Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 823: Kill Without Mercy!


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Nie Yan had no intention of letting Okoron turn into ruins!

Adjudicator of God!

Nie Yan suddenly accelerated and shot toward Phantom Princess Ina.

Phantom Princess Ina’s torso was more than 10 meters above the ground. Her lower body was that of an enormous octopus with jet black skin and numerous thick and powerful tentacles.

Nie Yan leaped into the air and pounced toward Phantom Princess Ina’s torso.

Phantom Princess Ina whipped one of her thick and solid tentacles toward Nie Yan. Even in the middle of chanting, she could still freely attack with her tentacles!

Just as Nie Yan was about to be struck by one of the tentacles, he twisted his body in mid-air. At the same time, he brandished his dagger and drew a crimson streak through the air. PUFF! The tentacle was sliced off.

Gravity took over and Nie Yan started falling to the ground. As he made a rapid descent, he delivered a fearsome kick to Phantom Princess Ina’s lower body.

The power behind this kick was quite frightening.

BAM! Phantom Princess Ina staggered back, barely retaining her balance. However, this still didn’t interrupt her chanting.

Nie Yan borrowed the force generated with the kick to spin around and slash Phantom Princess Ina with his dagger before following up with an elbow strike. Afterwards, he kicked off a tentacle which came whipping towards him and propelled himself high enough to deliver another heavy kick to her midsection.

Nie Yan’s kicks had a powerful knockback effect. His relentless assault caused her to stagger several more steps back. Her incantation was interrupted for a short few seconds, but after stabilizing herself, she resumed chanting.

Kicks were effective. Nie Yan definitely couldn’t let Phantom Princess Ina continue chanting. If she got off her Forbidden Magic, Okoron would be finished!

All of Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacles came wrapping towards Nie Yan.

Nie Yan tried to close in on Phantom Princess Ina’s torso several times, only to be repelled by her tentacles.

Even if he couldn’t hit the human portion of her body, Nie Yan still had to stop her from chanting!

Nie Yan entered a state of absolute focus as he nimbly started dodging the tentacles and retaliated with a flurry of attacks. Phantom Assassination! Backbreaker! Lacerate!

With the black flames burning fiercely, everyone but Nie Yan had retreated to a safe distance of at least 300 meters away. They could only see a silhouette dancing around Phantom Princess Ina’s body. Nie Yan’s astonishing speed left them speechless. Was this still within the realm of what a human was capable to achieve!?

The awareness and reaction speed required to achieve such a state was absolutely mind boggling!

1-hit combo, 2-hit combo, 3-hit combo… After being interrupted, Nie Yan would start over again. 1- hit combo, 2-hit combo, 3-hit combo...

As time passed, Nie Yan’s attacks became smoother and smoother. Thanks to the effects of the Unlimited Bladeworks skill, his skills linked together much more easily. His attacks were fluid like water.

30,000 damage, 60,000 damage, 120,000 damage.

Nie Yan’s damage doubled for every next hit in the combo.

Nie Yan finally realized how frightening of a skill Unlimited Bladeworks was. If he pulled off a 5-hit combo or higher, the damage he dealt would be unimaginable.

BAM! Phantom Princess Ina staggered back, her chant coming to a short pause. Before she could even start chanting again, she received another kick and was interrupted again.

In this fashion, Phantom Princess Ina was continuously forced back. Every time she was about to continue chanting her Forbidden Magic, she would be interrupted.

Phantom Princess Ina managed to get out another three syllables. The wind started howling, and clouds of raging black flames blotted out the sky over Okoron. The surrounding temperature heated up.

Nie Yan could tell from the violent magic fluctuations in the air that this spell was powerful enough to obliterate Okoron!

Nie Yan couldn’t help but become anxious. Phantom Princess Ina only needed to chant a few more syllables. If he let her, the consequences would be disastrous!

“Mo-reh-ka…” Phantom Princess Ina had just chanted out another three syllables, when Nie Yan rushed forward and planted his foot deep into her abdomen.

Phantom Princess Ina staggered several steps back as her fleshy lower body violently shrunk back.

Nie Yan’s attacks were fierce beyond compare.

3-hit combo!

A tentacle came whipping towards Nie Yan. If he were to dodge out of the way, the combo would break, and Phantom Princess Ina would take advantage of this opportunity to cast her Forbidden Magic. This was a do-or-die moment! Darkbright Barrier! A dark golden membrane of light wrapped around his body. “HAAAH!” He braved the attack head-on and countered with an elbow strike.

BAM! The barrier instantly shattered into a million shards of light.


Nie Yan’s health plummeted by more than half. Thankfully, it wasn’t an instant kill. The Darkbright Barrier had saved him.

4-hit combo! Nie Yan’s elbow strike dealt over 240,000 damage.

“GYAAAH!” Phantom Princess Ina staggered back. The Forbidden Magic was delayed again. She controlled her tentacles to wrap around Nie Yan.

Any ordinary boss would’ve had their magic broken after taking such a fearsome blow. However, Phantom Princess Ina was no ordinary boss. She could still continue chanting. This was what made her frightening to deal with!

As tentacles threatened to constrict him, Nie Yan suddenly switched over to Zennarde’s Sword.

“ANNIHILATION SLASH!” Nie Yan hollered as he slashed down with his blade.

10 flaming energy swords merged into one and came cleaving down on Phantom Princess Ina.

PUFF! PUFF! PUFF! All the tentacles were cut apart and burned away.


Nie Yan smirked. It was a pity his combo was broken after getting hit. However, he had bought enough time.

After being hit by the Annihilation Slash, Phantom Princess Ina wailed out in pain. The damage done to her body was too severe. It would take some time for her tentacles to regrow.

Nie Yan checked Phantom Princess Ina’s health bar. She still had a little over 3,000,000 health left!

After executing the Annihilation Slash, Nie Yan switched back to the Tyrant Abak Set. As his body came plummeting towards the ground, he borrowed the downward momentum to spin around and plunge his dagger into Phantom Princess Ina’s spine with Backbreaker.

Since Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacles were still regenerating, nothing could stop him now. He followed up with two consecutive kicks.

CRASSSH! Phantom Princess Ina was knocked to the ground. Her tentacle stumps flailed about as she struggled to upright herself.

Nie Yan had finally done enough. The Forbidden Magic was broken as the sky above Okoron cleared up.

The crisis was resolved!

Nie Yan’s heart was racing. He succeeded in stopping the Forbidden Magic. However, at this moment, something strange was happening. Phantom Princess Ina erupted into flames, letting out miserable cries as she trashed about in agony.

Nie Yan hurriedly retreated some distance. Phantom Princess Ina’s body was like a burning piece of paper, slowly turning into ash and blowing away with the wind. She was crumbling apart at a speed visible to the naked eye!

It suddenly hit Nie Yan. This was the frightening effect of failing to cast a spell. Magic rebound! If a powerful spell was broken mid-cast, the caster would suffer a powerful backlash. Worst case scenario, they would instantly die. Best case scenario, they would be severely weakened and lose all their mana.

Phantom Princess Ina was already at very low health to begin with. After suffering the backlash from having her Forbidden Magic broken, a damage value of over 3,000,000 floated up above her head. She let out a mournful cry as the last of her returned to dust.

The raging flames gradually dissipated, leaving behind a patch of blackened ground.

Clink! Clink! Clink! A ton of loot, ranging from coins to gems and equipment, fell down where Phantom Princess Ina died.

What a haul!

Nie Yan estimated at least 30 gems had dropped!

Seeing Nie Yan stopping Phantom Princess Ina from casting her Forbidden Magic and her dying from the resulting backlash, all the onlookers were excited beyond belief. This was a Level 180 Demonified Lord! The scene of her rampaging through Okoron was still fresh in their minds.

There were at least 100,000 players in the surroundings who had personally witnessed Nie Yan killing Phantom Princess Ina. The emotions they were feeling right now couldn’t be described in words. Nie Yan was undoubtedly a legend, an existence who stood at the apex of Conviction!

While everyone was caught up in the moment, someone suddenly shouted.


These words immediately set off an uproar. Tens of thousands of players suddenly made a mad scramble for the loot.

Of these 100,000 players, almost 70% were non-guild members. Even though they feared Asskickers United, the allure of Phantom Princess Ina’s drops was too great. Any single piece of loot could sell for an enormous sum of gold. Even if they had to delete their accounts and restart from scratch, it would still be worth it. They surged forward like a tidal wave. Every single one of them wanted to get a piece of the pie.

With so many people fighting over the loot, even if someone took one or two gems, no one would notice, right? This what what they were all thinking.

Seeing this scene, Nie Yan’s face darkened. After braving such a huge risk to kill Phantom Princess Ina, he was not about to let the loot fall into someone else’s hands, especially considering how much damage Okoron had suffered!

「Suppress the crowd! Anyone that tries to steal the loot, kill them without mercy!」

「B-but Boss, so many people...」

「Do I have to repeat myself?」NIe Yan coldly asked. Asskickers United was the Viridian Empire’s number one guild. Even though they had a policy of not antagonizing anyone without just cause, when the situation called for it, they would mercilessly crush anyone that challenged their authority!

「Understood!」The players from Asskickers United knew Nie Yan’s words were ironclad!

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