Quick transmigration of the villianess Chapter 2: chapter 2: Into a new world


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"so what are these 'points' anyway?"Hua yinyue asked in a curious tone.
"Ding, these points that can be used in my one and only 'System shop' to buy items as you travel across worlds to help you with your job."
"They can be earned by ridding worlds of bugs which most of the time, comes in the form of 'Protagonists', the number of points given depends on the difficulty of the world ranking from SSS, SS,S,A,B,C,D,E, F grade"
"Are you sure about this?"Now that you've mentioned about it, aren't 'protagonists' supposed to be super overpowered an unkillable? How am I supposed to kill them because you don't seem like a reliable partner"
Hua yinyue soon felt a weird feeling, as though someone was watching her soon after she said those words.
But those feelings soon disappeared when the System spoke again "Look at yourself before commenting on others" with slight disdain.
Hua yinyue 'It seems that it hasn't gotten a mirror in years huh?' But kept her thoughts to herself. Who knows what will happen if she angers the little thing too badly, besides, she still needs its help with her new 'job'.
The system soon continued "Do note that when you use an item in a world, you cannot take that item along with you when you travel to other worlds."
"Host can also earn points from the system by doing certain actions that fit the system type"
"System type?"Hua yinyue
"Yes, this new system does not have a type yet so the host can spin the wheel of fortune to get
a system type, I will further explain what it means when you get the system type"
"What's this? Why do I smell b#llshit everywhere. " As she sniffed the air around her.
She soon halted her actions when a ginormous wheel popped up with many labels like "assassinating system", "ice queen system", " act tough system ", "asura godly system","Naruto system".
"WOAH SPIN IT,hah lady luck is shining on me today !!!!"The Naruto system seems really interesting too.
Honestly, she would of cared more and be suspicious about this on normal days, but that big shiny wheel was really enticing. Besides, she's already dead so why not just take the risk?
The wheel soon spun automatically as if it'd heard her words and soon began showing signs of slowing down as she bit her lips in anticipation.
Hua yinyue 'Please give me the Naruto system, please give me the Naruto system....'
"Ding! Congratulations host, you got the shameless system"
"Using this sub-system you can gain points through acting shamelessly,The more shameless hosts acts the more points you get"
"Now I know why I smelt b*llshit all around here, it's you!"Hua yinyue said as she rolled her eyes towards the non-existent body of the system.
"Ding, transporting host to the designated world now"
A bright light flashes as Hua yinyue soon opened her eyes.
"Ding, welcome host to a new world called a journey to meet you again difficulty level: B"
"WHY IS THE DIFFICULTY SO HIGH ! Ugh nevermind it's probably my awesome luck in work again..."
"anyways Who am I and where am I, system give me the story, chop chop"
System 'See if I don't chop you instead'
Hua yinyue was also the name of the villainess. Only that the villainess she got was just the type of villainess who appears for about 5 chapter before dying a horrible death.
Apparently, Hua yinyue was a normal village girl till Flowing river sect picked her up due to her extremely rare physique called the pseudo-heavenly thunder physique.Hua yin yue will enter the sect at 10 years old and will be a natural genius...until she was used by the main villainess Chuan Xinyi in an attempt to kill the protagonists, Hua qinfeng but backfired when the male lead appeared.
"Ding, hosts this is the villain counterattacking system with the subsystem as the shameless system, NOT the main villainess system"
"Host will be transported to random villain's body" 'Whoever that unlucky sucker is'
"Tch. nevermind even though my luck is horrible I can still do this because from young, when my parents gave birth to me, they thought 'she's one ug-mediocre looking baby', but I grew up to be so beautiful that men would queue up from the north to the south pole just to date me, so I believe with my charm, great personality and awesome self that I can do this"
"Ding, Congratulations hosts for gaining 1 shameless point for being shameless to the system"
"screw you, who told you to ruin my moment, haven't your mother taught you anything about manners?"
"Ding, I have no mother"
"This is going to be along day"Hua yinyue
OK guys, I've read the reviews, I've been trying to improve my grammar and reediting my older chapters.
if you guys HATE weak FL skip the chapter -53- RIGHT NOW!!!
The first volume is just about betrayal and It's not related to the main plot.
Chapter 53 is when SHIT GETS REAL and the female leads become more serious.
So please skip the first volume if you hate weak female leads.
Thank you for reading this slip, it really means a lot to me . :D
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