Reborn in the Shinobi World as a Sarutobi Chapter 28: 28 A Kunoichi's adventure to the Land of Fire


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She was born in a grim grey skye, that day was raining like any other day in that poor devastated worn out land. It look like it will never would stop raining like if the sky was weeping eternally. When she was born because it costed her mother's life she was unwanted by her father. She was taken in by his closest relative her father's side grandparents. She grew relatively well till one day the house of her grandparents was attacked by blood of war, a common occurrence in that torn up weeping land.

After that incident were the poor place she used to call home got destroyed and also taking out her only motherly figure who was her grandma. All of this occur when she only manage to be 3yrs old. Now only her and her grandpa were left, his grandpa non the less was old and would pass away 5 years later. Leaving alone the poor girl saddened for the passing of her grandpa who was the last thing he had as a family, long gone was her father who was reported dead 3 years prior the passing of her grandpa. She only had the fond memories of his grand dad and the time they spent together training ninjutsu as he was a retired shinobi and didn't wanted her niece to be unprotected on this torn war constant land which was the land of the Hidden Rain a land in between all the main 5 elemental nations using the Hidden Rain as his backyard for their squabbles as a terrain to combat.

The poor girl only had the name her grand father gave which he said he heard along time ago from some traveling merchants. Her grand father told her it meant "Rain" which was one of the things that did not stop in this worn out land. For two years she travel like a vagabond searching for scraps of food and stealing for survival.

For bad luck of her one day she got in between a altercation with Iwa shinobi's and Kumo's shinobi's. Upon seeing the poor girl nefarious smiles appeared between the two factions as they would see her as an intruder between their fights. The fight was intense and the poor girl but no option to fight with everything she learn from her grand father. From the the Iwa shinobi only 2 were left as from the Kumo shinobis only 4 as the girl manage to take care off about 8 from Iwa and 6 from the Kumo while they were in a all out fight between themselves  as the girl took the any chance she managed to get to kill off more of the enemies that threatened her life.

Noticing this she was nervous since most of her chakra was mostly finished. The Kumo upon noticing this attack the girl till they managed to pin her down. The remaining Iwa noticing this just fled since they knew they were out number by the Kumo ninjas and didn't wanted to keep up confronting. Seeing this the Kumo let them go as they were still pining down the poor girl with angry faces since most of their ninjas were dead either by her hand or by her interfering and/or assisting the Iwa in one way or another.

The poor girl had no way to escaped as she was being tortured by the Kumo ninjas, her despair became fuel and got converted to rage as her body manage to escape her captors and turn her body into water at will. While in this mode as rage took upon her she enveloped her body around the Kumo ninjas and her rage made her body who expanded by the water to boil cooking the Kumo ninjas alive killing them in the process. She finally calm down seeing the horrorfying way she murder the ninjas she started to vomit as most of her energy/chakra was already depleted.

At this point she got surrounded by a unit of 6 Hidden Rain Ninja's who saw the whole thing. They did not gave the girl a hand per say but conscripted her to military service for the Hidden Rain, giving her a kind of home and at least to secure a meal to keep on living. She following since she had no other option at that point.

5 years went by working as a Hidden Rain Shinobi. Her comarades  never open to her since she always look depressed and her weird ability to turn to water made her look more like a monster in their eyes. They never actually said this to her but their looks was enough for her to get their sentiment. Hanzo their leader also didn't like the girl since she was getting pretty strong fast as her chakra was already at Mid-Jounnin for only being 13 years old.

If she was going to keep up getting stronger at this speed she could threatened his position as leader of the Hidden Rain and he didn't wanted that. So 2 months to her birthday she got a mission to kill some rouge shinobi's and was taken with a group of 10 to accompany her.

Upon arriving to the location where they would find their targets. She got backstab by all her comarades as she got stabbed by multiple kunai's with poison. She couldn't believe what was happening till the ninjas confirm to her that the rouge shinobi was her and that Hanzo was the one that gave the order to exterminate her off sight. This angered her to no end but she was weakened by the poison. She in a last struggle used her blood line limit and turned herself into water and using boil release upon her self to cleanse the poison from her system which work but she was still weak as more than a little of half her chakra was wasted.

She still manage to kill 6 from the 10 shinobis but she was not in good shape. At the last moments though she got rescued or at least it look like it, as Shinobi with white masks lead by a old man with a black japanese Kimono which look like was missing a arm and was bandage on his right eye appeared. His ninja with white masks kill the remaining Hidden in the Rain shinobi's.

The girl knew she was in no position to confront them since they look train to be assassins. She did not knew if she was going to be able to survive and was ready to resign to her doom.

To her suprised the Old man in Black did not commanded her extermination and even promised asylum in exchange for a favor. She gave the girl a scroll with confidential content and told her to deliver it to Hanzo. She afraid wanted to refuse but the man in black promise that she would have asylum in Konoha if the deed of delivering the scroll to Hanzo was successful.

The girl not having no other option return alone this time to report to Hanzo. Telling him she and her group was interfere with opposite forces and wanted to deliver information to him. Hanzo was apprehensive since he notice how the girl look at him. He knew that the plan failed but wonder why the girl had the guts to return. Upon getting the scroll and seeing it was not a trap read the scroll. The girl did not knew what was written but Hanzo eyes show a little surprise. After reading she inform the girl she was going to participate in the upcoming chunnin exams and that this was going to be her last mission.

This put the girl in panic thinking this was another mission were he was planning on getting rid from her, but upon hearing her mission it was mostly about her being exchange to Konoha as a potential soldier for them in exchange for a bounty of resource which Hanzo needed. If she fail to become a bargaining ship she could consider herself as exile and to never return.

She accepted since she had no saying on the matter and no place to return since all her family was dead. But she got reaffirm by the man in black with no right arm again saying if Konoha didn't take her in broad daylight she could still join it in the shadows and still capable of having citizenship on Konoha. After all it look like his grandpa was a informant of this old man and he owe his grandpa a favor.

The day came when she had to depart away from the land of rain for the first time and most likely her last too since she was going to be banished either way if or not her mission was successful. She was granted 3 escort ninjas 2 to play as her team mates in the Chunnin exam and the last as her instructor/sensei.

After the exam they would leave without her leaving her to her faith as a banished shinobi. On her travel to Konoha for the first time of her life didn't feel as oppressed has for the she saw the light of day. She never knew there was such a bright light outside the Land of Rain. For the first time she cried her heart out at such beautiful sight.

Upon arriving at Konoha she couldn't believe how pretty the place was, so lively so peaceful and all their citizens look happy and friendly. This took her a big shock compared to the land of rain. Now she had a small smile barely visible to her since she imagine living here even if she was not allowed to be in the light but as a shadow to protect the happy faces of this citizens.

Passing the written exam was easy, she got all her answers from intercepting the signals of the Kumo ninjas since water was everywhere in the air.(there is no such thing as no water if not the air would be supper dry and would be hard to breath). So she pick up the morse code answers being transmitted in the air by static electricity. She despise Kumo ninja's so in the second exam she evaded them like if they where nasty bugs. So she didn't had to confront them as she noticed the Kumo ninjas were as strong as Jounnins and fighting 3 was going to be problematic.

The girl finally saw a weak team easy for the takin since her escorts were not doing anything for her. She fought and finished off 3 poor Hidden Grass ninjas but decided not to kill them. Once she managed to get her scroll she headed to the tower being the first to arrived by twillight with her team.

For the next 4 days she passed on thinking how she could convince the Hokage to give her asylum. Since she never actually met the man and was nervous, this got her on a depression spiral for those days for her to kool off she decided to not show emotions so she had that depress uninterested look at the day of the preliminaries of the 3rd exam.

She got lucky having to fight a nobody since her opponent was to tired and only manage to summon some puny snakes. She washed away the poor girl with a tidal wave and finished her with water prison suffocating the poor snake girl.

The other fights continued, she was shocked at the ability of most of the Konoha Gennins she couldn't believe they were even Gennins since there chakras were at Jounnin levels, or at least for most of them which by curiosity were all carrying some type of sword or long blade with them.

The fights that got ingrained on her were the fights between the sick ninja, the white eye fat kid that created a storm tornado tempest, the ninja with crimson red eyes that look like desintegrated and rearrange himself and the dashing young kid in a white shirt with white vest and navy blue collar with chain mail under his shirt and black pants short reaching below his knees. She couldn't believe how fast he was and how beautiful was his sword strikes that aim at the poor Mist Ninja.

It look like the Konoha ninjas were leagues above the other villages and this impress her allot since this village look fine and didn't look like in a warring state has her land of rain. So she couldn't phantom how their Gennins got to this power levels without experiencing war.

After the ordeal of the preliminaries her escorts left her that day leaving her alone. The day finally came and she had gotten an appointment with the Hokage. When she finally open the door and met him, he was accompany with a older lady next to him. The girl didn't mind and started to talk about he Hokage about asylum and even presented a scroll given by Hanzo. The Hokage was concerned and open and read it, the older lady next to him was reading it too.

She then look at the poor girl, frowning a little. I then proceeded to explain my situation and that I was a Blood line limit, that Hanzo wanted to get rid off me and that there was no more needed for my services there.

 The girl finally started to cry since while explaining this she could kind of see her grandparents on  this two people. Specially the Hokage which resemble his old Grandpa,(obviously his grampa was not tan and was pale skin but the general vibe the Hokage emaniated was similar, like you could trust him completely).

The older lady then approach the poor girl and hug her to relief her depression/sadness. After finally calming down the old lady then nag to the Hokage which surprise her, trying to conviced him to give me asylum and citizenship.

The Hokage denied her at first since he said that could be a problem even if the girl was a Blood Line limit and could take allot of time. Even if she was accepted she would most likely end up being a Root agent for Danzo. This got in the bad side of the old lady and said to her that it was easy if they only engage the girl with his son, giving her a daughter in law, which she insinuated that she always wanted a daugther.

 This made the Hokage scrunch his eyebrows massaging them with his hand. He gave in to the old lady which I discover than that she was the Hokage's wife. The Hokage then gave in to her wife but not before having a Yamanka check her to verify the girl was not lying. After some sessions with the Yamanaka intelligence corp, the girl was cleared.

The Hokage smile at peace and welcome her to the family since she would become her future daughter in law. Which the girl accepted, curious on who was his son. Discovering it was the young dashing kid in white in the preliminaries. She was happy since she had a good impression of him. The older lady introduce herself as Biwako, and guided her to her family compound, she got inform that his fiance was training hard for the final Chunnin exams, reminding the girl she had to do the same since she was taking the exams. The girl Lluvia was given a place to stay and a compound all for herself to train. Having the Hokage who reminded her of her gramps and her wife as they would drop by to check on her and talk about his son Asuma, also play games like shogi, go, mind puzzles and tea party with her mother in law and with the ex-maid of  Asuma all enthusiastic talking about how Asuma was raise.



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