Rebirth of a system, and an ordinary person Chapter 13: Love


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Heijo, is looking at Kajeo with happiness, while Kajeo is sad to be confused for being a woman.

- [S]: Do not worry, God the Conqueror, you are the owner of the greatest beauty, hehehe.

When I speak, Kajeo becomes more depressed, even after making a sword worthy of a name. Kajeo after cheering again, asks Heijo how the blacksmiths are, and the weapons. Heijo responds with a solemn expression, and can be summarized as follows:

[Blacksmith's Apprentice] 1-3
[Blacksmith] 1-3
[Advanced Blacksmith] 1-3
[Master Blacksmith] 1-6
[Great Master Blacksmith] 1-6
[Demi-God of Forge] 1-9
[God of Forge] ???

There are 3 stages for [Blacksmith's Apprentice], [Blacksmith], [Advanced Blacksmith], beginner, intermediate, advanced. Above these ranks, it is measured by stars, for example:
[Master Blacksmith] 3 stars

[God of Forge] is not a rank known to humans, only 1 dwarf has managed to reach Rank.

[Common Weapon] 1-3
[Unusual Weapon] 1-3
[Weapon Weapon] 1-3
[Epic Weapon] 1-6
[Legendary Weapon] 1-6
[Mythical weapon] 1-9
[Gun of Gods] ???

All Rank steps are measured by stars, for example:
[Common Weapon] 2 stars

Each Blacksmith's Rank corresponds to the weapon you can create, for example:
[Blacksmith's apprentice] can only create [Common Weapon], so respectively.

When Kajeo learned about all this, he looked at the sword he had created, there was a different information

(??????): Created by Kajeo, Kajeo's First Sword, made with iron after being refined once successfully, removing the surface impurities. ATK +2.
Rank: Common

When Kajeo finished hearing the lecture, he looked out of the shop, and it was getting dark. He had to meet Rita, Kajeo speaks hastily to Heijo

- [Kajeo]: Bye, Master, I have to find my friend, it's a promise.

Heijo looks at Kajeo, who is emanating the feeling of youth, and speaks, thinking of his memories of when he was adolescent.

- [Heijo]: You can go to your girlfriend, I do not care.

Kajeo as he was leaving the workshop, think of Heijo's words and speak.

- [Kajeo]: Rita is not my girlfriend.

Heijo looks at Kajeo strangely

- [Heijo]: Do you date a girl? So are they lesbians?

Kajeo looks at Heijo as if he's seeing a perverted uncle.

- [Kajeo]: First, I AM NOT A GIRL, SHIT. Second, she's not my girlfriend. Third, Good Bye.

Kajeo runs out of the smithy to not hear Heijo speaking SH * T again. When Kajeo is coming to the rendezvous point with Rita. Kajeo sees Rita, looking sideways, when Kajeo is about to call Rita. Kajeo looks at the place where Rita is, as this dusk the city lights are on, so with the beauty of Rita and the city lights have created an unforgettable scene. Kajeo looking at this scene thinks of Rita, so her heart beats stronger.

Rita is looking for Kajeo, looks sideways and sees a girl, who dresses as a man, with black eyes fixed on her. When Rita sees this boy, she laughs because of Kajeo's expression, his mouth open, and his cheeks rosy. Then Rita approaches Kajeo, and speaks.

- [Rita]: How was your day?

Kajeo who was still imagining the beauty of Rita, along with a strange feeling in the body, does not hear those words. Rita looks at Kajeo still, and kisses Kajeo's cheek, and talks again.

- [Rita]: How was your day?

When Kajeo felt a soft sensation of lips on his cheek, he refreshes his mind, but when he looks at who kissed him, his heart races. Kajeo's face looked like a tomato, while he stutters.

- [Kajeo]: W-Well, what about Y-Your?

Rita looking at red Kajeo, asks worriedly

- [Rita]: Are you sick? Are you ok?

Rita approaches Kajeo to feel if Kajeo has a fever.

Before Kajeo only treated Rita like a friend, but now, after the scene in the square, Kajeo knows how he feels for Rita. Then Kajeo begins to feel strange, in the presence of Rita. When Rita is very close to Kajeo, he moves away with his head down and speaks

- [Kajeo]: It's okay, do not worry.

Rita looks at Kajeo who was acting strangely. But shortly after Rita, talks about her adventure in the city.

- [Rita]: I visited several stores, I met my friend, and I looked at The Academy. The testing period is 1 week from now.

Kajeo becomes accustomed to Rita's presence again, and speaks normally. When the night arrives, Rita and Kajeo go to a hotel, and buy a room only. They have to save money for Academy, so they got only one room. Kajeo who was a little strange about sleeping with a girl in the same room.

Rita takes a bath for a couple of copper coins. Kajeo sees Rita coming out of the bath, her hair a little wet, down her shoulders, her eyes almost closed, yawning with a raised hand. Kajeo is surprised, how can a girl be so beautiful ?.

After Rita takes a shower, Kajeo takes a shower. The same scene repeats itself, when Kajeo leaves the bathroom without shirt, and Rita looking at Kajeo, who looks like a girl. But instead of focusing on her body, Rita laughs, and talks

- [Rita]: Really a girl, if you did not tell me you're a man, I would never have imagined it. Hahaha

When Rita laughs warmly, Kajeo gets a little angry, but he just takes up the best space in the bed and says.

- [Kajeo]: Good evening, and I'm not a girl at all
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