Quick Transmigration; Cannon Fodder Strikes Back Chapter 20: First World


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The system stayed silent. The system new that arguing with Hera was pointless, no matter what he says, he wouldn't win an argument.

"To tell you the truth I am very mad right now, to the point I would like to strangle them to death but, I still don't have the power to do so, I can only tell you to wait, I can help you with your revenge in two years, I promise in those two years, i will have that power to make it turn upside down."

All three of them were moved, never in their lives did they think that they will find a master who will understand them and care for them. They thought revenge is just a dream.

The trio bowed with deep sincerity.

"Thank you Master. We live to serve! " They shouted in unison.

Hera smiled at them lightly. "Dan, since, we are in the same age, you will follow me to school as a student, and for you Maria, what do you want to do? Do you wish to attend school too?"

Maria hesitated, she fears that her master will be upset if she said that she doesn't plan to be admitted to a school. She is already old, and top of that, even before she become a slave, she was never that motivated to go to school. She prefer staying at home and do all chores. In her heart, she wanted to be able to serve her master, and by going to school she wouldn't be able to serve her Master because of too many home works and requirements, unlike Dan who can serve their master For the entire day.

Hera saw her hesitation. "You don't have to be afraid to give opinion, I don't bite" Hera joked

"I-If it's okay with you Young Miss, I-I want to stay here and be able to serve you Young Miss"

"It's alright with me, I will tell the Head Maid to guide you and help you to be familiarize with all of the works here, and for this little kid." Hera patted Sofia's head "I will arrange for someone to teach you how to read" Hera thought, since Sofia never, learned how to read and write, Hera decided to go with home schooling, Hera was afraid that other's might bully her in school if they learned that she knew nothing about reading and writing.

"Yes Master!"

Hera dismissed them and called the butler to guide those three to help them adapt to their new lifestyle.

Hera frowned. Her phone kept vibrating the entire day, she was not able to see who is the culprit.

She picked up her phone in her bag and looked at the Caller, it's familiar yet unfamiliar

She answered her phone, just before she could ask who the person is, she heard a very chilling voice coming from the phone

/Where are you?/

Hera already guessed ho the caller is, she was confused though, why is he still keeping in contact?

"Why do you as-"

Before Hera could finish her word, the butler came inside the house with someone has a dark expression on his face
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