Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 822: An Ant Trying to Topple an Oak


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Phantom Princess Ina was barrelling forward. The players up ahead frantically tried to get out of the way.

The road ahead of him was blocked by a human wall. Nie Yan was just about to soar over the crowd with Leap, when more than 20 people suddenly appeared in front of him.

These 20 players weren’t running away like everyone else. Rather, they moved in to surround Nie Yan.

Ursine Transformation!

Three druids transformed into large bears and charged at Nie Yan.

Tempest Rage!

Umbra Arrow!

The Shamans and Druids unleashed their magic.

Three elven Thieves entered stealth and stalked around Nie Yan, ready to strike when the moment presented itself.

They moved like an experienced and skilled team of experts.

Some distance away, Xie Yao and several of the other Masters noticed Nie Yan getting surrounded by 20 players. They immediately sensed something wrong.

「Boss, watch out!」

「Nie Yan!」

Nie Yan was in danger! With Phantom Princess Ina chasing him from behind, he had little to no time to react to anything else. Everyone who saw his predicament broke out in a cold sweat on his behalf.

Not just Xie Yao, Undying Scoundrel, and others, also those watching the livestream online felt their breath stagnate.

Clemenci Stronghold, Angel Corps’ guild headquarters. Soaring Angel and Cao Xu were watching the live feed from the comfort of their seats.

Seeing 20 players ambushing Nie Yan out of nowhere, Soaring Angel couldn’t help but glance over at Cao Xu.

“I’m impressed, Brother Cao,” Soaring Angel said. His people were still rushing over to Okoron, while the Century Financial Group had already taken action.

Cao Xu chuckled.

Soaring Angel’s tone suddenly changed. “If it were me in that situation, I would be dead without a doubt. But our opponent is Nirvana Flame.”

Cao Xu furrowed his eyebrows. Nie Yan was indeed a tough nut to crack. More than a few instances came to mind where they thought he was dead for sure, only for him to make it out alive.


Phantom Princess Ina slammed down with one of her tentacles.

Nie Yan leaped out of the way. BOOOM! Phantom Princess Ina’s tentacle struck the ground beside him. The stone brick streets were crushed into rubble.

Just when Nie Yan was planning to use the Illusion Steps to attract Phantom Princess Ina’s attention, dozens of spells came raining towards him. He also felt the ground beneath him go soft. Quagmire! His stats dropped slightly. The enemy had cursed him too! Luckily, the Tyrant Abak Set offered high magic resistance, so these curses had minimal effect.

Nie Yan twisted his body as the spells whizzed right past him, mere inches from striking him.

Nie Yan immediately locked his gaze onto the perpetrators. They were definitely sent by Angel Corps or the Century Financial Group!

Fools! Nie Yan inwardly snickered. He suddenly erupted with killing intent as a profound light blossomed from his eyes. Eye of Truth!

Three Thieves appeared in Nie Yan’s vision.

The three bear form Druids came charging forward. Nie Yan leaped into the air and soared over them. After landing back on the ground, he shot forward like a spring and pounced on one of the Warriors.

“Stop him!”

“Don’t let him get away!”

The Mages and Shamans released a barrage of magic.

Death Immune!

BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Nie Yan was struck by eight spells, as a string of damage values ranging between 30–40 floated up above his head. Thanks to Death Immune, the additional effects of these spells were blocked.

Seeing Nie Yan closing in on him, the Warrior brandished his greatsword. Letting out a low shout, his muscles suddenly swelled in size.

A berserk skill!

“Die!” The Warrior slashed down as a powerful sword energy swept forth.

An ant trying to topple an oak! Nie Yan coldly smiled. He activated Gale Ambush. With an explosive increase in speed, he suddenly arrived in front of the Warrior.

BANG! The Warrior’s sword struck Nie Yan, dealing a little over 300 damage.

The difference in gear quality between both sides was enormous. The Warrior wore Level 130 equipment. Even though he even had a few Sub Legendary and Legendary-grade pieces, they really didn’t count for anything in front of Nie Yan’s Level 180 Tyrant Abak Set.

Nie Yan took the Warrior’s attack head-on and slashed out with his two daggers. PSHFT! PSFHT! PSHFT! He landed three consecutive blows.

THUD! The 17,000 health Warrior collapsed on the ground.

At the same time, a string of damage values floated up above the heads of the other 19 players closing in on Nie Yan. THUD! THUD! THUD! They dropped dead on the ground.

This was the effect of the Slaughter Aura! All enemies within the range of this aura would take splash damage from Nie Yan’s attacks!

The ground was littered with corpses.

Phantom Princess Ina’s three tentacles came slamming down. Nie Yan immediately leaped out of the way, soaring dozens of meters in the air before landing on a building. After which he dashed away.

Miserable screams rang out behind Nie Yan. Phantom Princess Ina continued madly slaughtering the surrounding players.

Nie Yan and the 20 players from the Century Financial Group had only clashed for a short few seconds, but it was enough to leave everyone speechless. A single exchange was all he needed to wipe them all out. Too frightening!

Many people impatiently hit the replay button of the clip and ran it in slow motion. They wanted to learn how Nie Yan accomplished such a feat.

“What kind of skill is that? It deals AoE splash damage?”

“If I’m not mistaken, there’s a skill called Shadow Slaughter that has that effect.”

“Those idiots actually dared to ambush Nirvana Flame. They were pretty much asking to die.”

It wasn’t hard to guess these perpetrators were sent by Angels Corps or the Century Financial Group to take Nie Yan out. Unfortunately for them, their little plot ended up in a complete failure. Their normal attacks only hit for 30–50 damage at most. Meanwhile, Nie Yan had over 60,000 health! Were they looking to die, or what?

Hiding in a corner and ready to ambush Nie Yan at any time, Firefox Magic and the rest gazed at each other with pale faces. If they’d joined that battle, the outcome wouldn’t have been any different. They reported their initial failure to Cao Xu and waited for further orders.


Cao Xu and Soaring Angel never expected such an outcome either. They looked at each other with bitter smiles.

“Brother Cao, it looks like these sorts of methods will no longer work on Nirvana Flame. That bastard is too overpowered after obtaining the Tyrant Abak Set. A Level 180 Legendary set, I wonder how he managed to get his hands on that. Such an incredibly rare set isn’t easy to collect,” Soaring Angel muttered, his voice filled with helplessness. How could he not hope that the people dispatched by Cao Xu would smoothly kill Nie Yan? However, it was too difficult of a task.

Cao Xu’s face was gloomy. Even though the people he dispatched weren’t Masters, they were still the most talented players under him. He had outfitted them with the best equipment available, among which quite a few pieces were Legendary-grade. However, when this group attacked Nie Yan, they could only deal a few dozen damage. Even when using a special skill like the Warrior did, 300 damage was the most they could do. Their attacks barely tickled. Meanwhile, Nie Yan cut down all 20 of them in the blink of an eye.

“Besides Masters, ordinary players can’t touch him. Fan, my boy, let’s put aside our past grievances and work together on this. If we let Nirvana Flame grow any further, there won’t be a place for us here anymore. We should hurry up and produce some more Masters,” Cao Xu said. He felt an increasing sense of urgency.

“We will, Brother Cao. There’s no denying it. We’ll have to work together on this matter. If I can ever be of help, feel free to contact me.”

This was Nie Yan’s first debut after donning the Tyrant Abak Set. This Legendary set left a deep impression on the minds of all players.

Nie Yan led Phantom Princess Ina in circles around the city. Since he was hitting like a truck, all her aggro was focused onto him. The surrounding players, arrow towers, turrets, and catapults could freely let loose with their attacks.

Phantom Princess Ina destroyed over 70 buildings, turning the entire east district of Okoron into ruins. The number of casualties exceeded 160,000. Many players even died several times.

After nearly six hours of bitter struggle, Phantom Princess Ina health finally dropped to 10%.

“We’re almost there guys! Just a little more!

Everyone’s endurance and physical strength was being pushed to the limit. They’d fought Phantom Princess Ina for hours and had died more times than they could count. Seeing her health dip below 10%, they all felt somewhat impatient to finish her off.

Phantom Princess Ina chanted an incantation. Raging black flames came to life, setting ablaze everything within a 300-meter radius.

The players caught in the flames died instantly.

Holy Descent!

Taking advantage of the brief period of magic immunity, Nie Yan dashed out of the flames. He glanced back over his shoulder and saw Phantom Princess Ina’s pale face glaring within the pitch black flames. She was chanting a cryptic incantation.

Phantom Princess Ina looked like a demoness from hell at this moment.

Alarm bells went off in Nie Yan’s head. He couldn’t imagine the destructive might the Forbidden Magic of a Level 180 Demonified Lord possessed. If Phantom Princess Ina were allowed to finish chanting, would there be anything left of Okoron?

Having built Okoron from the ground up, Nie Yan wouldn’t stand idly by and watch it get destroyed! No! He would stop her! He would save his city! An unprecedented resoluteness flowed over from his heart.

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