrived, I disappeared from my place, the giant shurikens passed, Seraf stopped in his course trying to detect me, I appeared behind him and slashed with the dagger, he paried it instinctively with his blade and I followed with the other and he parried it too but a kick landed on his abdomen, it was the first time I have used my taijusu on someone, He fell on his knees and began vomiting blood, I was going to continue but after seeing the blood I stopped. The clan master walked to examine him then said "His internal organs were severely hit, we need to take him to a doctor!" "I am sorry! I didn't think my kick would damage him that much"
"It's not your fault so don't worry about it!"
I think I put in that kick more strength than I had to, I didn't adapt to my new strength after my last training after all, I approached Seraf then said "Can you let me examine you? I am a medical shinobi too!" He looked at me surprised for an instant then said "Ok" I put my hands on his abdomen and concentrated my chakra sens on that area for about ten seconds then said "It's an old injury that reopened when I kicked him!" The two were surprised at my statement then I began my treatment. Healing hand was good at external injuries but with chakra sens I could heal even internal injuries and after half an hour I finishing my treatment. We stood up then I said to him "You're not injured anymore but you have to rest at least for a week to completely heal!" He thanked me and walked out of the training ground, I stood there with the clan head then he brock the silence "Seraf is one of the strongest and experienced shinobis in the clan, beating him means you're qualified to be my opponent" He looked at me, and I felt like it was a beast that was looking at me not a human, it was the first time in my life feeling this type of pressure, the man overwhelmed me with just a glance.
I gulped my saliva, and concentrated on my new opponent. In one instant he was near me, I was startled, even with chakra sens I couldn't see his movement. He kicked at me and I blocked the kick but was thrown ten metres before I stopped "So strong!" I said in my mind.
He reappeared behind me and threw me a punch, I blocked it too but was thrown a seconde time "I think if he wanted to kill me I would be dead for now!" He kept kicking and punching and I was only in the defensive, blocking and trying to se his movements. I concentrated my chakra sens on him and only blocked until I was accustomed to his speed and for the first time I evaded his punch. He stopped in his track and smiled "Good! As I thought you are a genius!"
"I am honoured to be praised by you but you know, I evaded only one puch"
"Do you know how many shinobis in my clan can evade one of my punches!?" I thought for a while then replied "No! I don't know!"
"There is only one person, so let's continue!" We continued like that and I began evading his punches and kicks more and more, and just like that an hour passed and was lunch time. We stopped to get our launch and I was all blue and black, his kicks and punches were so strong that my arms and legs were hurting to death. We ate our launch and rested a little to heal my injuries.
From the moment I came to this world, I have never been injured, I was always in the dark and my clones in the open, when I think about it now, I have never taken a risk or put my life in the line, keeping it safe is good and all but I think it kept me from making progress "It was the right thing coming to the Fuma clan!"

Ares was there watching the battle from the beginning, until now he thought he was a genius and in fact, he was really a genius, he kept watching not believing his eyes, a shinobi the same age as him defeating Seraf one of the best shinobis he knows, and now battling his father, the strongest shinobi in the Fuma clan and not being defeated, even if it was only taijusu, he couldn't even thing of taking one hit from his father and not die. He clinched his hands until traces of blood could be seen and a fire was lit inside of him. "One day I will surpass you for sure!"
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