Quick transmigration of the villianess Chapter 127: Acting


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This is supposed to be volume 3 but I've completely forgotten how to freaking add volumes :P
Vol 3: The minds of Humans

'I see a two faced female supporting character and a holy Mary Female lead... What a pain ' Hua yinyue thought as she watched the seen with emotionless eyes.
She looked at the supposed Male lead but shook her head inwardly 'He's not the one'
Xiao Bai 'What do you mean?'
Hua yinyue patiently explained 'He's not my Hal'
This time it was the System's time to get confused 'How would you know if he's the man you love? Did you leave a soul imprint? A unique scent ? A birthmark? A change in demeanor?'
Hua yinyue scanned the little fox in the system space before sighing as she answered ' How would you know if you like a certain shirt?'
Xiao Bai 'What do you mean?'
Her eyes turned soft as she closed her eyes ' What exactly do I mean indeed' before focusing her attention on the nice piece of drama happening before her eyes.
The man that looked like a cold and emotionless yet soft on the inside CEO while the girl named Qin Qin seemed like the typical female lead type
'System plot summary please'
'Ding, Anaylsing....'
The plot didn't really seem as different as Hua yinyue thought it would be.
Qin Qin was a weak and polite yet daunting person. Her IQ could really reach -100, was it that hard to believe in your man?Especially when you keep clinging around this supporting male lead Chi Jun? The typical plotline, 18-year-old campus belle catches the attention of CEO. Actually, the body that Hua yinyue was in was also 18. This Zhi Huang , CEO of one of the world leading international form Zhi corps which specialises in the music industry and is actually one of the three biggest underground mafia corperation. Right now Zhi Huang was forced into marriage with Hua yinyue and loathed her for it, he even left her on bed alone on the day of their wedding to see QinQin. His head secretary Murong Qinyu is, of course, the jealous supporting female lead .
Right now we're at the scene where Qin Qin brushed past Hua yinyue in a hurry and caused her to roll down a flight of stairs which kills her .
Hua yinyue was also a timd and cowardly wife and so no one really took her seriously...
Her only wish was to live a happy life with someone who truly loved her. What a pure wish... if only it was that easy.
Seeing that everyone's attention was on her, Hua yinyue quickly closed her eyes and assumed a dead faint position.
It seems like this would be quite an interesting and fun world.
"Let's get her to the hospital first" Finally someone with brains is finally helping the bleeding woman here.
Hua yinyue soon fell asleep due to the loss of blood but she was actually contacting the system. Since no one ever saw Hua yinyue as a threat being unconscious was fine.
'System I need you to help me make a certain bloodveseel near my cerebral cortex to appear to be torn during a CT scan. ' Being a doctor sure was helpful at time like these.
'Ding, The following illusion costs 30 points'


Hua yinyue

Strength :35/100( it's changed according to this world now)(10 is the max for normal humans)

age 18

luck : 0 (average)

charm 42/100 (10 is the average)

Seduction 15/100

points 3420

skills- the last resort(intermediate), the deathly one thousand years of pain(intermediate),3000 lightning-wind sidestep(perfection. Currently disabled), shovel smacking(perfection), bargaining (intermediate), taunting(great mastery), Basic Martial Arts (perfection), the way of the animals(intermediate)

cultivation technique - ???

items-1000x gold coins,3m of white silk,1x body refining chance,1x disguise mask, infinite food storage from world 0-156 (her first world), 100x cat food

(skills mastery is beginner, intermediate, advance, great mastery, perfection)
Hua yinyue smirked as she thought in her head 'Let the show begin!'
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