Quick Transmigration; Cannon Fodder Strikes Back Chapter 21: First World


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"I am sorry Young Miss, I can't stop him for entering" The guard said with nervousness.

He knew that it was his job to not let anyone enter the house but he wasn't able to stop this man, no. He can't stop this man. The only thing he was holding on to was what the man said to him, He was his Young Miss' Fiance

Hera sighed. She knew that no one can stop this man, he was a hidden boss, what a mere guard can do? Hera didn't blame the guard and let him come back to to his work

The guard heaved a sigh of relied, "I was saved" he thought.

Leo walked closer to Hera, He looked at her

Hera felt chills from that look.

"Why are you here? What brought you here?" Hera asked Leo and closed her phone

"Why aren't you answering my calls?"

"Didn't I told you that we are not continuing the plan? I can't do it anymore."

"But I didn't agree. It was a one-sided decision."

"I haven't signed the contract so it's invalid and I know you have a lots of candidate, why not choose one of them?"

"They are not qualified"

Hera wanted to pull her hair off, she never knew that this man was clingy. Where in the world is the cold, distant hidden boss?

"I am overqualified, so leave me out and that's final!"

"We are getting married" Leo said in a stern voice

Hera screamed in her head. Who the hell is he to dictate what I should do?

"I am not your employee for you to boss around. No matter what you'll do, I will not marry you! And if will not leave now, I will never talk to you again! " Hera shouted at the man and stormed out of the living room and went upstairs went inside her room, slammed the door shut

Because of the noise, almost all of the servants in this mansion was gathered in a place where they eavesdrop.

Leo was just standing there, he doesn't know how to react, he was never treated that way. Even in his pretentious self, everyone curried favors for him.

For the first time on this day, he smiled.

All of the young maid was in awe when they saw Leo smiled.

"What a handsome man." they all thought

If Hera was only here, she would have called him masochist. Who in the world will smile after being shouted at?

Inside Hera's room

Hera jumped off the bed in frustration. She really was annoyed at how domineering that man is,

"Who is he to order me around!?"

"Is he my father!?"

Even in her previous life, she was never the one who takes order. She was pampered since birth and her family never let do anything she doesn't want, they never went against her.

She knew she was being childish but she can't help but be frustrated at that man

"System! Tell me he's gone! Don't you dare lie!"

The system who was silent from beginning to end finally spoke.

[He went home master] The system answered docilely

"Why didn't you inform me" Hera asked

[I'm sorry Master, I wasn't able to warn you on time, the system was upgrading at that time]

"You are always upgrading but up until now, I can't see changes! Stop lying!"

The system went silent, the system was guilty, and doesn't want his master to know that he was slacking off

The system decided to stay silent and accepted his host nagging

The nagging went on until the middle of the night.

The system never felt so exhausted. In the future,

I will be honest and inform Host everything, just to avoid the nonstop nagging.

The system promised to himself.
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