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"Wahh. The Imperial Palace is very huge."
YuShang could not help but exclaim when she saw the majestic palace in front of them.
"XiaoJie! This is the first time this servant see such remarkable place! The Imperial Family is indeed the most influential family in the entire country!"
XuanRong only smiled when she heard YuShang's words. In her previous lifetime, XuanRong naively thought that someday, she would also live inside the palace's walls, managing the inner courtyard once Xu Ji An ascends to the throne. Unfortunately, everything was her own wishful thinking.
"How's Shu Liu?"
"Replying to Young Miss. After Young Miss went to see Shu Liu a month ago, Shu Liu made sure that everything is going according to plan. As the front owner of Flower Jade Shop, the Empress invited him to the banquet."
"Mmm.. later, do not make any movement. Our target is not the Emperor but the Empress. One wrong move and our heads would definitely fly off."
"Yes, this servant will follow XiaoJie's orders." Both YuYing and YuSheng answered simultaneously.
XuanRong turned her head and stared at the nearby trees. She suddenly felt like someone was watching her. She could not help but sigh. She might have been over thinking. She would be lying if she would say that she did not think of that man, her benefactor. A month passed and same as before, that man did not show his face for the entire time. XuanRong felt like he was only playing with her. It made her heart turn sour. She sighed and shook her head.
'Why am I thinking of those nonsense things? My top priority is to have my revenge against those people.'
XuanRong retracted her eyesight and pulled down the curtain.
At the nearby tree, a shadow was currently standing on one of the tree's branches. The man was none other than Xu Fei Yi.
Xu Fe Yi was looking at XuanRong's carriage as it moved towards the Imperial Palace's gate. Suddenly, another silhouette appeared behind Xu Fei Yi.
It was Shadow.
"This subordinate greets Your Lordship."
"How's the investigation?"
Xu Fei Yi asked but his eyes were still glued towards XuanRong's carriage.
"Your Lordship, after searching for an entire month, Yue Shin did not see Yue Ling but after the owner of the Intoxicated Pavilion was tormented, she immediately revealed the truth. A certain man visited the brothel and ordered the owner to bring Yue Ling out and serve him. Yue Ling was the top courtesan of the Intoxicated Pavilion and the owner did not want to force Yue Ling but the man paid double the amount of Yue Ling's first night, leaving the owner conflicted. After a few shichen, the man suddenly bought Yue Ling's freedom, trice her worth. The owner greedily agreed. She did not want to lose the reputation of the brothel. If others find out that she sold Yue Ling without any proper procedure, the Intoxicated Pavilion would definitely suffer. Thus, in order to hide the fact that she tried to sell a Shuyu[1], she made a lie, saying that Yue Ling ran off."

"How about the missing spies?"
"This subordinate read the report from the Moon Pavilion…. Your Lordship… It seems like the Jing country is involved with Yu Ling and the missing spies' matter. This subordinate would like to ask Your Lordship to please reconsideration tonight's plan. This subordinate thinks that----"
"Are you saying that This Lordship should stop everything? This Lordship did not think that you would suddenly cower."
Hearing Xu Fei Yi's sarcastic words, Shadow could only lower his head. He knew that his words were somewhat embarrassing since it sounded like he was afraid but he was only thinking of His Lordship's safety. The Jing country was the oldest country among the four countries in the eastern continent. It was also the only country who were able to successfully form a good relationship with a wondering foreigner who came from a foreign land beyond the western sea. Shadow did not know why the Jing Monarch wanted to capture the Moon Emperor but Shadow felt like it was related to His Lordships' origin. Their Lordship's Imperial Mother, the deceased Empress Shen came from the outside of Qian Zou, and many rumors were circulating related to her.
"No need to convince This Lordship. This Lordship knows that tonight will be a bloody night. This Lordship has to use this opportunity to strike the Emperor."
"Your Lordship, please forgive this subordinate for speaking out of turn, but Your Lordship, if someone from Jing country notice something, Your Lordship----"
Xu Fei Yi cut off his word. Shadow could only sigh in disappointment.
"Leave and wait for my command. No matter what happens, have Yue Shen protect Rong'er."
"Yes, this servant understands."
"Both of you should behave properly. Do not make any commotion and annoy the Imperial family, Especially the Empress and the Emperor."
XuanLi spoke. He, XuanFei and Xiao Lou were sitting inside the Prime Minister's carriage. Although their carriage was not as expensive as XuanRong's war carriage which was adorned by sturdy metals while being pulled by Ferghana horses, it was still quite luxurious and huge, befitting for his rank as a first-rank official of the Imperial Court.
"XuanFei, do not argue with your eldest sister and avoid humiliating yourself!"
This time, in order to emphasize his words, XuanLi directly called XuanFei's name without using any endearment.
"Husband, how can you say that to Fei'er? She was the one who suffered gravely. Why are you still reprimanding her? Poor daughter----."
"Enough. Do not take me for a fool. Everything had already escalated up to this degree. You tried to steal the chicken, but in the end, the bait was even lost instead[2]. Both of you should avoid scheming behind XuanRong. The Chen family is still there, backing her up. Do you want to be thrown away from the capital? Instead of conspiring against XuanRong, you should find ways to repair your relationship. Even if both of you hate her, she is still useful."
Xiao Lou knew the weight of XuanLi's words. That was why all of those years, she tried to capture XuanRong's heart and made her think that she truly cared for her like a loving mother. But after XuanRong returned from Lu Shan, Xiao Lou thought that XuanRong had changed… and she was right.
"Yes, Husband. This wife naturally understands Husband's intention. It's just that, XuanRong was now very vigilant. This wife is afraid that it's already too late."
"XuanLi scoffed.
"No need to think those things. As long as you behave, XuanRong would not be able to move against you."
"But, Father---"
XuanFei wanted to protest but before she could finish her words, Xiao Lou tugged her arm, stopping her from speaking.
"Fei'er, what your father said is correct. Do not be willful and follow your father's order."
When the carriage successfully reached the grand palace's hall, YuShang went out of the carriage and assisted XuanRong. When she successfully climbed down, XuanFei and Xiao Lou also went out of the carriage. Together with their personal servants, the Xuan family entered the banquet together.
When they entered the palace's hall, XuanLi left and went towards his fellow colleagues, leaving XuanRong together with the mother and child duo.
When XuanLi left, XuanFei grabbed the opportunity to irritate XuanRong. XuanFei went forward, trying to converse with XuanRong.
"Eldest sister, younger sister is glad to see eldest sister once again. Younger sister thought that eldest sister was hiding inside your courtyard."
XuanRong turned her head and covered her face with a fan. She laughed while her eyes were gleaming with contempt.
"Why would third younger sister think so? Ai.. indeed… what third younger sister said was correct. Eldest sister was in fact, very ashamed. Eldest sister blames herself for being unable to teach you how to behave properly."
XuanFei heard XuanRong's words with hidden meaning and she could not help but to close her mouth. She knew that XuanRong was mocking her for losing her innocence.
"His Majesty has arrived!"
Suddenly, the conversation between the three was interrupted by the eunuch's sudden announcement.
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[1].Shuyu - Highest class of courtesan that only sell their talents and not their body. Skilled in cultured entertainments such as singing, playing instruments, writing poetry, and performing opera.
[2]. trying to gain an advantage only to end up worse off.
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