Quick transmigration of the villianess Chapter 135: What are you without your parents?


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"Wha-what are you doing here?!" Li jie barely managed to speak out his thoughts from the shock of how this turned out .

"Why? Am I not wanted here?" Hua yinyue replied as her eyes dimmed with tears threatening to spill out in a moments notice.

"No-no what I mean is , how did you manage to get here?"

"Remember silly ! I said I had a big Brother to help me." She teasingly replied.

This casual conversation looked like an intimate session as Hua yinyue gave Li Jie a cheery smile .

'Damn you Li Jie! Now I know why you decided to give up on Li Ting that easily !

'It's probably because she didn't hear me , yeah , once she hears of

My Chi family she'll come running into my open arms' Chi jies eyes gleamed with lust as this thought flowed through his head

"Welcome to our class, my name is Chi Jie from the Chi family." He smugly said but was shocked upon hearing her next words

" what's so special about your Chi family?" Hua yinyue curiously ask .

" hmph " Chi Jie gave a cold harrumph before replying "it's THE Chi family , the international company ranked as the 5th richest company in the world with a net worth is 35 billion dollars. I'm Chi Jie the youngest master of the Chi Family"

Waiting for the shock to arrive on her face Chi Jie gave a cold glance towards Li jie as if it was a warning not to intervene .

" err so what? " Hua yinyue asked , "what's so special about you?"

"What women?! Haven't you heard I'm the second young master of the Chi family with a net worth of one billion!"

This time Hua yinyue gave an understanding nod before giving him an obvious awkward smile " well, what are you exactly without all the money your parents gave you? What achievement did you have on your own"

The class tried to hold back their laughter as they already knew the answer to the question . Chi Lie was nothing without his family's backing , surviving for a day in the streets alone would be his greatest difficulty.

Her question stumped Chi Jie as that had always been his problem . Handsome ? Being in the shadow of Chi Jun's handsomeness was already a blessing. grades? His was barely on the average scale.

Being insecure he yelled back at her " just because you're beautiful doesn't mean you can step all over me " as he reached to yank her collar

Seeing the situation turning unfavourable , Li jie stopped smiling and immediately pulled Hua yinyue behind him.

Being a little careless Hua yinyue felt the world spinning before her as she clung to the nearest "pole" as she breathed in the nice bamboo scent .

"Shouldn't a gentleman know how to treat a lady right ?" That was it. They could bully him , but why drag the innocent Hua yinyue along ?

Hua yinyue " ooo I suspect an awesome fight soon! As she grabbed her popcorn

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