Rebirth of a system, and an ordinary person Chapter 12: Blacksmith


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Kajeo, after the receptionist asks, goes to the board of missions to choose one, after looking at some missions Kajeo chooses one, because even they have money, it is not enough to complete The Academy, in addition to the registration fee, it is necessary to pay for materials used.
Kajeo asks receptionist after getting a mission

[Wanted, bear skin and wolf]
[Guarantee rate]: 20 coppers
[Reward: 1 silver coin, for each skin without holes]

Kajeo accepts the mission, and soon after accepting the mission, Kajeo delivers the leather he has in the Space Ring. The receptionist is amazed at all the leather that Kajeo takes off, because after a few months of hunting, Kajeo has a lot of leather.

Kajeo receives 3 gold coins, 24 silver coins, 54 copper coins. Despite not selling all the leather, Kajeo makes a lot of money, yet he has to increase his combat skills, and he has never killed a human.

Rita walks around the city, saying she has a friend in the City and then meets Kajeo around dusk, and Kajeo goes to the gladiator arena, he buys a random mask and a hood to hide his identity.

When Kajeo arrives at the Arena, he immediately signs up for a battle, after a few minutes he is called to fight. Kajeo's opponent is big with 2 meters tall, he is strong and is shirtless, exposing muscles, he is using a two-handed ax that is bigger than him, when the gladiator sees Kajeo him laughing and talking.

- [Groto]: Bring a stronger opponent. Groto kills.

The audience was booing Kajeo just by looking weak.

- [Character One]: This guy is very weak, I bet you can not even lift a sword.

- [Character Two]: Hehehe, he can not stand the cry of Groto.

After the audience curse and irritate Kajeo, the battle begins.

Groto is not preparing for battle, Kajeo grabs his sword and runs towards the Groto, when Groto sees Kajeo's speed, he picks up his axe and runs towards the Kajeo, Groto with the axe in hands uses him to cut Kajeo from top to bottom, Kajeo swerves with a small step to the left, and uses his sword to cut Groto's head, but he hesitates not to have killed a human, so Groto punches with all his strength in Kajeo.

Kajeo flies off about 5 meters away, Groto sweating picks up his axe and puts it in his hand again, Kajeo takes himself and looks furious at Groto, picks up the sword and runs back to Groto, when Kajeo comes close, Groto makes a horizontal cut with the ax, Kajeo uses the sword sheath to defend, and then is flung away, because of the impact, Kajeo rises again and uses fire manipulation to hit Groto.

5 fireballs go towards Groto, he looks at those balls and despairs, he dodges one, but four balls hit his body, while Groto was with his eyes closed because of the light of the fire Kajeo uses the opportunity and kills Groto , cutting off his head.

Kajeo receives 50 silver coins, and leaves the Arena, with the look of the audience facing him.

- [S]: It is not really necessary to fight in the Arena to make money, it is possible to other professions, like blacksmith, alchemist.

Kajeo thinks a little and goes to a Blacksmith Shop, he wants to learn how he makes a weapon, because he will not need spend more SP with swords.

When Kajeo enters, looks to the sides where it has many weapons, he hears a sound like Ding, beating several times, producing a rhythmic sound. When Kajeo goes to the counter, he sees no one, and waits a while, after the sounds are over, comes a middle-aged man with a hammer in his hand, asking.

- [Heijo]: Welcome, what do you want?

- [Kajeo]: Learn the art of forging.

When Heijo hears this, he laughs, and asks

- [Heijo]: How would a girl learn the art of forging?

Kajeo with red face speaks

- [Kajeo]: I'm not a girl, old man.

- [Heijo]: OK, but, hypothetically, assuming you're not a girl, why do you want to learn to forge?

- [Kajeo]: I want to be able to build my own sword.

Heijo looks for a moment at the fragile body that Kajeo has

- [Heijo]: Come with me

Heijo enters the door from where he had left, and Kajeo feels a very strong heat in the air, but as he is accustomed to use his fire magic, he does not feel weak. Heijo speaks.

- [Heijo]: there are 3 steps to forge something. Remove impurities from the material used, mold the material to the final product and sharpen it.

Heijo points to an iron bar that is in an instant.

- [Heijo]: Let's see your talent, grab an iron bar and warm it up.

Kajeo grabs the iron bar, and sets it on fire, unwillingly, when the bar does not seem to get hot, Kajeo uses his Fire Manipulation to heat it, Heijo looks at Kajeo using magic to heat the metal, and one mysterious laughter

When Kajeo sees that the iron bar is hot enough, just by instinct, he puts the red iron bar on an anvil, picks up a hammer that is thrown in the workshop, when Kajeo picks up the hammer he sees that it is too heavy, it is It takes the strength of 7 adult men to lift the hammer, but since Kajeo has 10 times the strength of an adult man, he can lift.

When Kajeo hits the iron bar for the first time awkwardly, Heijo looks with disappointment. When Kajeo hits the material a second time, he feels strange, when he hits the material for the third time, he feels all the material, like his impurities, knows where to strike to remove the impurities, as if he had a resonance with the material.

After the third beat, Heijo gives one more mysterious smile. When Kajeo finished hit the sword he was creating, Heijo finally said something.

- [Heijo]: Heat again, and cool it in the water at your side, then you can sharpen.

Kajeo nodded and went to warm his sword again. When he finished tempering the sword, Kajeo began to sharpen on a molar stone, which was beside the anvil. After Kajeo began to sharpen, he felt as if he were caressing the sword.

Kajeo who had his muscles all sore from lifting a hammer so heavy for hours, and sharpening the sword. Heijo gives a loud laugh and speaks with happiness.

- [Heijo]: Congratulations you are my apprentice now. You have enough talent despite being a girl.

Kajeo looks at sword, who created and uses Observe, and ignores what Heijo speaks

(??????): Created by Kajeo, Kajeo's First Sword, made with iron after being refined once successfully, removing the surface impurities. ATK +2.

Kajeo is a little disappointed that his weapon is weak, I encourage him.

- [S]: It's your first creation, and you had not even learned to use the hammer, you should be proud

After my words, Kajeo felt happier. Heijo seeing that Kajeo just looking at his sword repeats.

- [Heijo]: Congratulations you are my apprentice now. You have enough talent despite being a girl.

When Kajeo realizes that he is being called a girl screams with red cheeks of anger.


Heijo laughs, and asks in his mind when he gave a laugh like that.
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