Rebirth: Trash to Treasure Chapter 11: Zhuan Xiuying's Major Screw Up


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Meanwhile, oblivious to the shock she had caused, Lu Cheng was happily preparing her resume. She grabbed her papers and her handbag, looking at herself in the mirror. After being satisfied with her appearance, she got in her car and drove to Orture, hoping for the best.

She had applied for an interview and it had gotten accepted almost instantly. Although it was mildly suspicious, Lu Cheng chose not to dwell on it, as it was not something bad.

She grinned maliciously. Her revenge could finally be started. Thanking Qiu Yuhan slightly for giving her the opportunity, vengeful thoughts began to pile up.

Front entrance of Orture, thirty minutes later

Lu Cheng breathed out and walked forward, praying that she would get the job.

The moment she walked in, there was an attendant waiting to nervously. She was a bit curious, but deciding to mind her own business, she walked up to the receptionist and asked.

The moment she looked up, Lu Cheng saw her aloof frown. She immediately recognized her as the receptionist that had answered her call and internally prepared herself.

"Miss, I have an interview for a bodyguard job. Could you please tell me which floor it will take place in?" Lu Cheng said.

"Of course," The receptionist said coldly, "What is your name and your interview time?"

"My interview time is 12:00 and my name is Lu Ch-" Lu Cheng hadn't even finished her sentence when she saw the receptionist's eyes widen in shock and the attendant sigh in relief.

At this point, Lu Cheng had no idea what was going on. Why were they so shocked? Wasn't this the cold and aloof receptionist from before? Why had her reaction changed so fast?

"M-Miss Lu Cheng! Please follow me. I will escort you to your interview," the attendant hastily walked up to Lu Cheng and signaled for her to follow along.

She had been stationed there by Zhuan Xuiying. Her orders were to bring her to the interview room and to curry favor with her in any way. She didn't understand why but had enough intelligence to understand that she was very important. Therefore, she had been nervous to meet Lu Cheng. As far as she knew, anyone with any sort of status or power would be extremely arrogant and cocky.

All she could do was pray that Lu Cheng's personality wasn't so bad.

But, to her surprise, Lu Cheng wasn't to the least bit cocky. Maybe her eyes shone icily from time to time, but all in all, she seemed with humble.

Lu Cheng followed without question, but her mind was churning out questions. Why was there an attendant for her? Why was she being escorted? Why was the receptionist so shocked? And, most importantly, why had Su Hong called her sister-in-law?

Lu Cheng felt her head ache when confronted with such questions. At least her old life used to be semi-peaceful.

Forget it, she had an interview to focus on. She couldn't keep thinking about these unanswerable questions, or her head might explode. She rubbed her forehead and pushed all of her questions always.

The attendant stopped and led Lu Cheng to the interview room.

Lu Cheng thanked her and entered cautiously. Although she knew it was merely an interview, it was her instinct to be on guard when entering an unknown area. She creaked the door open slowly and saw Zhuan Xiuying sitting silently.

Lu Cheng looked at him awkwardly and sat down on the chair in front of his desk. After sitting there for a few minutes, the awkward silence was too much for her to endure and she coughed out, "G-good morning..."

Zhuan Xiuying examined her with more vigor and his eyes darted around as if they were excited.

"Umm," Lu Cheng scratched her head nervously.

"Why does Su Jiang like you so much? You're not that beautiful," Zhuan Xiuying mused softly, staring intently at Lu Cheng.


"Hm? Did I say that out loud? My bad."


"Su Hong acted all suspicious too..."

"Excuse me?"

"What, you don't know Su Jiang has a major crush on you?"

Lu Cheng's eyes widened, and she shook her head furiously.

"..." Zhuan Xiuying's eyes widened as well and he covered his mouth, realizing what he had just revealed. He hadn't known that Lu Cheng hadn't figured out Su Jiang's feelings yet.

"F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck," Zhuan Xiuying ran his hand through his hair frantically, finally grasping how screwed he was, "No no no no no! Why did I have to run my f*cking mouth! I'm f*cking dead!"

There was no way that the king of hell, Su Jiang, would spare him if he ruined his chances of winning this woman over. And if what Su Hong had said was true, and he was really madly in love, then even his dead spirit wouldn't be safe.

He hurriedly phoned Su Hong, completely ignoring Lu Cheng.

"Su Hong, bro, you gotta help me!" He begged desperately.

"What happened?" Su Hong asked.

"I think I might have ruined Su Jiang's chances with Lu Cheng..."

"Well, you're f*cked."

"No no no no no! I don't want to die!!!"

"Just accept your fate. If you really did mess with Su Jiang's chances, then I don't even think you will be able to live your afterlives in peace."

"Waaaaaa! What do I do?!"

"Sorry, but I don't want to get involved. If you wanted to die, don't drag me down with you!"

"F*cking tratior!!!"

"Your last chance is to either fix your mistake or curry favor with her."

Su Hong mercilessly hung up, leaving Zhuan Xiuying once again. Zhuan Xiuying was near crying. Just a simple slip of his mouth had caused him such misfortune!

Lu Cheng listened with immense shock, a sliver of intrigue and a dash anger.

Did this Zhuan Xiuying not know she was right there? Was her presence invisible? Did she simply not exist in his world? And more importantly, WHAT WAS GOING ON?!?!

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