Rebirth of the Female Antagonist: XUANRONG Chapter 189: Hidden Agenda


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"Your Majesty!! The flood has destroyed countless of homes and killed many people. Those who are able to survived had become homeless. Their houses can no longer be used and due to the lack of shelter, many survivors can no longer persevere and die. The soil is currently wet and the dead bodies decay faster. This humble official is afraid that if this thing continues and the number of death increase, there will be a huge change of having an epidemic. Your Majesty!! We must not allow the spreading of disease and must take actions immediately!! This humble official begs His Majesty to act swiftly!"
"We beseech you to act immediately, Your Majesty!"
"Your Majesty!!"
The court ministers were kneeling in front of the throne.
Xu Ji Mo's face darkened as he read the memorials one by one. All that was written in those memorials were all similar—the flood.
"My dear officials, Zhen knows that the country is crying for help and many lives were taken away. Thus, Zhen decided that whoever has the capability so give ideas and solve the country's crisis, Zhen will be entire grateful to you and will not hesitate to give what you deserve."
After a long deliberation and planning, the palace court session had ended in the middle of the night.
"Kill!! Someone has entered the bas--kuu---ahh!!"
In the middle of the night, men wearing a black outfit infiltrated a big compound located at the abandoned mine inside Qian Zou's mountain range.
The shout has alerted the man who was assigned as the look out. Turning his head, he saw that his companion had already fallen on the ground, blood slowly pooled around his body.
The man saw that someone was planning to kill him in order to stop him from sounding the alarm. Gritting his teeth, the man closed his eyes and ran towards the bell, disregarding the knife wounds on his body. Stretching his hand, the man had successfully grabbed the rope attached to the bell. Using all the strength left in his body, the man forcefully pulled the rope as he jumped off the platform.
The entire area was startled by the sudden noise.
Chu Ji Qing, who busy recording the smuggled things he got from the harbor, immediately stood up after hearing the bell rang a couple of times.
Chu Ji Qing could not help but curse.
"Go and check! Kill all those intruders!! None must remain alive."
One of his subordinates nodded and left the room.
Chu Ji Qing picked the papers what was filled with words. It was the list of all the things he successfully smuggled from the outside of the continent. Chu Ji Qing was one of Jing Emperor's special person. Although he did not have any title in the Jing Country's royal court, all the ministers were fighting for his favor. He was not an ordinary man. One could say that he was not loyal to the throne but to the current Emperor of the country.
The main purpose of going to Qian Zou with the Seventh Prince was because of the smuggled good coming from the western part of the sea. Few decades ago, a foreign man had entered the Jing country by accident when his ship was destroyed. The Jing monarchy saw it as an opportunity to exchange knowledge, thus, the Jing Country welcomed the man warmly and in return, the man gave a material called 'mercury'. The foreign man introduced the mercury for the sake of creating polished mirrors, but the Imperial family found out that the material was very hazardous and should not be used recklessly. Since then, the 'mercury' became a taboo material and only the royal family had the right to use it up until the recent date.

But, few months ago, the Emperor of Jing found out that some ships that had sailed outside the continent would often encounter people similar with that man, those men were often called westerners by others. Those westerners would sometimes sell their things in exchange with something else.
The things in Chu Ji Qing's hands were not many. Only a few things that could be counted with hands. Whether those were useful or not, he was not sure, but Chu Ji Qing was not impatient.
The Jing country was located at the northern part of Qian Zou and was not connected in the ocean. Thus, without any other choice, Chu Ji Qing had to stay at Qian Zou, trying to smuggle the goods as many as he could find without alerting Qian Zou's royalties. Thus, the Jing Emperor had sent him to Qian Zou as one of the envoys.
After Chu Ji Qing placed the list inside his sleeves, he went to the door hurriedly, wanting to leave.
He did not know who tried to enter their hidden base but he did not want to gamble. Since someone had already discovered the abandoned mine, it was no longer safe for him to stay. He, Chu Ji Qing, was not willing to stay and jeopardize his life.
"Go and grab those things we brought from the harbor! Be fast!"
Chu Jing Qing ordered the man who was following him.
"This servant obeys."
The man nodded but before he could even walk farther, he was shot in his chest.
The man fell on the floor and died without closing his eyes.
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