Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World Chapter 778: Blood Reaver Corps


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After passing through another horde of Dark Hounds, Nie Yan’s team finally encountered some higher level Dark Hyenas. They looked similar to Dark Hounds, only that they were bigger and covered in sharp bone spurs. As Level 180 Elites, they were much stronger than Dark Hounds, but the experience they provided was many times greater too.

When dealing with these Dark Hyenas, Nie Yan and the others became more vigilant. Nevertheless, their power levelling spree continued. They steadily gained experience, as they moved forward at an impressive speed.

Nie Yan took four days to reach Level 141, six days for Level 142, and 12 days for Level 143. 20 days flew by in the blink of an eye. Yet they had still only seen a fraction of the World of Darkness.

Nie Yan still hadn’t found any traces of Morphest. Glancing inside his bag, the reaction from Paternoster’s Warhammer was growing stronger and stronger. Electricity crackled around it, emanating a frightening power.

Nie Yan didn’t dare to bring Paternoster’s Warhammer out, for fear of inciting trouble.

Dark clouds shrouded the sky, as the atmosphere became stifling.

Nie Yan could sense they were getting closer to Morphest.

Looking towards the south, a mountain poking into the clouds appeared off in the horizon. Black smoke rose up from the peak, giving off a faint red glow. A volcano!

Nie Yan couldn’t explain why. But he felt confident that he’d find Morphest atop the volcano.

Even though the volcano was within sight, Nie Yan could tell it would take them at least a month or two to reach the base. Fortunately, they could take advantage of this time to grind some more levels.


Meanwhile back in the Viridian Empire, Guo Huai was gradually expanding Asskickers United’s influence. The expanse of territory they could realistically control grew larger by the day. As for the Abernathy Great Grasslands, the strongholds in the vicinity of Okoron had already been erected. The city became even more flourishing, with a large number of NPCs going back and forth between them. Businesses were attracted to Okoron because Asskickers United owned it, dollar signs in their eyes, while players were mostly attracted to the many Level 100+ maps surrounding the city.

The security of Okoron was airtight. Though it continued developing at a rapid pace, Nie Yan had hired enough NPC guards to support it.

Okoron was different from NPC cities. Nie Yan had Guo Huai set up many provisions that were beneficial to players, such as lowering taxes, removing tariffs, as well as a system where noble titles could be obtained through contribution to the city. The highest rank title that could be obtained was Earl, and it would be recognized throughout the Viridian Empire and Satreen Empire. This alone attracted countless players.

While Nie Yan and the other Masters were away, a period of peace fell over the Abernathy Great Grasslands. However, this wouldn’t last. Since it was so close to Judgement Valley, more and more Evil Faction players were appearing, and clashes between players from both factions became more frequent. Contrary to expectations, after word of this got out, even more high level players came flocking over. Those heading to Judgement Valley designated Okoron as their hub and supply station. Thanks to the lower taxes, when purchasing potions there, they saved around 5% in costs. When stocking up on potions, this quickly added up. The shops saw money flowing in like water.

Everyone was a winner in Okoron, the players visiting, the businesses setting up shop, and most of all Nie Yan.


On the eastern border of the Abernathy Great Grasslands, three teams of 20 players walked out from Judgement Valley. They all had varying appearances. Some were dark elves, others fallen humans, still others short goblins, and so on. They couldn’t be anymore different from each other, save for the pair of silver wings on their backs. They fluttered back and forth, keeping them slightly airborne as they quickly advanced forward.

A group of 60 Silver Wings! If this were the Demon Tribe's territory, this kind of line-up would definitely be capable of destroying a large guild.

These 60 players didn’t wear any guild emblems. On their shoulders was a crimson coloured epaulet with a bright red flame drawn on it. Scribbled underneath were characters in the Demon Tribe language that read, “Blood Reaver Crops.” Their names were dark red, a demonic red that instilled fear in all who saw it.

All of them had killed hundreds upon hundreds of players from their own faction. Their names were dyed red in the blood of their victims.

“Boss, this is the Abernathy Great Grasslands. It's controlled by Asskickers United,” a short goblin Mage said. He was beyond ugly. His skin was coloured an ashen green and he was only about a third the size of an ordinary player.

“I wonder if Nirvana Flame is around. I hope we don’t encounter that crazy bastard,” Blood Devil said. He was a fallen human Warrior and looked absolutely stunning.

Everyone found Blood Devil’s words a bit strange. Normally, their boss wasn’t afraid of anyone. Even the Demon Tribe’s Pantheon and the Undead Empire’s Fallen Angel had suffered heavy losses at their hands. He didn’t put the guild leaders of these two top guilds in his eyes, but he seemed to think quite highly of Nirvana Flame.

“Hmph, even if we meet Nirvana Flame, he’s no match for us,” a dark elf Thief said in disdain. He had watched videos of Nie Yan before and didn't find him all that amazing. He was just a little bit fast, that’s all. His movements didn't look mysterious or skillful at all.

In reality, all the videos of Nie Yan’s battles online had been slowed down a great deal. If they were played in real time, this dark elf Thief would have a completely different opinion of Nie Yan. Naturally, that predicated on him having the eyesight to keep up with Nie Yan at full speed.

“The fact that Nirvana Flame rules over one empire and can do whatever he wants in the other isn’t luck. Do you think you can infiltrate Pantheon's main stronghold, slaughter their players, and still come out no worse for wear?” Blood Devil shot the dark elf Thief an indifferent glance.

The dark elf Thief was at a loss for words. He wanted to refute, but he didn’t know what to say. He could only mutter, “it’s only his Golden Dragon and that Paladin that are strong…”

Blood Devil chuckled in disdain. He couldn’t be bothered with this dark elf Thief anymore, instead turning to the others and saying, “Remember, we’re only here to clear our red names today. The Glory and equipment are nice bonuses, nothing more. After we clear out an area, we’ll quickly leave. No matter what, we can’t stay in the same place for more than 30 minutes tops!”

“Understood!” the players around Blood Devil answered in unison.

The dark elf Thief also answered. Even though he didn't think much of Nirvana Flame, he still greatly respected Blood Devil. From his point of view, their boss was the strongest player in the game. How could Nirvana Flame ever compare with him?

“Our first target is a village one kilometer up ahead! It has about 30 NPCs, the strongest being a Level 160 Elite, and approximately 700 players. I want everything settled in 20 minutes. Let’s head out!” Blood Devil said. His voice was calm, as though they were taking a stroll through the park.

Everyone picked up their pace. The Thieves entered stealth and disappeared from view. The others spread out and closed in on the village from different directions.

Krans Tribe, this was a quiet and peaceful village with only several houses. It didn’t even have any defensive walls around it. With only 30 NPCs and a few hundred players roaming around here at most, there was no need for it either. Today could be considered more lively than usual. Several teams had gathered here and were preparing to set off to do some levelling.

Several Viridian Empire players were currently chatting.

“I found a gem while out levelling earlier today. I think it’ll sell for at least 300 gold. I’ve been really lucky with drops these past few days.”

“Damn, you really are lucky! I only got two trash pieces of Bronze-grade equipment so far today.”


Their team captain was busy recruiting people. So, they didn’t have anything better to do besides chatting. One of the Mages turned his head and happened to spot six silhouettes in the wilderness rapidly flying towards them.

“What the… Who are they? They have wings on their backs.”

“They’re from the Demon Tribe!”

Hearing it was people from the Demon Tribe, the surrounding players became excited.

“Let’s kill those bastards! Take their equipment!”

The players charged toward Blood Devil’s group. From their perspective, they could easily overwhelm the enemy with numbers. How could losing ever cross their minds when it was hundreds versus only a handful? They had the absolute number advantage, bolstering their confidence.

A human Warrior was just about to charge toward Blood Devil, when the Thief right next to him smacked his head and said, “Idiot, are you looking to die?”

“Huh, what are you talking about?” the Warrior asked in confusion.

“Don’t you see the wings on their backs?”

“What about them?”

“Silver Wings, you dumbass! They’re at the same level as Masters. You’d be throwing away your life charging at them like that! Look at them. See how red their names are? That means they’ve killed thousands if not tens of thousands of noobs like you.”

“Then, what should we do?”

“Hide and use a Return Scroll!”

The two hid in a corner and started activating their Return Scrolls. Gazing up ahead, those Silver Wings and the players from the Viridian Empire had already clashed, resulting in a one-sided slaughter. The Warrior couldn’t help but rejoice. He was right to listen to his boss’ words. With a flash of light, the two disappeared.

Blood Devil waltzed into town. Three Warriors came charging at him. The corner of his lips curved into a cruel smile.

Blood Ambush!

Blood Devil slashed out with his greatsword, firing out a crimson sword beam at one of the Warriors. PSSFHT! Blood flew everywhere as the Warrior crashed into the ground several meters away. An instant kill!

The other two Warriors staggered back in fear. Realizing their opponent was a frightening expert, they turned tail and fled for their lives.

Blood Devil sped up. He was more than two times faster than those Warriors. As he closed in behind one of them, he slashed down with his greatsword.

Blood Ambush!

Another instant kill!

Blood Devil looked around. The Silver Wings under his command were carrying out a one-sided massacre on these players from the Viridian Empire.

“What a bunch of weak idiots!” Blood Devil coldly chuckled. “Kill every last one of them. Don’t leave a single one alive!”

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