Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: XUANRONG Chapter 190: Burn!


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"Halt!!! The capital will no longer allow all of you to enter!! Starting tonight, the capital's gate will close down."
One of the guards spoke in a loud voice.
"What?! Why?!!! How could you!! Our homes were wiped out by the flood. Some of our family members were buried underneath and died without a burial. Our children were not able to survive and died on our way here! How cruel!! We are also Qian Zou's citizen!!"
"That's right!! That's right!! How could you say those words!! We are fellow countrymen!! You should empathize with us!!"
"We no longer have anywhere to go! We walked a thousand miles just to reach the capital, hoping that the government will not abandon us!!"
"We were hoping that they will provide us food and shelter but it turns out, the government and the royal palace are refusing to help us!!"
"Noo!!! You cannot do this to us!!"
"That's right!! We want to enter the capital!!"
"Uaahhh!! Uahhh!! Uuaahhhh!!"
"My child, my poor child!! What will we do now?! Please, have mercy and let us in!!"
The people who was outside the capital's gate were clamoring. Angry shouts, screams and cries… the guards face darkened when they heard those annoying noises.
"Shut up!!!! All of you, shut up!! The government has issued an order!! The capital can no longer support the increase rate of evacuees coming from the outside. Thus, in order to prevent any problem, the government will no longer allow anyone to enter the capital. Besides, according to the royal physicians, because the flood had killed many people and the soil was wet, there is a chance of having an epidemic. Do you want to kill thousands of people here in the capital?! Have you gone mad?! Go! Go to the other towns!! Why must you insist on entering the capital and make things worse?!"
"Nooo!! We will not leave!!"
"Shut up!! We will stay here! We want to enter the capital!!"
"That's right!! The government are very pretentious!!!"
The crowd and the guards stationed at the capital's gate were having a heated dispute.
In the left side of the gate, a carriage was currently at rest. It was a bit bigger than the normal carriage. Although it was large, it remained inconspicuous due to the simplicity of its design.
"Xiao Yi, what should we do? We can no longer enter the capital due to the government's order."
Shu Yi, who was sitting in the opposite side of Shu Er did not say anything. Few moments later, "We will wait."
"Your Lordship."
A man dressed in black suddenly appeared in front of Xu Fei Yi. Xu Fei Yi was wearing a golden mask, covering half of his face.
"What did you find? Where is Chu Ji Qing?"
The man in question kneeled and asked forgiveness.
"This subordinate was not able to find him. The infiltration was only successful halfway. Chu Ji Qing was able to escape. We were not able to prevent the alarm and the enemies were alerted."
Xu Fei Yi stared at the kneeling man in front of him. The man could not help but shiver when he felt the sudden pressure enveloping him. He could feel the invisible force wearing him down. He had forgotten that Xu Fei Yi was like this. The man had been accustomed to seeing Xu Fei Yi smiling and acting different in front of their Ladyship, XuanRong.

The man knew that for Xu Fei Yi—no, for the Moon Emperor, failure was not an option.
The man could not help but internally scream for XuanRong's name, asking for help.
Xu Fei Yi did not say anything. Retracting his gaze, he went forward, leaving the man kneeling. When Xu Fei Yi's shadow could no longer be seen, the man who was kneeling exhaled with great difficulty.
Was he… saved?
The man did not know whether to laugh or to cry.
'Your Ladyship… thank you!!!'
Xu Fei Yi entered the courtyard and saw dead bodies everywhere.
"Your Lordship."
Yue Shin, who was wearing a silver mask, went towards Xu Fei Yi and greeted him.
Xu Fei Yi turned his head.
"This slave has already sent some people to chase Chu Ji Qing. When this slave checked the place, this slave did not see any traces of the seventh prince of Jing Country."
Hearing Yue Shin's report, Xu Fei Yi's eyes darkened.
He was not sure if Chu Ji Qing was operating alone or if the seventh prince was also aware of his action.
The seventh prince was wounded by him last time but the Jing country's people did not make the issue complicated and has decided not to ask the palace for justice. It would only mean that they were afraid that the government will dig deeper and would even send some escorts and soldiers in order to arrange their safety. How could Chu Ji Qing allow it? It would destroy their plan.
If that was the case, it was plausible that the seventh prince was also aware of Chu Ji Qing and the Jing Emperor's plan since based on his character, he would not let other people take advantage of him.
Carefully processing those thoughts, Xu Fei Yi could attest that it was not as simple as it seemed.
"Your Lordship… This subordinate has found a box filled with unusual things."
One of Xu Fei Yi's subordinate brought a medium size box and presented it in front of Xu Fei Yi.
"Open it." Xu Fei Yi commanded.
The subordinate pulled the lock and opened the box, revealing different things that were very unfamiliar for Xu Fei Yi.
Xu Fei Yi lowered his body and picked one object inside the box and carefully checked it. Using the light coming from the moon, Xu Fei Yi could see that the unusual things did not originate in their continent.
Not caring whether it would be broken or not, Xu Fei Yi threw the object in his hand back to the box.
"Burn all of it."
The subordinate knew how precious those things were since based from their shapes and features, it did not come from the other neighboring countries and were probably brought by travelers and adventures who had sailed in the sea.
Still, without saying anything, the subordinate grabbed a torch and unceremoniously burned all of it.
Looking at those things turning to ashes, Xu Fei Yi's eyes darkened.
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