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'I haven't made my move yet. Seems like someone is even eager to cause mayhem inside the harem.'
XuanRong placed the tea cup on the table. She looked at Empress Wei who was standing foolishly on the side. She recalled that in her previous lifetime, something like this also occurred during the banquet. Someone used Imperial Concubine Jin's child and framed Empress Wei. Unfortunately, as the investigation continued, it was found out that the culprit was none other than Emperor Ji Mo's third daughter from a lowly palace maid, Xu Jing Xin.
Xu Jing Xin's mother was a low-rank maid from the laundry department. She was a beautiful and an ambitious woman, but due to poverty, she was sold by her family in the palace to be a court lady. When the Emperor was drunk, she climbed on his bed and shared a night with him.
After that lustful event, Xu Jing Xin's mother successfully became Xu Ji Mo's woman. Since the Emperor already laid his hand on her, the Emperor gave her the title, 'Mei Ren[1]'. Xu Jing Xin's mother was not satisfied of her lowly position as a lower concubine and wanted to climb higher. The Imperial Harem was full of schemes and malicious plots, twisting the values of the females living inside the palace, and Xu Jing Xin's mother was one of them. When she was pregnant, Xu Jing Xin's mother was beyond delighted. She knew that the chance she had been waiting for had finally come, she was pregnant with the Emperor's child. If the child inside her stomach was a prince, she would definitely live a luxurious life. Xu Jing Xin's mother tried to hide the child, fearing that someone would try and harm the child inside her stomach once others learn about her pregnancy, but she was naïve to think that she could hide it forever. Later, the imperial consorts and concubines were informed about Xu Jing Xin's mother's pregnancy.
When Xu Ji Mo found out that one of his women was pregnant, he immediately brought Xu Jing Xin's mother under his care, hoping that she would give birth to a son. The Empress was threatened by Xu Jing Xin's mother's pregnancy since Xu Ji An, the second prince, had recently become the crown prince after the death of the eldest prince. Empress Wei was afraid that someone would contend against her son's position as the Crown Prince.
Unfortunately, when Xu Jing Xin came out, her gender was not the one the Emperor expected, thus, Xu Jing Xin and her mother was thrown away like a dirty sack. Ever since then, both mother and child lived a difficult life in the imperial palace. Due to the oppression of the Empress, Xu Jing Xin's mother died without closing her eyes[2], leaving the young Jing Xin alone inside the den of wolves and foxes. Because of that, her personality became twisted due to hatred.
Xu Jing Xin prepared her schemes for years. She thought that she could trap Empress Wei and pull her down. Too bad, in the end, she was caught and was sent to a monastery where she would spend her entire life.
But…. She, XuanRong, would not allow it to happen.

This time, XuanRong will change Xu Jing Xin's destiny and use her as one of her pawns.
XuanRong sighed in regret when she thought of the tiny life inside Imperial Concubine Jin's stomach. She would be a hypocrite if she would say that she was not happy. Looking at Empress Wei's dumbstruck face was quite entertaining, making her feel ecstatic. But it would not mean that she did not feel any ounce of pity towards the unborn child in Imperial Concubine's stomach. The scariest thing was not a gentleman's ambition but a woman's jealousy and hatred.
"Poor Imperial Concubine Jin. Looking at the blood on her dress, one would fear that she had already lost the child. Seems like someone harmed her."
Second Chen Furen could not help but comment. She and Eldest Chen Furen were sitting together with XuanRong.
"Indeed, what Second JiuMu said is correct."
When the two Chen Furens heard XuanRong's words, both of them could not help but gasp. Sadness was reflected inside their eyes. They were mothers too. There was nothing more painful than losing one's child.
Xu Ji Mo roared like an angry lion, startling the entire crowd. Imperial Concubine Jin already fainted inside his embrace.
When Xu Ji Mo shouted, Empress Wei was suddenly awakened from being daze. She was caught off guard that was why she was not able to respond immediately. A moment ago, when the Emperor was busy talking with the Jing country's delegates, both she and Imperial Concubine Jin was busy scratching each other's tail, throwing verbal insults with each other in the form of friendly words. Nothing unusual happened but when she was sipping the wine from her cup, Imperial Concubine Jin stood up and walked towards her. Her blood boiled when she heard Imperial Concubine Jin flaunting the Emperor's favor right in front of her face. Empress Wei did not know why but she felt like all the anger inside her suddenly erupted like a volcano. Wanting to push Imperial Concubine Jin, Empress Wei stood up, but before she could even touch Imperial Concubine Jin, Imperial Concubine Ji suddenly cried and bled.
Empress Wei inhaled while trying to calm herself. Even in this kind of incident, one must maintain one's bearing. She, the Empress, must keep her dignity intact and must not show any weakness.
"Your Highness, do not worry, Younger Sister and her child will be fine."
Xu Ji Mo turned his head and stared at Empress Wei.
"Empress, what happened? Why did Imperial Concubine Jin suddenly collapsed?"
Xu Ji Mo's eyes were looking at Empress Wei with full of suspicion and hostility. When Empress Wei saw the emotions inside Xu Ji Mo's eyes, she could not help but feel hurt. She did not do anything! Why must she shoulder the blame?
"Your Majesty, This Wife does not know. This Wife was only speaking with Imperial Concubine Jin when suddenly, Imperial Concubine Jin screamed and bled. Your Majesty, do not worry. This Wife will definitely find the culprit who harmed the dragon seed inside Imperial Concubine Jin's body."
"Aiyoo.. This Prince came from Jing Country and traveled a certain distance just to attend His Majesty's birthday banquet, but it seems like This Prince's effort was useless and does not compare to a lowly concubine's matter."
The entire hall was in total chaos but when Long Hao Chen spoke, the entire hall suddenly went silent. Even Xu Ji Mo could feel the awkwardness in the air.
"Your Highness, please."
Chu Ji Qing turned his head and cupped his fist towards Xu Ji Mo.
"May the Emperor forgive our Seventh Prince. His Highness was speaking out of turn."
Hearing Chu Ji Qing rebuke his words, Long Hao Chen could not help but feel angry. He retorted without thinking.
"What? Is This Prince's words wrong? Just because a concubine had a miscarriage, the banquet will be stopped? Ai. What's the use of the imperial physicians here if they could not even save a royal life?"
Xu Ji Mo felt like his face was burning red. He was very angry, but he could not retaliate. Without any other choice, he ordered some servants to bring Imperial Concubine Jin to the nearest room. The pool of blood was also cleaned thoroughly until nothing was left.
"*cough* Your Highness, please forgive Zhen for acting anxious a while ago."
"Indeed, Your Majesty was acting weirdly. Father Emperor would always say that as the son of heaven, one must not think of oneself and must always maintain the dignity of a monarch."
When Xu Ji Mo heard Long Hao Chen's words, he could not help but inwardly curse the Seventh Prince.
Was he telling him that he was not acting like an Emperor?
"Your Lordship, everything has been prepared."
"Mmm… Wait for my signal."
"This subordinate understands."
Shadow took a step back and vanished.
"Mu Qing, let's go. Imperial Brother is waiting for This Prince."
"Yes, Your Highness."
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[1]. Beautiful Consort
[2]. Full of grievance
[Unedited Chapter]
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