Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi Chapter 34: 34 Chunnin Finals Exam Fights part 4


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Baki vs Gekko

Shikaku: "Ready...Get set...Go!"

Baki jumped backward while Gekko drew out his sword from his back. While going backwards Baki release a barrage of shurinkens toward Gekko has he had a half ram sign on his left hand. Gekko responded by using his left hand and threw his own shurinkens. Just like the previous fight of Baki vs Genma the shurinkens of Baki went through the enemies ones like if they where made of butter. Baki's shurinkens were imbued with wind chakra sharpening them allot.

Gekko without a second thought move out of the way dashing foward and to the side at the same time closing the distance of between them sword in hand.Looks like Gekko was not wasting time since i saw his ankle weights on the floor. He dash and got close enough toward Baki slashing at him. Baki jumpe back as he much he could just getting scraped enough to get a small flesh wound as some blood was revealed. Baki took out a kunai and then clash towards the second slash Gekko released toward him. Clashing hard almost sending Baki backwards but his kunai was encase on sharp wind chakra, capable of holding his ground and scraping of some of the metal of the sword of Gekko giving him a surprise. Gekko then make distance again and unleashed Hazy Moonlight, a move where he dashes leaving a after image behind has he does a horizontal slash toward his target.

Baki responded on time blocking the attack by pure reflex but his kunai almost broke from the impact this time since Gekko had all body weight on the attack and looks like he this time reinforce his sword with earth elemental chakra giving hit a more sturdy sword not being easily penetrated by the wind charka. Non the less there was some cracks on his sword.

 Baki droped the kunai since it was already beyond useful, if he tried to use it again it would certainly break and could fatal. This time Baki use a half ram hand sign on his right hand. I could see allot of wind chakra being refine, extended and sharpened around his hand creating a invisible chakra sword of wind.

By normal eye standards you couldn't see it, but if you could see it with sharingan or byukugan the sword was pretty obvious. All you could sense around that arm was that there was allot of wind or air current surrounding it, if it was windy you won't notice any difference thought.

Gekko had a curious look watching Baki throw his kunai but he also got serious since he felt something wrong. This time Gekko follow doing shushin at intervals and created several after images, you could see about 8 Gekko's surrounding Baki.

Gekko: "Moonlight Style: Dance of the Cresent Moon!!"

The 8 Gekko's attack Baki from all the directions, all the after images managing to strike but all disappeared reveling only the real one with his sword who got stopped by Baki right hand index and middle finger. Gekko had a shocked look, Gekko responded fast and gave several slashes at crazy speeds leaving after images of his arms making him look like he grew 4 more arms.

Baki responded in kind with his right hand moving just has fast using only his index and middle finger to stop all Gekko's attack leaving bigger cracks in Gekko's sword.(This scene reminded me to DBZ fight of Future Trunks versus Goku for the first time when he arrive on earth from space.)

Looks like Baki was reinforcing each clash with a burst of wind chakra at impact. Capable of resisting and absorbing the shock of force released by Gekko.

Eventually after this exchange Gekko's sword gave in eventually breaking into pieces. Gekko jumped back started coughing and raise his hands.

Gekko:" I give up...Cough! Cough!!! Cought!!!! I surrender! I can no longer show my moves without my sword." he said with a sad look watching at his broken blade.But showing a smile at the end.

Shikaku: " The winner!!! Baki!!!!!!!!! "

Baki: "You were a worthy opponent. I shall remember you name Gekko Hayate."

Gekko: "Like wise. Cough!! But if I were you I would go to a medical ninja right now." He said pointing in front of Baki looking at the floor.

Baki follow his gaze when he notice with shock at what was laying on th floor.

On the floor there lay Baki's index finger who looks got chopped off on the final clash. Baki looking at his right hand noticing the blood and his missing finger. Baki immediately got his finger from the floor and headed to the nearby medics.

Well Gekko gave up but he didn't went down easy that for sure. He show what he was capable to the public, he may still have a chance to become a Chunnin.

(30 minutes passed and the next match arrived)

Might Gal vs Kusei Yuhi

Shikaku: "Contestant get ready....Get set....Go!!!!"

Kusei was serious since the beginning cause he was not wearing his ankle weights knowing he was fighting the Tai Jutsu beast of Might Gal.

Kusei also took out his new katana sword he name [Sebon Sakura Kageboshi] which resemble Byakuya's sword from the anime Bleach. Where did he got the design...well, I had a schetch book with sword designs and when Kusei saw it he love it. Had a blacksmith made if for him took a full year to have it ready since it was expensive and back then he didn't had the money.

Might Gal: "Lets show them the power of youth little Kusei!" she said with a appealing enthusiatic smile.

Kusei: "Right!! Wish you luck, you will need it I am going all out!!!" he said has he release out his Katana and then let it drop to the floor.

Might Gal got weird out at this actions, then seeing Kusei's sword melt into the floor.

Kusei: "I release you Sebon Sakura Kageboshi!!!!"

As the katana submerge in the floor, suddently around the arena, katana swords started to rise from the floor surrounding both contestants, all floating in the air like a type of dome. All swords glowing white till they finally retook shape to the same sword Kusei used to hold.

Gal got on high alert and used a hand seal to try to release from what appeared to be a genjutsu. Sadly it didn't work, so now she suspected it was a type of ninjutsu. Not wasting time she release her gates to the 3rd inner gates and also release her weights.

Gal appeared next to Kusei connecting a Whirwind kick but it got stop last second by what it look was pink shiny petals. The sword that where surrounding them actually scattered and became pedals and where circulating Kusei protecting him.

Gal speed up more leaving after images attacking from all directions but every time she would be met by this petals that felt like steel walls.

This kept going for a while Kusei moving his hands while guiding the petals to protect him. Gal got impatient so she upped her hidden gates to up to the gate of view which was the 6th gate. Then releasing a flurry of blows leaving only fireballs all release in a aoe attack toward Kusei.

This time Kusei concetrated both of his hands doing some hand signs as all the petals converge in front of him protecting him from the barrage of punches. Gal not giving in kept the pressure till she manage to break Kusei's defence and smashing here fist at Kusei who looks like he also activated his gates up to the Gate of Healing turning his skin red and eyes white trying to deflect most of the punches but not blocking all since most did manage to by pass his hand speed.

Kusei's body eventually look like it gave in and got pummeled by all of Gal's fists. Gal deactivated her mode as she look pretty winded but the bleeding Kusei then melted into water. Kusei reapearing behind Gal and connecting a kick on Gal's chin sending her flying in mid-air. Where several pink metallic petals attack Gal from different direction making her bleed and giving her injuries.

Looks like Kusei was not aiming at dangerous attacks but just damaging ones. Gal finally got in contact with the floor, with her determination even thought she was bleeding all over and tired for the over used of the gates. She stand up looking a Kusei shock at his fighting prowess.

Kusei: "If you plan to give up, I will allow it. I don't plan to lose thought" he said in a serious kool looking manner.(he must be acting to make a good impression on the audience)

Might Gal: "I won't give up till either I am knock out or cant no longer move. You made me use this." she said has she took out the giant buster blade she carried on her back.

Kusei got alerted since it was the first time Gal pick up her giant blade in the whole exam.

Might Gal: "Sword God Style: Sonic Blade Slashing Mountain!!!!" she yelled as she did a classic forward slash, from top to bottom.

This move created a giant Sonic Boom Slash toward Kusei who had shocked eyes. His sakura petals where obliterated revealing they were not petals but shurinkens and sebons. Kusei was using illusions to make them look like petals and was  remote controlling them with chakra strings all along.

Looks like Kusei was doing a area of effect, Genjutsu based on sound that he created with vibrations created by his sword which he still had in hand, he never actually released it to the floor, combine with some kind of perfume, poison that mess with the senses and smelled like sakura petals.

Well all this set up went up in smoke with this one slash from Gal. Sadly Gal was already to exashted because of the gates, she was already passed out from that move. If she was at her top condition she could still do more of this type of move.

Shikaku: "The winner Kusei Yuhi!!!! Medic we need you here we got a serious injured here."  The medics arrive and carried Gal in a streacher to the medical facilities.



(Kakashi point of view)

What kind of monster is Kusei. Since when was he this powerful. Gal doensn't even has a chance to fight back. I never seen this type of ninjutsu, it is not genjutsu since using Kai didn't work. Looks like everyone can see what is happening too so no way is a genjutsu it would be to op since it would mean it has a large area of effect.

I was so wrong.....that slash remove something from the air that was playing with our senses, I just don't know what it was. Those petals revealed to be only sebons flying in air and shurinkens attacking like if they were  pre-arrange to attack in certain patterns. That kind of reminded me of the shurinken style of Flora the girl on Alvin's  and Po's team.

Looks like Kusei's plan was to exasht Gal strenght till she couldn't do no more. That was a smart plan since a direct confrontation could have been end on his lost.



(By: Author, hope you like the fights tell me your opinions, thanks are appreciated but not necessary. I prefer discussions so yeah opinions are like a treasure if constructive.)

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