Quick Transmigration; Cannon Fodder Strikes Back Chapter 22: First World


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[Host, you need to hurry, you're late again, do you want your image to change into a bad student again?]

"Please, I beg you to shut up, I'm having an headache. It's that man's fault!" Hera complained to her system. Who told him he can do whatever he want?

[Host, calm down, you are in school, you have an image to maintain, and look here we are, in front of your classroom]

Hera sighed. "I always lost my cool whenever I think about that person, I really want to straggle him to death."

She stood in front of the door and turned the door knob.

The sound of the door opening took the attention of the people inside the room, they turned their eyes to the direction of the noise. There, they saw a girl standing in front of the door with a weak demeanor, as if a light poke would make her fall in the floor in instant.

They even thought that she can barely stand up and all she could do was to rely on the knob she was holding on to.

"It's Hera!" a man shouted.

The noisy room went silent.

"Uhmm g-good morning" Hera said shyly

Hera took a step and "accidentally" slipped.

When she was about to fall, luckily her classmate, David, not so far from her, catched her just before she fell on her face

The crowd sighed in relief, they thought she would fall
with her face on the floor.

"Are you okay?" asked the man holding Hera

Hera nod and whispered her thanks to her classmate and gave him a bright smile.

The man blushed, he could never believe that the girl she was holding right now, the girl they called an cold beauty is smiling in front of him. "Who called her a cold beauty when her smile could probably melt an ice?" The man thought.

[System 021 - Be careful there Host, you almost went OOC, no bright smile Host. That's your first warning.]

Hera nod her head lightly to tell her syatem that she knew.

"Uhmm, p-please let go of me, everyone is staring at us" Hera asked the man bashfully outside but vomiting inside for acting so damn stupid. [It's the system's fault!]

The man stared at the girl he is currently embracing, he blushed even further when he saw Hera's innocent eyes.

"O-of course, why wouldn't I let g- wait you have a fever!?" The man shouted

"I-I don't want to miss any class anymore, I am not smart, I have to work harder"

The once silent crowd started to make a noise, Hera once again was bombarded by encouraging words and comforting words. They were touched by how dedicated she is, even if she is sick, she still went to school.

"I know how you need to keep up, but you still need to rest since you are having a fever! I'm going to bring you to the nurse's office and you take a proper rest there" The man lifted up Hera and made the "princess carry"

Just when Hera was about to ask her classmate to bring her down, Aria interrupted her

"Are you really sick? Aren't you just here to gain sympathy? Let her down David" Aria commended David in a sharp tone.

The crowd gasped.

"How could you say that Aria? She's having a fever, and why do you always interpret things in a wrong way? We have wronged her enough."
David glared at Aria

"No, It's my fault for being persistent, now I'm just a burden to all of you, please put me down"

"No, none of this was your fault." David started coaxing Hera for blaming herself.

Aria's eye's went red when she saw how her classmates started to take Hera's side. This is not what I had pictured. They were suppose to believe my words and only my words, and yet when this girl started behavioring differently, everything was a mess.

Aria gritted her teeth and thought "I need to calm myself, or else everything i had worked hard to build will crumble in an instant. I have to think of a plan to get everyone's trust and sympathy again."

"I am sorry, i was not thinking clearly. To make up to her, why don't I go with her instead of David?"

David was about to decline Aria's proposal when they he felt that Hera was snatched from his embrace. He automatically looked for the culprit and there he saw a man taller than him, standing in front of him.

"You don't have to tire yourself Ms. Aria, You can't even carry her and you Mr. David, it's not appropriate to carry a girl that is in a marriage-able age. You don't want any gossips flying around don't you?

Hera wanted to shout at this man for telling bullsh*ts! His words doesn't match his actions.

[Host, your expression, you have to endure it.] the system whispered to Hera.

Hera nodded at her system. [This guy always comes when he's not needed in the scene. Why is he so damn random? Wasn't he supposed to be idle in the corner? Let me tell you this System, he is definitely OOC! Why don't you eliminate him?]

The system wanted to cry, his host always blame him when the hidden boss did something unexpected. This system think you are the most random host.
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