Rebirth: Trash to Treasure Chapter 10: Fellow Gossipers


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Su Jiang walked to his office, still holding his phone close as if it were a treasured heirloom.

After arriving, he opened the door and sat down in front of his desk. Hastily, he dialed his phone, punching in a few numbers. It rung for a second become someone immediately picked up.

"I'm heading over immediately boss. I hope five hundred troops will be enough because that's all I brought," The voice said frantically.

Su Jiang face blacken and his furious aura blasted out, making a few of the employees that surrounded his office shiver in fear. They immediately pitied the one that the aura was directed at. If even they felt the shiver from so far way, then one could only imagine how scary being the person it was directed at.

"No need," Su Jiang said coldly.

"Eh? But the last time you called me, you needed a hundred troops immediately," He said with great confusion. His boss was someone that only talked if absolutely necessary. Calling even though he wasn't in immediate danger was very weird. So, he naturally assumed something serious had happened.

"Are there any open jobs in the security division in this building?" Su Jiang asked, ignoring his previous lines.

The person he had called was Zhuan Xiuying, the head of Security. However, although his title was merely the head of security, he had much more power than that. He controlled thousands of trained bodyguards and bouncers. Security was only a disguise to mask the secrets that he hid.

But basically, he was the one who was going to be Lu Cheng's new boss.

"Not at the moment," Zhuan Xiuying said after pondering for a moment. He was a bit suspicious but, knowing the merciless personality of his boss, he held back.

"Fire someone," Su Jiang said bluntly.

"What?" At this point, Zhuan Xiuying could no longer control himself and blurted out, "Why?"

Outside of his work life, he loved to gossip; it was like his second nature. And he always longed for the day to see some juicy gossip from Su Jiang. And now that an opportunity had presented itself, how could he not grasp it?

"And when Lu Cheng," Su Jiang softened up at the mention of her name, "comes for an interview, give her that job."

"WHAT?!" Zhuan Xiuying shouted into his phone. Did Su Jiang just talk about a girl?!

"Oh, and if you speak of this conversation to anyone, you can say goodbye to your job," Su Jiang hmphed, knowing the instincts of his employee. He hung up quickly and leaned back against his chair.

He dreamily thought of Lu Cheng and how he would be able see her every day. He grinned at the image of her in an Orture logo and was in a good mood for the entire day. It turns out he wasn't as immovable as he thought he was.

Zhuan Xiuying found himself looking at his phone like he was hallucinating. D-did he hear that right? Was Su Jiang talking about the female gender?!

He quickly dialed up Su Hong in excitement.

"Who is Lu Cheng and why is your brother so interested in her?" He demanded furiously.

Never in his life did he think that Su Jiang would be attracted to a girl. He needed to know what was up. Although he was almost certain that he was assuming too much, that Lu Cheng was merely a business accomplice, he wanted to believe that it was true that he was in love.

And since he knew that Su Hong was as passionate about gossip as he was, he would be the first person to find out.

"Lu Cheng?" Su Hong asked for realizing what he was talking about, "Ohhhhhh you mean sister-in-law."

"WHAT!!!!!!!!!" Zhuan Xiuying coughed in disbelief. Su Hong sounded so calm, as if it was common knowledge. Was it only him that didn't know Su Jiang had a woman now? And sister-in-law? His mind was so fumbled right now.

"Mmmm, yes definitely," Su Hong nodded seriously, knowing what his fellow gossiper meant, "He's so deep in love that he can't even think straight."

"..." Zhuan Xiuying.

"S-so, he finally found a girl?" Zhuan Xiuying said, still not recovered from the previous shock he received.

"No, not at all," Su Hong shook his head.

"What do you mean?" Zhuan Xiuying asked in confusion. Wasn't Su Jiang in love?

"He hasn't managed to woo her in yet," Su Hong sighed sadly.

"Really? Su Jiang hasn't wooed her yet?" Zhuan Xiuying said with surprise. He just naturally assumed that any woman that caught Su Jiang's eye would jump into his embrace.

"Well, it's kind of complicated and-" Su Hong paused in the middle of his sentence and was silent for a few seconds.

"Well? Don't leave a brother hanging!" Zhuan Xiuying pushed impatiently.

"Sorry bro, Su Jiang just texted me and told me that if I tell you anymore, he'd have me skinned," Su Hong said apologetically.

"What! You can't do that! You've already got me hooked!!!" Zhuan Xiuying begged.

"My lips are sealed," Su Hong said, "Just don't offend her no matter the cost. She's pretty scary herself and if you displease her, Su Jiang will murder you!"

With that, he hung up, leaving Zhuan Xiuying stomping in anger. Su Jiang had come in at the worst time, ruining all his fun! If he just waited a second more...! Zhuan Xiuying fumed and threw his phone across the room.

Arghhhh! Su Jiang was too good!

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