Quick transmigration of the villianess Chapter 136: School life


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"Heh, you're really calling for a beating, I've yet to deal with you for throwing me your old shoes (Li Ting). But since you've decided to deliver yourself to my doorsteps, don't mind if I teach you a lesson or two" as Chi Lie sent out a punch toward's Li Jie's face viciously.

Li Ting who was at the side was surprised, that slut! she'd actually managed to seduce the second young master. It seems like she'd have to actually give him her first time if she'd still want to be Mistress Chi.

Her eyes gleamed with glee as she saw that slap heading towards Li Jie.

But to everyone's surprise, Li Jie had actually managed to catch his fist as he stared down on Chi Lie mockingly "it seems like you don't treasure your arms as much as I'd thought"

"AHHH!!!" a blood-curdling scream echoed through the class as everyone watched in horror as Chi Lie's arms were twisted by him.

"Boss! your arm!" finally one of his henchmen, Long shi had finally responded to the situation as he struggled to keep Chi Lie standing.

"Chi Jie!!!" Li Ting exclaimed as she scrambled to his side as if she hadn't heard his last sentence.

"Scram!" Having such humiliation he could barely care less about anyone else's feelings.

"You...You'll pay for this!" Chi Lie exclaimed before struggling to get out of the class while everyone tried their best to cover their smiles. The tyrant of the school had finally met his match.

"In your dreams" Li Jie gave

'This bastard actually dared to attack his owner. It seems like it's time to teach this old dog a nice lesson. Heh and that bitch, Just you wait, I'll make you tremble before me soon enough!'

"You actually know how to fight?" Hua yinyue asked curiously, but a stern voice echoed after recovering from the shock she'd experienced.

"Li Jie !How dare you attack your classmates? Just you wait, I'll report to this principal right this instant! You can take that girl next to you and see yourselves out!"

The classmates stared at them silently, their short-lived victory had come to an end. Despite the fact that Chi Jie was actually the one who provoked the fight, they also knew who was actually behind the school's main source of income.

Survival of the fittest, would anyone actually want to sacrifice themselves for someone who they'd bare knew?

The answer?



"Sorry for getting you into this mess. "Li Jie said as he rubbed his head in frustration. How could he let a moment of carelessness result in their oh so predictable expulsion?

"Well you never know, it's yet to be fully determined, so why bother stressing about it?" Hua yinyue cheerfully replied.

"You know a way to solve it?" Li Jie asked in a puzzled expression.

"I've learnt a thing or two along my way to becoming Mrs Zhi." but her eyes still dimmed a little recalling the little bits of information and all the times she might reincarnate into a pregnant women. Betraying the man she'd love so much.

But she still managed to feel a strong embrace from her back, with his overpowering scent masking her's "Don't worry about it. We're normal people, I really don't expect much, I know this sounds weird, but somehow, I know that we'll make it through this."

Hua yinyue turned behind to face the big strong man that'd always seemed to manage to touch her heart despite his personality change in every world."together?" as she poked her little pinky out.

Li Jie gave a faint chuckle as his pinky entangled with her soft skin , he firmly replied her without hesitation "together".

As they stared at each other's bottomless eyes in a daze.

"mummy what are these people doing?" a little kid asked loudly with curiosity as he pointed towards both Hua yinyue and Li Jie

"wahhhhhh~" Hua yinyue exclaimed as she pushed li Jie away.

He watched in astonishment at her reddening ears.

Feeling that someone was looking at her she looked towards Li Jie who was trying his best to contain his laughter.

He soon felt a strong hit towards his gut as Hua yinyue elbowed his stomach while showing her little tongue to tease him back.

'Hey... tell me, how did you get this one? 'the old ghost whispered to Li Jie

' hehe...it's a secret' as he looked away and scratched his head.

'but you should know... if you want to keep her safe you'd have to....'

'I know, I don't want to let her get hurt because of rash actions' before looking towards Hua yinyue and pulled her arms "Let's go, it's getting late"

Hua yinyue 'hmph! how can you go after teasing me so'

"But I don't wanna walk any longer , my leg's sore from all this walking"

She was fine just a second ago, what's with all this nonsense? Li Jie rolled his eyes with a slight doting smile forming on his lips as he turned his back towards her "Alright, come here, I'll carry - FUCK!"

As Hua yinyue jumped on his back before he had a chance to squat for her. Her sudden weight almost caused the both of them to fall face flat on the floor.

"how dare you curse at me!"

Hua yinyue questioned as she puffed her cheeks ready to spout her stand if he'd dare to blame her.

Li Jie sighed inwardly as he responded "I was cursing myself for being so weak"

"That's better" Hua yinyue proudly responded without any sign of red on her cheeks as he carried her all the way home.

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