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'Huu...' {That was close...} Ryan let out a sigh, after the general disappeared from his view.

{Hmm... I think I got an idea how to get them to retreat...} His eyes brightened up visibly.

He looked around and quickly slipped into the woman's tent.

Inside the tent there was a bed and a pile of belongings. Sitting on the bed was the military advisor's daughter, still quietly complaining about the quality of her tent.

She was short with bronze hair and eyes, her face... well, not one you would call a beauty.

He quietly came closer to her, being careful not to make any sound. His trait, while good, was useless in one-on-one situations such as this.

He slowly reached out his hands, when...


An extremely loud and smelly fart came out of the girl. Due to being suddenly assaulted with such a smell was unbearable. He staggered and barely stopped his shout.


Some would probably think it was an over-reaction, but...

Name: (None)

Race: Doppelganger

Age: <1

Lv: 1 (10%)

Status: Poisoned (2s)

HP: 49/50

MP: 25/40

Str: 13

Vit: 5

Agi: 12

Prc: 9

Mnd: 20

Lck: 1

Poisoned (aerial)

You are losing 1 HP/s due to breathing in heavily toxic fumes.

Duration: 2s

{WHAT THE HELL! I get that I'm unlucky, but WHAT THE HECK!}

At this moment Ryan just wanted to cry loudly, but he suppressed the urge and with teary eyes, positioned himself in such a position, that he could respond to any threat, be it in form of gasses or people.

He reached out and quickly snapped the girls neck.


After that he quickly transformed into and stripped her, allowing his slime form to devour it.

After changing the clothes he searched quickly through her things in order to find something useful. And he did - her diary.

According to it, almost all the rumors were true.

Even the one with the concubine, but that one wasn't intentional- apparently, she (concubine) fell victim to her farts... In a closed room at night...

He quickly read through the diary and went out, trying to act like she did.

"Hm-hmph! What are you looking at!? Never seen a woman did you! Scram now!" He, or rather she shouted at the soldiers. Personally, Ryan felt sorry for them, but he couldn't allow himself to get out of the role.

After several more instances like that he saw a notification.

Acting Lv.1

You can act now. At the level of a middle-schooler who never went to theater club and learned by himself, but it's still an act nevertheless.

Soon after that he left the camp, ignoring the soldiers who kept telling her/him to get an escort.

He went toward the forest on the side, where he was joined by another one of his bodies - naga.

With bald head, his scales were fiery red.

Name: (None)

Race: Naga

Age: <1

Lv: 1 (8%)

HP: 140/140

MP: 40/40

Str: 22

Vit: 14

Agi: 14

Prc: 9

Mnd: 20

Lck: 1


If one is attacked on the area covered by scales, the attack strenght will be decreased by a set amount.

Heat Vision

Snakes can 'see' heat. As one whose bloodline is close to them, you posses this ability too.

Due to your trait, you can see anything, related to fire - be it mana or anything else.

Fire Dragon's Descendant Trait

Within your veins, flows the blood of dragon(s). Due to your race, your scales have become twice as hard, and your vision allows you to see fire itself. The effects may change.

They/He waited for a while, before going towards the camp. Before doing that however, he teared the dress in several places, using some of the torn material he gagged him/herself and tied the hands behind his back. The body of naga, then placed one hand on his/her back and pushed a little as they walked, creating the sight of a hostage. In this way the went straight towards, the camp.

The sentries quickly spotted them and sent for the general, before drawing the weapons.

"Stop! Unhand her this instant!" Shouted the sentry.

"Hmp. Get your commander here, now." Snorted Naga, showing blunt disregard to the soldier. "…or I'll kill her." He added seeing the sentry, preparing to charge over. At this moment, Doppelganger forced some tears to come out, and shook his head strongly. It looked real, but the method he used to do it, was to remember the toxic fart, the woman- Nicole released. The soldier immediately stopped in his tracks, but was still armed and ready.

After a few minutes, the general came with several soldiers.

"What do you want, reptile?" He asked.

"You leaving, with your army. And an oath."

"Hooh… Why would you want that?"

"It doesn't matter why, what matters is what will you do. So?"

"Hm… Half an hour or so. But I want her returned now." Demanded Bjorn. Ryan looked him in the eyes and asked:

"Do you think I'm stupid?" Bjorn just chuckled then nodded.

"Fine, but I'll still need half an hour."

Naga nodded in order to show that he understood.

Half an hour later

"I did it. Return her." Spoke Bjorn.

"Not so fast, first send the army 500 meters away." Bjorn frowned.

"Don't go overboard." He placed his hand on the sword's handle.

"Tsk… Fine." At this words, he pushed the 'Nicole' towards, the general.

He quickly reached out to catch her, and when he looked up the naga was no longer there. What he didn't see was the calm eyes of 'Nicole'.
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