Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi Chapter 43: 43 New sense of belonging to the Snake


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It was time for the chunnin exam, I been busy working on my experiments, including on my students Shitsu, Popo, and Anko. I don't want to say I am a bad teacher but I got really mediocre students. The only one that may have some potential was Anko. So in good faith and for bigger purposes I gave her access to the snake summoning contract. At least she would have a edge on the chunnin exams.

How wrong was I, they totally didn't caught to my expectation has I saw how the team of Shikaku overwhelm my team, specially that kid name Gekko he look like his tai jutsu was above chunnin and had potential in the way of the blade. We had some chunnin proctors watching from afar has we were grading the gennins. I was just too curious about the other village's gennins so I sneak in to catch some for my experiments. Nobody caught my eyes,  and by the time I did, I notice that old teacher of mine was observing from afar, I have been watchful of his crystal ball and know when he is snooping around.

Most likely he is doing this because his son is participating. This was going to be a fruitless venture so instead decided to leave and wait till the 3rd exam. I rarely hand around Konoha since I have several hidden bases were I started working on my experiments. My research on curse seals is advancing slowly and needed more subjects to work on. Been working with Root for a while, for the sake of more resources and to get my hand on more unwanted people for me to work my research on. Danzo been doing well sending me for certain missions.

I just wonder how Hiruzen feels about Danzo since he was the one who gave the permission to form Root. Doing dirty work for the sake of the village, so many grey areas we have done for such cause under Danzo. If only I had more free reign on my projects, but the village and Hiruzen would never approve. Danzo have been my best option for me to work unnoticed outside of the village and away from the watchful eyes of my teacher.

The day arrived, I missed the preliminaries of the fights of the 3rd exam since either way there is where the weak get eliminated and wouldn't caught my attention either way. Seeing the first fight of the 3rd Final was a little disappointed but got to admit that Ibiki got the guts and ways of a future sadist. He got potential to be a interrogator even maybe join ANBU. Today was my duty to watch as a bodyguard next to Hiruzen as his personal body guard since the Kazekage and the MizuKage came to watch.

We had some Anbu's on watch but I was the only one on plain sight next to the seat of Hiruzen. Well I got to admit it was the best seat to watch the finals. The second match was interesting; the Kunoichi form the sand look like could control sand. I knew the main people who do that were from the lineage of the clan of the Kazekage, indeed creating sand clones, sand substitution was a basic from the Sand Village but molding and using it as a attack weapon was not common, specially how well she defended herself with her sand shields. The Uchiha on the other hand looks like he was a Kenjutsu practitioner but got screwed the moment he got his sword broken. Non the less his tai jutsu was dominating in a way no normal chunnin could compared to that speed and power. His chakra levels were near Mid-jounnin or Elite Jounnin level and his fire control was insane. Especially his last Fire Ball Jutsu, even the Kazekage had to intervene since for sure her gennin would be dead. Still why did he personally interfere it is normal for gennins to die in such intense battles.

I wonder was the girl somebody close to him? That would be the only conclusion, since if it was somebody unrelated most likely he would let her go to the afterlife.

Now the one that brought my attention was this girl who adopted my sensei's family name. Looks like Hiruzen got his boy a future fiancé. Not only that but she was extremely powerful, she also was a Kekkei Gekkai holder! Looks like she couldn't be killed at all, she had what I was searching for all along a immortal body! Argh!! The worst part is that she was under Hiruzen, it would be impossible for me to get her anytime soon. If I could just get some samples and research how her Bloodline Limit worked!

The other fights were impressive but that Lluvia's bloodline was now stuck on my mind. Everything change thought the moment Hiruzen's son step in to fight the Kunoichi from the mist village. Looks like the mist ninja had a Kekkai Gekkai too and was magma release. I was impress just a little since in my books Lluvia's Blood line limit was superior, but that was not the only thing that happened, looks like Asuma inherited the summoning of the monkey contract from Hiruzen, since he summoned a White Monkey similar to Enma. That got me curious since I never seen any other than Enma.

I spoke to Hiruzen what was all that about, and he responded that every user has a different summoning, if the main one was already taken. Since Hiruzen had the King Enma and he was still alive his contract was with him till death. It would obviously not be possible to share the summoning but Enma had a twin brother who was obsess with training. Since Asuma got the contract he was his summoning instead.

As the battle went along, I only saw the White Monkey hide between the trees of the arena. Just watching and moving watching the mist ninja as prey. Looks like Asuma was just using his summoning to psych out his opponent. What a surprise did I get when I saw Asuma using Ice release, I knew immediately since I could sense temperature change faster than others. Even if it look like black obsidian. Hiruzen as done well hiding his son potential from everyone, I knew he was a Kenjutsu enthusiast and that he was top student but this was a total different thing. All this years and he hide his clan now possessed a new Kekkei Gekkai! The village hadn't had a new one since the first Hokage, most likely the council would try to push it for his son to become a breeding stallion.Kekekeke!

Suddenly something unexpected happened when the mist ninja used her Boil release/Magma relesease? Looks like the girl Mei had double Bloodline, interesting! Looks like the match up was no good. In my view that Magma release could do some damage and could harm poor Asuma.

But it did not happened, finally his summon acted and use a similar Magma release! How is that possible! Not only that, it looked like with his red eyes he could see everything. He copy every Magma and Boil release the mist ninja did. He was timing it perfectly at the same time and same power to neutralize the attacks! How could his summon do that! Well its part oblivious he had hands like humans so copying the hand signs is no problem but to be fast enough to be just as fast as the original and to be able to fuse elements to create a new Kekkei Gekkai is just impossible!!!!

I demanded an explanation from Hiruzen, he was taken aback just a little. Responding with a sly smile since he notice my interest. He said that Uloong, Asuma's  White Monkey summon had a special innate talent to feel, sense how chakra ran on any living being and that Uloong had affinity to all the elements! I beg for Hiruzen to give me his summon. He denied since the contract was for life and that I already had my snake summon. I didn't cared and told him that I could sign another contract by using my right hand. But he told me that I wouldn't get Uloong either way. At that this summon contract belong only to his clan so he would never pass it to no one else.

Uloong could help me allot on my research especially on the Kekkai Gekkai. If he can copy any elemental Kekkai Gekkai it means that if I could just get his cooperation I could get further to my goal of immortality and to be able to research all of ninjutsu!

Asuma impress more when he ended match up against Lluvia. I was sure that Lluvia was going to win since I saw she couldn't get hurt and even turn to mist or water and all her injuries could be heal just by absorbing water. It was perfect, a body that couldn't be destroy! But against total expectations, Asuma manage to win the fight. Looks like not only was he a Kenjutsu practitioner but a Seal Master too!! Those seals he use on Lluvia were not simple I could tell. They were even better than mine! And I have dwell on seal for a big while. Now I knew Asuma was a above a rare gem or diamonds, If he only was my assistant I could made more progress on my curse seals! Kekekekeke! Just need a opportunity to convince him to be under my wing. I just couldn't just tell Hiruzen I was interested on his son, I needed a valid excuse to bring him with me.

As I spoke with Hiruzen about his son, he reveal that he was interested on the medical field but since Tsunade was not around, the most he could do was maybe get all of Tsunade's research for him. Still looks like he needed approval from the council. Since it was going to be like that I contacted Danzo to see if they could approve to release all of Tsunades research for Hiruzen son since I also was interested on the field. Danzo hearing to who, they were going to release it too gave a short thought and agree easily, without asking for anything, which caught me by surprise.

So I did some little digging,…..Kekekeke! Who would have thought Hiruzen was cuckhold. Looks like Asuma's true father was Danzo! No wonder he agree easily the moment he heard Asuma wanted Tsunade's research! I couldn't even think that happened, Hiruzen is a good actor indeed. Having Danzo so close by, I am amaze he didn't kill him when he founded out Asuma was not his kid. They must have come to a type of accords since he did still take Asuma from Danzo.

That reminds me Asuma's sword also resemble the Shimura's sword techniques. Sneaky Danzo he passed his clan techniques to his son, I wonder when that happened. Now I was interested more on how Asuma was raised. Looks like I was not disappointed, looks like Asuma was teach by a Uzumaki about seals. No wonder he is so good with them, or at least for what I saw on the fight.

That same day after the finals I approach Asuma and invited him to tea. He looked a little on edge but it's understandable I always give this type of vibes to people around me. I told him straight up I needed his help and his summoning Uloong for the help of my research. Looks like he wanted to denied me so I kept talking trying to persuade him. He told me he could only help 2 days out of the month since he was planning on venturing on the medical field. Jackpot I can use this as a way to bond with him faster, I reacted interested since indeed medical knowledge is needed for my research. I proposed to teach him since I also learn a few things since I was Tsunade's team mate.

I heard Asuma talk that Hiruzen had previously promised to give him all of Tsunade's research. Silly old fox he was planning to give it to his son regardless if the council refused since he could override their decision, not only that since Danzo most likely would back him up now it was a done deal.

So I told Asuma I could help him master Tsunade's research alongside him since it could also help with my research on genetics and bloodlines. Something about Asuma picked my interest, not only that but I felt like we connected when we talk about research. I even promised to teach him some of the techniques I learn over the years. In exchange for him helping me with the seals I was researching on which were my curse seals.

Everything went smoothly with Hiruzen and got myself full access to the medical facilities and even got my new assistant Asuma. But first we needed to show some type of progress that benefited the Medical department of the village first.

Asuma had no end of surprises since he had some type of similarity to me with the pursue of knowledge. He was like magic he learn and absorb everything immediately I got curious and ask him how he was so fast. He admitted having photographic memory which could resemble a sharingan ability to memorize. That got me thinking what or how Asuma's brain was wired and if I could replicate such brain function. Right after he took me from my thought's throwing me a curve ball by telling me they were ways to train a photographic memory.

I was astonished, when he gave me a type of mind training regiment, with tips and tricks, short cuts on how the brain took information. I was even more curious is this kid a genius even above me? He discovered this by just reading and also by teaching fellow students? Sound plausible he did had people to test this mind tricks on for helping them study. Wonder how many trial and error he went through before the found the most optimal way to train the brain.

That was not all then he told me he abuse this skills in combination with the Kage Bushin! I never thought on using it this way. I just use it for recognizance, and information gathering. But the way he use it was genius, I could cut years of research this way and advance my seals faster. This kid just gave me wings.

I didn't sleep at all for the next 3 days since I master and learn everything from Tsunade's research. After that we started working on some ideas of Asuma for the medical department since we needed to show results for them first before venturing on my research of the curse seals. We managed to do incredible stuff together; I actually felt that I was actually learning from the kid instead of me teaching him.

After finishing the projects for the Medical department we ventured on my research of the curse seals, which is basically seals but imbued on a person like tattoos. To start simple we tried to recreate seals with similar properties to the seals we release for the medical department to have a type of familiarity to the end result. Since we were still dabbing on the curse seals and discovering how they work.

We succeeded after 1 month of hard work with little to no sleep. We recreated curse seals similar to the official release ones we plan for the medical department. We could now pre-program jutsus with curse seals. This was taking big leaps in my research, while working on all of this research Asuma managed to replicate Tsunade's strength creating the Okasho strike. I manage has well but my strength was not as good as Asuma that took me by surprise at the incredible chakra control of Asuma.

Again Asuma become the teacher instead of me being one, seeing that my control was below his. He passed on his own created training for chakra control. I really wondered how his brain could come with this ideas. Looks like he was born to improve or find new ways to train in difficulty. Thanks to this training I manage to catch up within some weeks. I really was grateful to have met Asuma.

I didn't back out of my side of my deal and started teaching him some jutsus too. I gave him also my 3 gate Rashomon since I already owe him allot along with my some genjutsu I learn under anbu and my own personalize ones. I also teach him Hiruzen's mud jutsus, since I knew them too.

Thanks to everything that been happening I manage to develop something similar to the Lluvia girl. I created the technique based on the Self Regeneration Seals we gave out to the Medical department. This technique allowed any injury no matter how bad to be heal by shedding the old skin and popping out from your own mouth totally intact. Side effect is that if overuse it would greatly weaken you and you'll need a good amount of time to recover.

Other things I was interested that took place was that Asuma was working on research of how the body works. It got my attention since he was writing his own hypothesis about how the human body reacted or interacted towards foreign matter or other body parts if transplanted. This was more advance that just transplanting eyes from somebody else to yours.

He was researching on how to transplant a heart! From somebody to another and how to start it, was he trying to see if he could bring somebody from the dead with this type of procedures. I ask Asuma about it he told me he wanted to be able to save even ninja who recently died since their body would still be fresh and not rotten. This was a new idea I never heard, he explain if the body got stored in a special scroll just as the ninja died they could in theory, let's say his heart burst and was damage so much beyond repair with the Self Regeneration Seal. To just transplant a compatible heart and restart it with lighting chakra at a low frequency using lighting to stimulate the heart to contract and pump up the blood to the body system. It was genius, it just needed to be proven, and I was going to test that out.



Some time has passed and we have finally moved to my projects of the curse seals. With the help of Asuma I don't know if I could have gotten this far at the moment. We have successfully manage to integrate a artificial Kekkai Gekkai based on Lluvia's,  it was harder than expected as to added to a a subject fail at first if we didn't have the necessary medical knowledge of the body.

 So Asuma came with the idea to pre-program a basic of the human anatomy to the curse seal allowing it to be integrated to a host as long they had at least one affinity to use it without excessive waste of chakra. Using it on a host without not even one of the affinities would cost double the waste of usage of chakra to accomplish the same other wise.

I also been expanding my knowledge on the body using the approach Asuma was using for his own research. His approach was unconventional since he started from the beginning of medicine with the point of view of a civilian without capable of using chakra. By using this approach he came up with ideas that would not have appeared since we relied to much on it. I rearch blood types, organs and even have done some of the experiments of Asuma on my own underground laboratories. And at the moment they all been successfull! I can now transplant, hearts, organs, bones, nerves with compatible hosts with same blood types.

I even manage to play god! By killing some of my subjects and then bringing them up to life by transplanting their missing organs and restarting their hearts with electricity jutsus of low frequency to just restart them but not burn them. If only we had this type of knowledge during the 2nd ninja war. We wouldn't have loss such promising young ninja.

I don't think we could save Nawaki Senju since he blew up in a explosion but Dan, Tsunades boyfriend could have been save if we had the Self Regeneration Seals and the Hemolytic Seals we manage to develop. It would have taken time for him to be back on duty but he would be able to fight again eventually. Seeing Dan death and seeing Tsunade desperately try to revive him hit me hard. I remember it well, how death could get us all. That day is when I decided I would find a way to be immortal, death would no longer be a threat.

Maybe thats why I also took liking to Asuma. It look like indirectly he had the same goals to avoid death at least as much as possible. By finding new ways to safe lives, even if unorthodox, they gave results. I eventually gave him my notes about his research since I indeed had data that back up his hypothesis.

He took them well, and didn't act surprise. Looks like he expected me all along to work on his hypothesis research. It looks like he also knew of my illegal bases. He didn't judge me straight up but warn me that eventually it would come to light. It was better to make it public indirectly by convincing the council for live subjects by using death convicts, criminals, war criminal or bandits that were for extermination instead.

He even gave me a plan that look human enough and that would benefit the village. Asuma indeed took allot from both of his old man. Politician like his dad Hiruzen and doing anything even if inhumane like Danzo and with the motto of helpin or benefiting the village. That got me going, Asuma was a dangerous fellow since he adopted both Hiruzen and Danzo's personallities in a way, without even he knowing.



Everything went smoothly on the council meeting. Me having the official tittle of being Co-head of the Medical Ninja Department.  Having approved of my experiments as well thanks by being political with the Uchiha and with Danzo who had the civilian council backing him up. Making the motion of using convicts for the approval of my Kekkai Gekkai project.

With Uloong's blood and some tissue samples along with Asuma's help we manage to make more advancements. We manage to also recruit Uchiha's thanks to the Bloodline Amplification Seals deal I made with Fugaku.

Asuma push for the next project to be the Artificial Sharingan project and put very high importance for me to work on. He had really valid excuse since the eyes could see chakra and even details in the blood if focus hard enough as accounted by the Uchiha medical members that join. With this type of eyes the medical field could advance even further. We even wanted to see if we could make them even more powerful than the Hyuugas Byuakugan by giving some modification and making them just as powerful but without the 360 view.

This project was going to be fantastic. If we manage to do this with curse seals anyone we deem worthy could use skill similar to the sharingan users and even better if we manage to give the x-ray vision and higher distance view the Byakugan has. Asuma said like this we didn't need to was time on using telescopes, microscopes or other lab equipment to analyze something we could immediately with our eyes. That's why he put it on his high importance list.

I had to agree with that type of eyes all medical ninja would advance not only on their studies but in their skills too. With all this projects popping out. I have allot on my plate but love were this is heading....kekekkekeke... I have never had so much fun and freedom, and resources as I used before.

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