Prodigiously Amazing Weaponsmith Chapter 900: Exact revenge, on the spot 6


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In that instance, Yuan Zeyu also didn't know how he should react!

He himself had not expected that he really could not stop Huang Yueli!

After Huang Yueli had finished abusing Lu Ziyi, seeing that she had fainted, she felt appeased as she directly threw her aside and stood right up, patted her sleeves as she prepared to leave.

Everyone's gazes were stuck on her, looking at her suave exit towards the door!

Ever since she barged into the banquet hall to the time she started beating up that someone the minute they couldn't talk things through, to when Yuan Zeyu's appearance failed to obstruct her, and finally until her abuse on Lu Ziyi amounted up to only a quarter of an hour!

This arrogance, egotistical, unexcelled presence was however as free as it could be, and so suave that no one could compared with!

The admiration and envy in everyone's eyes started flowing out. With such ability and imposing manner, who couldn't help but envy?

"Wait a minute!"

Yuan Zeyu called out loudly from behind.

Everyone's ears perked up!

Because everyone had been waiting for Yuan Zeyu's reaction, not believing that he would really let Huang Yueli to create trouble at his banquet and leave without paying any consequences! In that case, the number one genius's face from Sky Cloud City would totally be lost.

Now, he had finally opened his mouth so how would he deal with Huang Yueli?

Quite a number of people were secretly discussing and guessing Huang Yueli's ending. Everyone concurred that although Huang Yueli looked very glamorous, but later after the Yuan residence's top experts have taken her down, she would cry on her knees begging for mercy! It was just a moment of showing off her bravado only!

Huang Yueli's footsteps came to a halt as she turned back and her cold gaze swept towards Yuan Zeyu.

"Young Master Yuan, is there anything I can do for you?"


Yuan Zeyu suddenly went speechless, not knowing what to say!

No one knew that he was fighting in agitation without stop in his heart!

For the sake of Yuan family and the Honorary Association's face, he should make a move personally to take down this young lass who dared to create trouble at the banquet. Moreover he had to use a more vicious way to deal with how she dealt with Lu Ziyi earlier, so that everyone knew that Young Master Yuan's pride would not be violated!

But in this way, Huang Yueli would definitely became enemies with her and his intention to woo this young lass would go down into the drains!

Moreover, Huang Yueli was able to bypass his obstruction and successfully beat Lu Ziyi until she fainted already proved that her ability was much higher than he initially expected. Such a talented genius like her with such gorgeous looks, if he missed this chance, he would probably not be able to find a second one! Even if there was, it was also those cream of the crop in the large Sects which he cannot hope to win…..

Yuan Zeyu's thoughts flew past quickly as he spoke out with a steely green face after a little while.

"Miss Bai, earlier… hadn't you agreed that you would stay and attend the banquet?"

When he said that, the crowd present was not just stunned, their jaws simply dropped onto the ground!

These…. these words really came out from Young Master Yuan's mouth?

The way the Honorary Association usually did things was usually arrogant and overbearing and if there was an enmity, they would definitely exact revenge for it? Why was it that they had already been slapped on the face to this extent but instead of exacting revenge, Young Master Yuan had actually invited her to attend the banquet?

Looking at Yuan Zeyu's anxious expression, Huang Yueli couldn't help but laugh.

"Young Master Yuan, am I hearing things wrong? I have beaten up a member of your Association and instead of pursuing matters, you are asking me to stay and attend the banquet? To tell you the truth, I really don't dare to stay because I'm afraid you might put poison in my drink to poison me to death!"