Rebirth: Trash to Treasure Chapter 9: A Partnership to Everyone!


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The people surrounding him felt like crying. Were they really that worthless to the powerful CEO, so much that a scheduled meeting would be pushed aside for a simple phone call? However, the CEO seemed think they were as invisible as flies and gave his undivided attention to his ePhone X.

"S-something happened with my previous job," Lu Cheng barely managed to calm her raging emotions by grinding her teeth when thinking back to how she was fired. If Qiu Yuhan hadn't intervened with his cocky mug, she would have been absolutely fine.

She continued calmly after quickly suppressing her inner emotions, "And I was wondering if you had any jobs that involved errr *cough* I mean any jobs like security guards or bodyguards?"

Lu Cheng felt that she had no chance of getting a job. After all, Orture was a company involving artists like actors and musicians. They were mainly focused on entertainment. And although there were many bodyguard jobs for protecting a famous celebrity, many of them would be taken. Only the best and most trustworthy fighters would be hired.

She doubted that there would be any jobs available for a person like her. As such, she prepared herself mentally for rejection. The fact that she was talking to a CEO famed for coldness was a feat in of itself. She should already consider herself lucky.

"We have dozens!" Su Jiang blurted out without hesitation.

"D-dozens?!" Lu Cheng felt her jaw drop in awe. She hadn't even expected for a single one to be open, let alone dozens. Just what was her luck?!

Su Jiang smacked himself in the head in idiocy.

What was he saying?! Dozens? Bah! He was being too blunt, too straightforward. If he continued in such a way, who knew how fast he would lose her!

Patience, he reminded himself. Although containing his intense craving for her was unbelievably hard the possible the most difficult thing he had to do in his lifetime, the fear of losing her was even more frightening. Su Jiang didn't know what he would do if she told him to leave and never to speak with her again. Just thinking about it made him shiver in fear, a procedure he didn't even know he could do.

"Really? That's great! Do you think that I could apply for one?" Lu Cheng recovered from the shock and asked excitedly. She completely forgot all her worries. Sister-in-law man, Qiu Yuhan and revenge. It seemed that the world was finally rewarding her for her efforts.

Su Jiang smiled dumbly and felt his face redden up. Instantly, a feeling of strong happiness consumed him, surging through every part of his body. It was like whenever she was happy, he was too, like their two minds were connected.

His hunger for her grew exponentially and he had to, for the first time in forever, breath in and out to calm himself. This woman was his weakness, his Achilles heel, his weak link.

"Mmmm," Su Jiang managed to say, his hand clutching his beating heart.

Lu Cheng have herself a fist bump and grinned openly, a rare smile with true feelings.

"Where can I apply?" Lu Cheng asked eagerly.

"Online," Su Jiang said.

"Ok! Thank you so much!" Lu Cheng beamed and hung up. It appeared that things were finally looking up for her!

Su Jiang, on the other hand, smiled at his phone like a lovestruck high schooler.

It was like all the urges and feelings that he had missed out on were suddenly striking him at once, in the form of a lustful crush. First, he would hate that he was feeling such useless emotions, but then he would think back at Lu Cheng's godly smile, he suddenly felt like it was all worth it.

He always put logic and benefit in front of feelings, taking the most practical approach and ruling out silly emotions that would only cloud his thinking. But now, all his logic was thrown out the window whenever he saw her.

Everything he had once mocked in others, came thrashing back at him. All this 'love' and 'happiness', once things that meant nothing to him, were now his entire world.

He couldn't understand how a common security guard would be able to bring out his inner most desires, feelings that remained hidden from even him. He wanted to cage it, control it, tame it, but it was simply too violent and unpredictable.

He would have a plan in mind and resolved to stick to it, but when it came time to actually do it, he would freeze up.

Su Jiang sighed, feeling a bit helpless to his emotions.

He looked up at the colorless faces of the companies that watched him blush and smile and waved his hand slowly. His gentle and loving aura disappeared instantly when approaching them and his eyes saw threw all their secret techniques and tricks.

"Orture will partner with all of you," Su Jiang said regally.

The companies looked at each other and blessed the person on the other side of the phone call. They smiled widely, not expecting to get the deal after the phone call. They saw his distant and frigid frown and assumed he was in a bad mood after the call.

However, if any of the Orture employees saw their boss currently, they would be astonished at Su Jiang's amazing mood.

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