Quick transmigration of the villianess Chapter 137: I once told myself


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"Sorry auntie I'll pay my rental fees soon." Li Jie replied as he assured the auntie who'd rented him his apartment.

"hmph you'd better" she snorted " I'm already kind enough to let you stay here for a single day, you'd better find a way to cough out that money" as she stomped away.

"What luck, overdue rental fees, soon to be expelled students, and a stupid man who can't even do anything right" Li Jie groaned in frustration.

Even if he'd assured Hua yinyue many times that he'd managed to somehow solve it, but his current strength of qi refining stage 1 was barely anything but something he could use to beat up his classmates.

"Jeez, it's ok" Hua yinyue calmly replied as she patted his head.

"What ok? Life has always been dipshit for me from the moment I was borned, abandoned by my own parents, bullied in the orphanage, below average grades, oh yeah let's not forget the fact that I'm broke with my only house depending on the kindness of other's" Li Jie couldn't help but release some of his pent up emotions. But he soon felt a nice warm grip bringing him to a warm embrace as he breathed in her unique floral scent... it smelled familiar...yet unfamiliar at the same time, he just couldn't bring himself to remembering that flower's name...

But it'd always seemed to bring him the greatest comfort in the world as he submerged himself into her embrace.

"Li Jie.... I've been through the same thing... But if there's one thing I know from all of this is the one thought I've been teliing myself ever since" as she looked up towards his face as she gently caressed his rough cheeks "Life doesn't get better, you do".

"We shouldn't hope for miracles to happen themselves, we have to rely on ourselves to make those miracles. I don't believe our lives are destined to be on the same path our whole lives.Sure change takes time,but if you try hard enough, you can change your 'destiny"

"Like they always say, if there's a will, there's a way" she maintained her embrace as she allowed him to sink into his own thoughts and comprehend her words.

"But what if I fail?" After some time, Li Jie finally responded.

"Silly, life's all about failures, besides I don't think that failing to accomplish something's failure but to actually give up after a single or multiple hurdles is what I call a real failure"

"to give up on yourself is the same as giving yourself the title of the failure to life." her words echoed in his ears as he sunk into her embrace.

"don't worry , you have me, I'll be with you till the end"He soon fell into a daze as he finally slept peacefully in her warm embrace.

Her doting eyes soon turned vicious as she looked away ' To dare to cause my boyfriend such discomfort, it seems like those dogs really don't like living for such a long time'


"Ding, yes?" the system who'd been in hibernation for so long had finally responded to her.

"I'd like to buy the skill - hacking"

"what level of hacking would you want to buy I have-"

"The best the system has to offer with my current points"

"Ding, purchasing top world hacker for 3450 points"


Hua yinyue(Hannah)

Strength :Qi refining stage 9( it's changed according to this world now)(10 is the max for normal humans)

age 18

luck : 0 (average)

charm 42/100 (10 is the average)

Seduction 16/100

points 0

skills- the last resort(intermediate), the deathly one thousand years of pain(intermediate),3000 lightning-wind sidestep(perfection. Currently disabled), shovel smacking(perfection), bargaining (intermediate), taunting(great mastery), Basic Martial Arts (perfection), the way of the animals(intermediate), world-class hacker(perfection)

cultivation technique - ???

items-995x gold coins,3m of white silk,1x body refining chance,1x disguise mask, infinite food storage from world 0-156 (her first world), 100x cat food

(skills mastery is beginner, intermediate, advance, great mastery, perfection)

"Chi family....ooh how intesting it'd be if the government found out about this.It isn't very nice to hide thousands of weapons secretly."

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